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Top 12 Co-Working Spaces for hire in London

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Co-working is a fantastic new development of the internet age, whereby a central workspace is shared by different companies, consultants and freelancers, offering many benefits to both individuals and business models, and the sharing of equipment, space and knowledge can lead to a highly creative and productive environment for all. Check out our selection of the best co-working spaces in London.

How to Use Your Co-Working Space Effectively

Co-working spaces have been on the rise for quite a while now, and it’s easy to see why. A creative space designed to help you to produce the best work, they are the perfect place for freelancers to get out of the home office and see people once in a while.


Not only this, but many companies are using these spaces as overflow offices – or giving certain employees that have a long commute the opportunity to stay closer to home once in a while. Start-ups are also joining the trend, and many small companies start out working solely from co-working spaces.


They do have their downsides however, and not everyone likes them. But if you use them in the correct way to make the most out of your experience, you’ll soon see what all the hype is about.



The main thing to remember about using a co-working space is balance. If you are freelancing, or if your company is working from a co-working space, it’s easy to revel in the freedom of being able to set your own working hours. After all, you get to leave early when you need to, start late, and be flexible. So long as you are meeting deadlines, and are there for the important hours, co-working can be great. Yet while setting your ‘own’ hours, this can quickly turn into a working habit that is unhealthy. As many co-working spaces are open for 24hrs, burning the midnight oil can become all too common. Taking on another freelance project, just because you can, is always tempting. Co-working is meant to be a chance for you to create the perfect work/life balance. You just need to make sure that you don’t end up working even more now that you’re out of the traditional 9-5.



Co-working is an amazing chance to connect with others, and not just others in your field. Co-working spaces are home to a vast range of small companies and freelancers all using the space in the same way as you are, so make the effort to get to know people. Before you realise it, you could be working on a project together, or their company could hire you to freelance for them. Never refuse a chance to have a coffee with someone and answer the questions that they have about your industry. After all, they might be returning the favour sooner than you might think. Some co-working spaces hold special networking events to encourage communication between all of the people that are using their space.


Stay Organised

If you only use co-working spaces in London part-time, then it’s important that you stay organised. A co-working space isn’t just about getting away from your home or from your usual office, it’s about using a unique creative space to focus your mind and get tasks done. Come in with a schedule or a task list for the day and focus on it. It can be easy to get distracted in a co-working space at times, but only if you allow yourself to be. Do you have something that you’ve been putting off for ages? Go into the space, sit down, and get it done. It’s always easier if you do the worst tasks first, because the rest will seem easy by comparison. Keeping yourself organised and your files in order will mean that it will be easier for you to be able to work anywhere.


Meeting Rooms

Some clients will love the idea of meeting in a coffee shop, but you never can tell just how busy they’re going to be, or how loud. Using the meeting spaces provided by your co-working space enables you to have a professional meeting without having to invite clients into your home. It also gives you options. You can use a dedicated area and show them a presentation or relax in a communal area and discuss possibilities. Whatever suits your client’s vibe, your co-working space is sure to have it. It can also be used as your postal address for all of your professional dealings, if you don’t want to use your home address. If your co-working space has meeting rooms available, then you’d be a fool not to take advantage of it. Many will also have conference call technology so you can easily chat to overseas clients in a quiet environment.



Most co-working spaces aren’t just full of hot desks and conference rooms. With the rise in popularity of creative spaces, many co-working buildings now have outside areas for you to work at and search for inspiration. As well as this, there may be communal and lounge areas where you can get away from the desk. If you are part of a co-working space, you will have access to all of these, so make sure to try them out. Everyone starts to feel lethargic after too long sitting at a desk, which is why moving to another part of the building is a great way to keep your productivity up. Many people use co-working spaces because they provide just that – an alternative to the four walls of the office. Do you need to sit an answer emails for an hour?  There’s no need to be at your desk to do it. Moving around will keep your mind fresh and remind you that you’re not in the ‘office’ in a traditional sense.


A co-working space isn’t for everyone – or for every company – but hosting special events, project meetings, or brainstorming sessions in a new space can really get the creative juices flowing for everyone. So long as they are used in the correct way, co-working spaces can be really effective.

FAQs Top 12 Co-Working Spaces for hire in London

What are the benefits of co-working spaces?

Hiring a co working space in London offers a whole host of benefits, including the following: • More networking opportunities • Connect and engage with like-minded individuals • Optimise productivity • Access to shared equipment • Combat loneliness • Boost creativity • Take advantage of collaboration opportunities • Cost-efficient • Greater flexibility • Enhanced productivity

What can you use a co-working space for?

Co-working is a fantastic concept that lends itself to a wide range of possibilities. Offering many benefits for both individuals and business models, co-working spaces can be used in many ways, including: • A full time or part time office • An overflow space • Training space • Innovation space • Hot desking • Private meeting spaces • Networking

How does a co-working space benefit an individual?

As well as offering workers a flexible and productive future, co-working spaces can benefit individuals in lots of other ways too, such as: • Improved wellness • Better work life balance • More networking opportunities • More opportunities to form connections with others • Reduced loneliness • More chances to collaborate

What makes a good co-working space?

Co-working spaces are renowned for being more inspiring than traditional office environments and many of them are open 24/7! After all, with the demands of everyday life becoming increasingly challenging, many of us need this level of flexibility to work and be productive when we can, no matter what time of day it is. And a great co-working space should boast the following: • A big open space • Multi purposes furniture • The latest technology and equipment • Comfy and supportive seating • Breakout zones • A kitchen space • An inviting office layout ?

What is a co-working event space?

In recent years co-working spaces have continued to increase in popularity as more businesses than ever before champion a hybrid way of working. Offering an office environment where people can meet, work, and collaborate in a shared space, co working spaces also have equipment, space and services that can be utilised at no additional cost. And, whether you’re looking for a productive space to work, or you’re planning an event, London certainly isn’t short of co-working spaces to hire.

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