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Need to hire a team building event space? We've put together a list of the best venues, all ideal for all team building ideas and activities.... Team Building - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events Team Building - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events

Team Building Venues in London

Find and book the best venues for a team building event in London

Team building events are a great way to improve employee motivation and communication, co-workers get the chance to interact outside of the work environment, and bond during group activities. Our selection includes some of the best team building venues in London, whether hotel or corporate conference facilities, through meeting rooms, or ideas for something more unique or unusual, we can help.
  • Bank

    The City Centre

    Standing 120
    Theatre 85
    Dining 30
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  • Bankside

    Green Space

    Standing 250
    Theatre 250
    Cabaret 250
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  • Liverpool Street

    Victorian Bath House

    Standing 150
    Theatre 60
    Dining 90
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  • Ladbroke Grove

    Sunbeam Studios

    Standing 230
    Theatre 230
    Cabaret 120
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  • Barbican

    Chiswell Street Dining Rooms

    Standing 250
    Theatre 80
    Dining 100
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  • South Bank

    The Drawing Room

    Standing 60
    Theatre 30
    Dining 16
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  • Southbank Centre

    Spiritland Royal Festival Hall

    Standing 300
    Dining 180
    Cabaret 90
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  • Covent Garden

    The Shop

    Standing 100
    Theatre 100
    Dining 60
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  • Peckham

    Peckham Springs

    Standing 500
    Theatre 80
    Dining 150
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  • Belgravia

    The Embassy

    Standing 75
    Theatre 60
    Dining 50
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  • Elephant & castle

    103 Gaunt Street

    Standing 1600
    Theatre 300
    Dining 170
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  • South West London

    Tara Arts

    Standing 150
    Theatre 98
    Cabaret 107
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The best teaming building ideas in London

We never really think about it that much, but our colleagues are probably the people we spend most of our time with. Five days a week, eight hours a day, every single week for years of our lives. That’s why it’s important we get along with them! We should trust and build rapport with our colleagues, not just for the sake of the company bottom line, but also for own sanity and wellbeing.

You want your staff to be happy, right? Sane? All getting on with each other? Of course you do. Well, team building is the way to do it. Check out some of our amazing team building venues to find the perfect place for bringing your staff closer together.

Team building ideas

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to team building ideas for you and your staff. You can choose your event based on what you think they’d like, or you could even have them vote on what they’d like to do. In case you’re a bit stuck for ideas, we’ve got some great suggestions for unusual team building activities London-wide.

Murder mystery dinner party

Nothing brings people together quite like a mystery to solve. We love a good murder mystery, and add in a delicious dinner and you’ve got a winner! You can either book an existing murder mystery event or go all out by planning your own in a quirky venue in London. It’d be a nice little challenge for someone who loves mysteries. Have your staff work together to find out who the killer is, or if you’d like something a little lighter – you could have the catch a thief.

Cocktail masterclass

Team building in the city doesn’t get much better than this. Who doesn’t love a cocktail? We know we do, and we’re pretty sure your workplace does too. Whether it’s a cocktail or a mocktail you’re after, a cocktail masterclass is not only educational, but it gets everyone talking, laughing and making their own fair share of cocktails… good or bad.

Pub quiz

Believe it or not, pub spaces an be some of the best team building event venues in London. So simple, so elegant, and so… right. The pub quiz is a popular pastime for a lot of people, so why not let them show their colleagues what they’ve got. You can join one that happens regularly or, if you’ve got enough people that want to join in, create your own in a pub venue or similar. Let the good times roll.

Talent show

You never truly know someone until you’ve seen them play the guitar while doing backflips and juggling rings of fire on a unicycle, right? Okay, so maybe nothing quite that ridiculous, but don’t underestimate people’s desire to show off what they’re good at outside of work. Singing, dancing, magic and stand up comedy can all take centre stage with a company-wide talent show.

Charity fundraising

It’s good for people in need, and it’s good for the soul. A charity event is a fantastic option for a team building affair. From sponsored silences and cake sales to fun runs and bungee jumping, there’s a whole host of fun activities your staff can do for charity to bring them closer together to each other, and to the community. The hall venues and gala venues in London could be the perfect option for charity fundraising events!

Escape rooms

Dr Crazypants is on the loose and you have 60 minutes to escape before he turns you into a flying monkey! Or…something slightly less silly. The point is that there are an incredible number of escape rooms out there with an outstanding number of scenarios that everyone can enjoy. Whilst you work together to solve the clues (or you stand there like a bit of a lemon watching people solve these seemingly impossible clues), you will see some serious team bonding. It’s one of those activities that will be talked about in your coffee breaks for time to come.

Planning your team building activity

Step 1: Think about your audience

Team building activities work best when they’re tailormade for the team. What you think is a good idea might not be enjoyable for most of your staff, so it’s a good idea to get their opinions and take their hobbies and interests on board before you decide on an activity.

Step 2: Choose your activity

From murder mystery dinners to cooking classes, use what you know about your staff to choose something fun and engaging that you’ll know everyone will love. You want something that people will be excited for, and that people won’t stop talking about once it’s over.

Step 3: Budget

The centrepiece of planning: the budget. The budget dictates how much you can do, where you can do it and how lavish it can be. Make sure you know how much you have to spend before you start really planning anything. The activity you choose can be low-budget if necessary.

Step 4: Venue

It might be nice to get everyone out of the office, into a relaxed environment where they can be themselves. From bars, dining halls and unique spaces to boardrooms and conference venues, we’ve got it all.

Step 5: Date and time

It’s unlikely you’ll please absolutely everyone, but if you choose the date wisely, you should get most people on board. There’ll always be someone who’s going to a wedding, on holiday, or just simply doesn’t want to go, but boost your guestlist as much as you can by thinking smart. Maybe put the feelers out for a couple of dates within the company, and see what feedback you get.

Step 6: Food and drink

Will you be serving food? Well, time to look into catering then. In some cases, the venue you choose may be able to help you with this. Lots of them have in-house caterers or a list of recommended suppliers that they can offer you. Or perhaps you fancy catering for your own event? Some venues can offer dry hire for your event.

Step 7: Invite people!

I mean, this is pretty crucial. Imagine all that planning and your excited little face when you realise you forgot to actually tell anyone about it and no one turned up. We don’t want that – no one wants that. So, make sure you let everyone know exactly when and where the team building activity is, whether it’s mandatory, and what will be happening during it. People like knowing what they’re letting themselves in for, and if you’ve planned it well, it will be hard to turn down.