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London may well be one of the busiest cities in the world but that is not to say it doesn’t feature some truly wonderful secluded spots, secret gardens and stunning outdoor spaces. Here at Canvas you will find an extensive range of some of the very best on offer in some of the finest locations throughout the city, from venues which specifically offer themselves as outdoor event spaces, to buildings that simply come with their own manicured gardens, providing both covered and uncovered areas.

From stunningly intricate and relaxing Japanese gardens to strikingly modern conservatories, and lush hidden gems found upon the city’s rooftops, we have some incredibly unique offerings within our database, meaning that we’ve got venues able to cater to everything including summer barbecues, corporate parties, drinks receptions, family fun days and wedding receptions.

How to Organise a Garden Party

?A garden party is a great springtime and summer event to host that gets family and friends together to savour the riches that nature has to offer. With flowers in full bloom, gardens are a great place to kick back and relax, away from the hectic workplace. Gardens have a proven mindfulness effect. This, along with good company and great food, means that your guests will soon see all of their cares float away.

Decide the Theme

When organising a garden party, the first thing that you’ll need to decide as host is what theme you’re going to have. Is it going to be formal like a garden party at Buckingham Palace? A chance for everyone to get dressed up in their finest? Perhaps your garden party is actually a wedding reception that will include a full sit-down meal? On the other hand, the dress code can be completely casual, with trainers recommended and the BBQ and beers on the go right from the start. Whatever theme you decide on, make sure that this is relayed to your guests with plenty of time to spare. The words garden party mean different things to different people, so it’s best to let everyone know what you’re expecting.

Pick a Location

There are loads of gardens for hire in London that suit every type of party imaginable. From rooftop gardens where everyone can relax in a cocoon of mother nature while the city is bustling with activity below you, to a more formal garden in one of the large country houses that are real city gems. There are gardens with water features, gardens with mazes, you name it, you’re sure to be able to find it. When choosing the venue that’s right for you, you need to have an idea of how many people you are expecting to show up. You’ll also need to decide if you want to have an indoors area reserved for your party as well. It’s always good to have this option just in case the weather turns.

Time of Day

It’s essential that you consider the time of day when hosting a garden party. If you are having it start early, you’ll be in the midst of the hottest part of the day, which might not be feasible in summer when temperatures can soar. It the evening, you have the opposite problem. Depending on the weather, nights can still be very cold when outside. You will need to think everything through and plan carefully depending on what you decide. This will change according to the weather forecast as well as the season, so it’s best to keep a close eye on any changes and plan for all eventualities.


The majority of garden parties will go on well into the evening. If this is the case with yours, you’ll need to consider lighting for when the sun starts to set. Fairy lights always look magical in any type of garden, and guests can roam around the flowers and still be able to see where they are going. Some gardens for hire will already have these installed.  Having fire-pits is another great idea that will add both light and warmth after dark. They are a great prop to get everyone sitting around in a circle, sharing stories and even swapping some songs! Not to mention, there’s always the chance to toast some marshmallows when there’s a fire-pit available.

Top Tips:

There are lots of things that you can do to make sure that your garden party is truly special. Here’s just a few of our top tips for you to think about when you start planning yours.

Choose a Colour Palette

Keeping to a colour palette will make decisions about napkins and other decorations simple. When everything seems to match, it can turn your budget décor into something that looks chic and sophisticated – without the need to add anything else. If you want to continue this, you can even let your guests know the colours, so that they can dress to match.

Citronella Candles

No one likes a bug in their drink, but there are a few things that you can do to help prevent insects plaguing your garden party. Citronella candles is one. When lit, these discourage insects from getting close so that your guests will be able to eat in peace.

Relaxed Playlist

Having the right playlist for the mood is always a must. As it’s a garden party, why not try some more relaxing tunes that will help your guests get in touch with nature? As the evening goes on, you can then change to something a little bit more upbeat if you’re looking to add something more to the party vibe.

Have Plenty of Ice on Hand

There’s nothing worse than a warm drink, so make sure that everything is kept nice and chilled. Have plenty of ice and coolers on hand and keep more inside if you have access to a freezer. It’s always good to have a large supply of water as well so that everyone stays hydrated if it is a particularly warm day.

Make Sure There Is Shade

If you are hosting your garden party completely outside, and there is a limited area indoors, then you will need to make sure that there is adequate shade from the sun for your guests. Put up umbrellas to help keep everyone out of the worst of the sun and don’t forget to bring sunscreen with you!

A garden party is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy nature when you live close to a city. When planned right, it can be a chance for everyone to unwind, including the host! Don’t forget to give yourself time to enjoy the party that you’ve organised and make the most of the sunshine.

FAQs Garden Party Venues in London

What are the benefits of garden venues?

When the sun is shining and the weather is sweet, everyone wants to be outdoors, right? After all, during the summer time, there’s no better feeling than celebrating outdoors, especially in beautiful gardens. Outdoor garden venues can instantly improve people’s mood, give you the flexibility to accommodate all of your guests’ needs, and of course, allow you to embrace the natural beauty around you, breathing a welcome dose of fresh air into your event.

What is a garden party venue?

A garden party venue is an outdoor garden space that is set up to accommodate a wide range of different events. Whether you’re looking to host a private garden party or outdoor event, London is home to lots of fabulous outdoor garden venues that ensure that your event stands out from the crowd. From pristine gardens and welcoming beer gardens through to rooftop gardens and secret garden party venues, there’s lots of options to inject a healthy dose of sunshine and happiness into your event.

Why choose London for your garden party?

London is one of the most exciting, thriving and buzzing cities in the world. It’s also got an ever-evolving entertainment and hospitality landscape that really does just keep on giving. With this in mind, you will be able to explore and discover a whole host of wonderful outdoor spaces and manicured gardens in London that are perfectly equipped to accommodate the bespoke requirements that come hand in hand with a wide range of events. There’s both covered and uncovered areas available to book.

What type of events can you host in a garden?

London’s outdoor garden spaces are set up to sprinkle lots of sunshine on a diverse range of events, including: • Barbecues • Corporate parties • Drinks receptions • Family fun days • Wedding receptions • VIP parties • Engagement parties • Private dinners • Themed events

Top tips on how to plan the perfect garden wedding

If you’re planning a garden wedding, you have certainly landed in the right place. Here are our top tips on how to plan the perfect garden wedding: • Always consider the season – London enjoys hot summers, with temperatures frequently soaring to 30 degrees or more! • Always weather proof your event – Although the capital enjoys lots of sunshine filled days, you should always be prepared for the heavens to open! After all, you don’t want anything to rain on your parade, right? • Utilise all of the space – many garden venues in London have lots of different elements, providing the ultimate backdrop to your wedding. Make sure you embrace them all.

Can I hire an outdoor space for my corporate event?

Of course! When you have been cooped up in the office, your workforce will love nothing more than letting their hair down at an outdoor garden venue, especially during the summer months. Garden venues are also incredibly flexibility, meaning you can utilise as much or as little of the venue you choose. Many companies tend to utilise this type of space for team building or client entertainment events.

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