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Modern and high tech venues abound in London, as a technology hub itself, the city excels itself with it's choice of contemporary and modern, light, bright, uncluttered and hi-tech conference and design venues available for hire. The venues are perfect for meetings, conferences, blogging events, a tech startup launch, pitching and conferencing.

10 Steps to Organising a Great Tech Conference

So, you need to organise a tech conference, easy right? Well… not always. Like any big event, there’s a lot of work involved so you’ll need to have a firm plan in place. We’ve put together these 10 steps to help you get the ball rolling!


Start Early

All too often, planning for a conference is started too late in the game. This means that there’s a rush to organise a keynote and venue, as well as a rush to advertise in time for people to actually show up. What then happens, is that you will be left with an event that doesn’t flow well. Instead of a seamless transition between events, there may be gaps that are too long, and the theme won’t be as cohesive as you’ve had to scramble to get speakers together. If your call for proposals goes out too late, you won’t be able to have the all-important discussions with those interested, and the speakers that are accepted will be left confused as to what they are actually doing on the day.


Pick the Right Team

The organising team for the conference should be made up of a group of people who are excited to get involved. This will take up more of their time than even they will have anticipated, so make sure that they are aware of the commitment. A good mix of new and old staff will merge the advice from past conferences with the enthusiasm new team members bring with them. Remember to diversify the group as well, and have the gender split as close to 50/50 as you can.



Know what your budget is before you start making any grand plans. Tech conferences can eat away a budget really quickly, so you’ll need to be aware of this. If you’ve had previous events, this will be a good basis to start from. Keep an accurate working budget, so you don’t find that you’ve overspent, and can keep tickets in the reasonable price range. Sponsors are crucial to any tech event, so it’s important to get them on board as soon as possible. Show clearly what your event can offer them.



Theme is everything at a modern tech conference. It draws people in and makes them buy the tickets. Create an agenda as soon as you are able so that attendees know what to expect. Keep it as narrow and on-theme as possible. While there will of course be many diverse stands, now is the time to bring these into focus. Make the theme your own, relevant to your company, and with a clear call to action.



The venue might be the single most important aspect of any tech conference. If it’s being held in a stuffy hall, no one is going to want to go, and it will give the impression that the event will be boring. You’ll be looking for modern conference venues in London, something that fits with your theme, with the speaker’s ideas, and will facilitate break-outs and networking. VR will also be important, so ensure that your venue has the right technological capabilities for what you need.



The keynote speaker will be one of the biggest draws to the event, so think outside of the box. Contact people who the audience might not have seen before and contact them early. Schedules fill up fast, and once you have your theme, getting the keynote needs to be next on the list. Always treat them with the utmost respect, and answer all of their questions. The more information that you can give them, the better. Once you’ve found someone you want, let them know as soon as possible and start advertising it – although get their approval of the wording you’re going to use.



This has already been mentioned, but have a plan for the day, and think about your attendees. They are going to be looking for something that they can participate in. No matter how good your speakers are, there should also be something more interactive. Breakouts, and panels with content relevant to the theme will allow the audience to engage further. You’ll need to provide ample time for networking, as a conference like this is an amazing opportunity for everyone.


Offer Food and Drink

A crucial part of any conference is what people eat and drink. If you’re not providing it yourself, people will drift away on their own, and either come back late, or not at all. Meal times are a great opportunity to network and having coffee or even beer on standby will help everyone relax. Make sure that you have a few options for dietary requirements. Having some nut-free, vegetarian, and gluten-free food is always a bonus


Update Your Website

Remember that it’s a tech conference you are organising, and so attendees will expect all of the information to be available online, an online booking system, promotional videos, the works. Advertise your sponsors as well so that they are getting what you promised. Keep all of your social media accounts up to date as well, and have a strong marketing plan and call to action for people to respond to.


Don’t Forget

After the event is just as crucial as the lead up to it. Continue to engage with attendees, ask them to complete a feedback survey, analyse the data from this and send it back to them. Keep the conversation going. Remember to thank all of the speakers, sponsors and the keynote – sending gifts is appropriate as well. If you have another conference the next year, invite them to attend. If not to speak again, at least a free ticket to participate. The most popular speakers could head a panel, but you need to keep in contact with them, and not just forget about them.


There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to organising a tech conference, but with a good team behind you and adequate planning, it will all come together. Don’t get stressed and you might have more fun organising than you first thought!

FAQs Modern Venues in London

What is a modern event venue?

Looking for a modern event venue in London that will wow and excite? You’ve certainly landed in the right place! London is home to a whole host of exciting, modern, high tech venues that epitomise contemporary spaces. Featuring all of the components that you would expect to find in a modern space, including minimalist design features, light airy spaces, and simple yet impactful aesthetics, modern event venues in London provide the perfect setting for a wide range of events.

Can I host an engagement party at a modern venue?

Of course! If you’re planning your engagement party, there are a whole host of modern venues that will allow you and your guests to celebrate in style. Contemporary engagement party venues in London come in all different shapes and sizes, and can accommodate a diverse range of budgets. Whether you choose a modern hotel, chic city centre modern venue, a modern marquee or a contemporary gallery, manor or barn, you’re sure to find a venue in the capital that’s perfect for your engagement party.

What events can I host at a modern venue?

Modern venues are incredibly diverse and are perfect for hosting a wealth of different events, including the following: • Weddings • Birthdays • Drinks receptions • Award ceremonies • Networking sessions • Conferences • Blank canvas events • Workshops and classes • Trade shows • VIP experiences • Product launch events.

How to optimise space in a modern event venue?

If you choose a modern event venue space in London, there are lots of ways that you can maximise the space you’re working with, including: • Always choose open floor plans • Use round tables • Ensure the lighting creates a feeling of space • Avoid ceiling decor • Embrace the ambiance • Keep wall decor minimalist • Focus on clean lines

Why book a modern conference venue in London?

If you’re on the hunt for a modern conference venue in London, you won’t be disappointed by the choice on offer. With so many innovative and contemporary spaces available to hire throughout the city, you’re sure to find the perfect backdrop to your conference or event

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