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With so many possibilities when it comes to away days, it is necessary to have a wide range of venues to choose from, making sure every conceivable need can be met. Luckily, we have exactly that to offer you live on our platform. So, if you are looking for a unique or unusual setting that is suitable for an alternative take on a corporate away day, or a stylish and modern space that brings a classy vibe to proceedings, then you’ll find ideal venues within the selection featured below. Venues here vary from one-of-a-kind converted warehouses on the likes of the Regents canal to truly impressive spaces in popular London areas like Canary Wharf, and from fun and funky venues to sophisticated spaces, meaning we’ve got you covered no matter the occasion, be it formal or more laid-back in approach.

How to plan a corporate away day

Sometimes, even the thought of an away day is enough to make employees groan. Not only is it a day when emails are going to pile up (because we all know that they don’t stop when you’re out of the office) but you’re most likely going to have to do some excruciating team building exercises with your colleagues.


Why Away Days are So Important

Away days are useful for a reason however, which is why they continue to be so popular. When done right, they strengthen the team bond. You can even come away with a lot of new ideas to improve the office, and employees can share the problems that they are having, and how to solve them.



When organised properly, away days encourage communication between team members, particularly those that maybe don’t have a lot of opportunity to talk to each other in the office. They allow the employees to relax, see their boss relaxed and have a carefree day away from the stresses of corporate life.



It’s not all about fun of course, although it is a good chance to extend the away day into an evening meal and drinks for attendees to really let their hair down (best have it on a Friday if this is the case!) Sometimes, it’s good to take a step away from the corporate lifestyle and forget about work for the day. Particularly if your business is very busy, your team will want a more relaxed away day, instead of a formal one.


Meeting Objectives

Ultimately however, an away day can be used to brainstorm ideas for the company. It’s a good idea to have some solid objectives for the event, although don’t share what these are with the team beforehand, otherwise it might start to sound more like a conference than teambuilding. Do let everyone know the general purpose however, and what to expect when they arrive.


How to Ensure Success

To make your corporate away day a success, you need to pick something that suits your team. Both for the industry that they’re involved in and the personalities of the group. While it’s good to get a consensus from the team on your plans, sometimes this simply isn’t possible. If you know that the room is going to be divided on the type of event you hold, ask for anonymous ideas to be sent to you, make an executive decision on it, and let them know once plans are set.


Remember it’s a Team Day

Making certain members of the team take on similar roles as they do day to day, or putting one person above the other during team-building is a big no-no. The emphasis should be on the team, and not the individuals, so activities should focus on this. If you are looking to go down a more ‘fun’ route, something like an escape room challenge can really show everyone how the team works or doesn’t work well together. Trying something creative is also an alternative. Not only is it relaxing, it is a great bonding experience as well. If your day is slightly more formal, exercises should still be done as a group, not as individuals.


Get Rid of Formalities

Has your business had better than usual success this year? Has your team managed and completed a difficult project? Sometimes, an away day can be about celebrating, rather than a focus on corporate objectives. If everyone has been working hard, they deserve to be shown that they are appreciated, so a chance to let their hair down without having to complete exercises will be welcomed by everyone involved.



The chosen venue will make a massive difference to any type of corporate event, and even more so when it comes to staff away day venues in London. Due to the sheer range available, and the popularity of some, it’s best to get on the ball early with booking, so that your vision can come to life. You’ll also need to consider how accessible it is to the rest of your team. If it is a bit further away, are you going to organise transportation from the office?


Consider Outside Help

Hiring a facilitator to lead some exercises or even a guest speaker is a great way to liven up any corporate event. Not only will they be aware of what you are looking to achieve from the away day, they’ll also be able to read the room and react accordingly. These types of speakers are generally very charismatic and used to being thrown in at the deep end. Pretty soon they’ll have your team’s full attention, and the day is sure to be both enjoyable and rewarding. Of course, this isn’t within every companies’ budget, but it is something worth considering.


Get Feedback

Feedback is one of the most important items you will come away with from a team building event. Get participants to keep any notes that they have taken, and exercises they have completed, and ask them to complete a feedback form and return it to you. This can either be done on the day or sent around the team once they are back in the office. Ensure that it’s not too long but do make the questions detailed so you know if your objectives have been met, and what everyone’s take-way was.


A corporate away day is going to be unique to every company, so don’t force you employees into something that you know isn’t going to work. It should be enjoyable, even if you do have objectives that you want to meet, and employees should gain something from the experience. There is no one perfect away day, so learn from what has and hasn’t worked in previous years, and your team will be thanking you.

FAQs Corporate Away Day Venues in London

Which are the best away day venues to hire in London?

We have our fair share of away day venues in London – which you choose just depends on what you want. If you’re looking for an away day venue in Central London, you can opt for an activity bar with meeting spaces available. Otherwise, if you can, there are many venues outside of London which make for great corporate away days or away weekends.

Where can I find a corporate away day venue?

For those on the hunt for a unique away day for a corporate company, you should make the most of Canvas. We pride ourselves on having London’s favourite venues all in one place, and we have a great collection of corporate away day venues you can hire. If you have any particular specifications, make sure you use our search filters to narrow your search results to only include venues relevant to what you want, how many guests you have, and so on.

What makes a good team away day?

The best away days will always be the ones that include the most unique away day ideas. The list of ideas would typically include a range of team-building activities, on top of any team meetings you want to incorporate. Away days are a great opportunity for your employees and colleagues to bond, and work on teamwork. You’ll find a great selection of the best venues with activities on Canvas.

What makes a successful corporate away day?

Regular away days have many benefits for corporate companies. They can be used as a tool to promote teamwork within in the workplace, as well as let your employees bond with each other and just generally enjoy themselves.

Where are the coolest away day venues in London?

We’re lucky enough to have many unique away day venue options in London, including activity bars where people can team up and play shuffleboard or darts, go bowling, or make their way through escape rooms, or even sports centres in London where you can create your own team sports day. Use Canvas to make your cool away day ideas come true.

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