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Industrial chic is a popular buzz term within the events industry right now, and you too could capitalize on its booming reputation by choosing one of our fantastic venues featured below, all of which offer the distinct urban vibe and tangible atmosphere associated with the industrial style. Canvas is in fact the leading provider of industrial event space in London due to its relationship with its sister company, the leading film location agency in London. As such, Canvas proudly promotes a whole host of industrial spaces and warehouses to rent in fantastic locations throughout East, West and Central London. No matter if you are in the events industry yourself and are seeking a venue of the highest standard, or if you are simply an individual looking to plan a private event, our extensive collection of surprisingly cheap industrial spaces can provide you with your ideal venue.

Producing an Independent Movie in an Industrial Venue

?If you're a filmmaker who dreams of making it big, the best way to do that is by producing a movie. Independent films are popular, and the rise of festivals that show them mean that if yours is produced to a high quality, there’s no reason why it won’t be the first step to something bigger. Not everyone has a large budget to spend however, so if you’re looking to shoot a movie and have a festival that you want to submit it to, you’ll need to keep some budget friendly tips in mind.

Know What Your Budget Is

You won’t be able to film anything to a budget if you don’t know what you have to spend. You need to have a detailed budget plan that includes everything you have available to you, and the limit that your spending will reach on certain things. There are loads of films out there that are produced for practically nothing, but when you do have a budget, you need to spend it wisely. Even the smallest amount of money, used wisely, can really change what the final product looks like. Just don’t blow it all on one thing, plan carefully before any cameras start rolling. The majority of independent films don’t have the same money to burn as a Hollywood blockbuster, but you should still have enough to create a great film.

Have a Budget-Friendly Script

The script for a film really is everything. It’s the story that you’re trying to tell, and it’s your job to do it justice. That being said, if you have a limited budget, you’re going to be limited on what script you use. You’re not going to be able to produce and eight-way gunfights or anything that involves too many fancy costumes. There won’t be any stunt doubles or special effects, so you’ll need to choose a clean script that works well alongside your budget constraints instead of fighting them at every turn. If there are any areas of worry, sit down with your team, and the writer, in advance. You can discuss how you might either produce it in a way that does the scene justice or can change it to something that has the same affect on the audience, but it less challenging to produce.

Think Carefully About Venue

Where you’re actually shooting your film will have a big impact on your budget. While it’s always best to have some variety, there’s no reason why a large part of your film can’t be set in the same place. This can create a really great atmosphere the draws the reader in. The versatility of some venues means that if you get the correct space, it can seem as if you are in two or more different settings without moving location at all. One way of doing this is by hiring out an industrial location. There is a huge variety of industrial spaces for hire in London so finding one that fits the bill shouldn’t be a problem. These spaces are hugely popular because of their versatility, which makes them the ideal filming location.

Get an Experienced Cast

Hiring the friend of a friend who once took a drama class is definitely not the way to save on budget. You should still have a casting director who can help you to find the perfect actors and actresses for your various roles. They should be experienced and know what they’re doing on set to enable everything to go as smoothly as possible. Try and get names that are known as this will help you enormously when it comes to selling your film and for publicity purposes. Your cast should also be used to working on films with a lower budget. When they know what to expect from the set, they’re going to be relaxed, and can share their experience of other movies they’ve starred in with similar constraints.

Make Sure it Looks Good

This might seem a bit obvious, but a low-budget is no excuse for a film to look low-budget anymore. The cheapest cameras now are still amazing, and so if you’re film comes out looking like it was shot by someone who’d never been to a cinema before, you’re not going to get it accepted to any festivals. Yes, the editing and post-production will take a lot of time, longer even than you might think at first, but it needs to happen to make sure that your film is big-screen ready. Work with your camera men and women to get the best shots possible and be patient. With independent films, there’s no longer any leeway when it comes to quality, so you need to make sure that yours hits the mark.

Don’t Forget About Marketing

It’s always a good idea to leave some money aside for marketing purposes. Sending your completed film to a festival isn’t free either, so if that’s your end goal, then you need to make sure that you have the funds to do it. While you might think that marketing isn’t important for an independent movie, you’ll be surprised by what a little budget in this area can do. Organise a film premiere for your cast and crew, advertise its release well, and you might even get your movie shown in your local theatre for a few days. Your work isn’t done when the final edits are made, and no one will hear about the film you’ve created unless you market it to them.

Creating an independent film is a long and difficult process, but it can also be massively rewarding. Whether you want to submit it to a film festival or just have a local release, it is absolutely possible to do so under budget constrains so long as you plan out everything carefully and hire the correct venue. Next stop, Hollywood!

FAQs Industrial Spaces to Hire in London

What is an industrial space?

Also known as warehouse spaces, industrial spaces in London provide the ultimate event venue for a wide range of occasions. And, if you’re looking to add a new and exciting dimension to your London event, an industrial space such as a loft or warehouse has a lot to offer! Known for their high ceilings, wide-open spaces, cool grungy décor, large windows and textural details, industrial venues are incredibly versatile and always make an impact.

Why should you book an industrial space for your London event?

London’s entertainment and nightlife scene is constantly evolving. The vibrant city is home to copious amounts of venues that push boundaries to unleash the extraordinary and keep the city’s entertainment scene thriving. So, if you’re considering booking an industrial space in London, you will find a great choice of fantastic venues that are sure to accommodate the vibe of your event. Throughout the capital, you will find venues that lend themselves perfectly to a diverse range of events and celebrations. And, in a city that is a constant hive of activity, you’ll never be short of things to see and do pre-and post-event.

What type of events can you book in an industrial space?

Industrial venues in London can be used to host all manner of different events, including: • Music events • Gigs • Productions • Raves • Trade shows • Conferences • Workshops • Pop up activities • Pop up events • Parties • Weddings The vast majority of industrial spaces in London provide blank canvas opportunities, so it’s easy to put your own unique stamp on your event.

What to consider when choosing your industrial event venue?

When choosing the perfect industrial event venue in London, there’s a whole lot of factors to take into consideration, including the following: • Is the location, right? • Is the venue within your budget? • Does the venue have the right ambiance and mood? • Capacity and size • Does it have access to Wi-Fi? • Is there parking available? • Acoustics and sound – are they suitable?

Are there industrial wedding venues in London?

Absolutely! An increasing number of couples are choosing to embrace the unique nature and open plan versatility that come hand in hand with industrial wedding venues. If you’re planning a wedding in London and are looking for an industrial wedding venue that will give your big day an exciting edge, you’ve certainly landed in the right place. London is jam packed with industrial wedding venues such as lofts and warehouses that are edgy, versatile and perfectly equipped to accommodate small and large-scale weddings

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