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If you're hosting a private dining event, you'll need the ideal venue right? Browse through the best private dining rooms to hire in London.... Private Dining Rooms - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events Private Dining Rooms - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events

Private Dining Venues in London

Find and book a private dining room or venue in London

If you are planning an event or gathering, a private dinner is a fantastic way to go, being a versatile and crowd pleasing choice that is suited to almost any occasion. Be it for business or pleasure; formal or laid-back; we have venues and private dining rooms that can cater to your every need, located in some of London’s most hotly sought-after areas, and all well connected to the wider city. From modern and sophisticated corporate venues for a business meeting to fun and quirky bars that are perfect for a birthday bash or Christmas party, and grand spaces that will serve as the ideal setting for a gala dinner, you’ll find it all featured below. We also have bars and restaurants that provide full hire, private rooms or exclusive chef’s table experiences, as well as venues that allow you to organise your own catering if you would prefer a more hands-on, DIY approach.
  • Marylebone

    41 Portland Place

    Standing 150
    Theatre 80
    Dining 70
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  • Marylebone

    The Royal Oak

    Standing 50
    Dining 30
    Boardroom 20
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  • Hackney Wick

    Swan Wharf

    Standing 1350
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  • Brixton

    Hope and Anchor

    Standing 500
    Theatre 30
    Dining 40
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  • Bethnal Green

    The Pickle Factory

    Standing 200
    Theatre 100
    Dining 95
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  • South Bank

    The Drawing Room

    Standing 60
    Theatre 30
    Dining 16
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  • Chelsea

    Beaufort House Chelsea

    Standing 350
    Theatre 60
    Cabaret 60
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  • Old Street

    The Forum

    Standing 80
    Theatre 50
    Dining 40
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  • West London

    Babylon 305

    Standing 120
    Theatre 50
    Dining 50
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  • Kensal Green

    Loft Studios

    Standing 1500
    Theatre 300
    Cabaret 220
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  • The Southbank

    The Violin Factory

    Standing 160
    Theatre 70
    Dining 45
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  • Liverpool Street

    Mac and Wild - Private Dining & Meeting Room

    Standing 25
    Theatre 20
    Boardroom 22
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Planning a private dining event

Private dinners don’t have to be complicated events, but there’s still plenty to think about when you’re the organiser. Your guest list and budget will influence your choice of venue, so have a think in advance about how many people you’d like to invite. Not all private dinners are funded entirely by the organiser, but if it’s a corporate event that is the norm so it might be worth warning your guests if it isn’t the case.

Some - but not all - restaurants are able to close to the public and hire out their entire space privately. If this is a non-negotiable for you and you have a big guest list, it might be worth thinking about finding a dry hire or even gala venue.

For most private dinners, an exclusive room is big enough, but check out our tips for what to remember when hosting the perfect private dinner party:

Venue type

You’ve got your budget and your guest list - so now you need to pick your venue. Have a think about the space that will not only suit the size of your private dinner party, but also the style. Would a more laid back pub or bar be appropriate with sharing platters, or are you looking for a luxury sit-down meal with a view of the city? You’d be surprised by the number of different styles of venue that offer private dining, so have a think about what you’d like before you start looking around.

Minimum spend

Let’s look at your budget again - some venues charge a hire fee for their space on top of the cost of the food and drink. If you’re looking to save money, you might want to consider a minimum spend venue, but the more luxury or high-end spaces don’t usually offer this as an option.

Choosing a menu

Catering to lots of different dietary requirements can be tricky, especially if you’ve got a big guest list and a limited budget! If you’re asking for RSVPs, use it as an opportunity for your guests to submit their dietary needs so you’ll know exactly how to cater for everyone. If you have more of an open guest list, the primary requirements you’ll need to consider are: vegans and vegetarians; allergies and intolerances (gluten and lactose are the most common); and faith-based diets such as halal and kosher.

Alcohol selection

You’ll also want to think about the drinks available for your guests. Using alcohol calculators can give you an idea of how much booze to bring in if you’re self-catering, but don’t forget your non-drinkers. Depending on the event some of your guests may bring their children, so it’s good to have some kid-friendly options on hand too.