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Find and book the perfect venue for a garden party in London with Canvas Events. Perfect for your BBQ party or summer party plans. ... Gardens - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events Gardens - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events

Garden Party Venues in London

London may well be one of the busiest cities in the world but that is not to say it doesn’t feature some truly wonderful secluded spots, secret gardens and stunning outdoor spaces. Here at Canvas you will find an extensive range of some of the very best on offer in some of the finest locations throughout the city, from venues which specifically offer themselves as outdoor event spaces, to buildings that simply come with their own manicured gardens, providing both covered and uncovered areas.

From stunningly intricate and relaxing Japanese gardens to strikingly modern conservatories, and lush hidden gems found upon the city’s rooftops, we have some incredibly unique offerings within our database, meaning that we’ve got venues able to cater to everything including summer barbecues, corporate parties, drinks receptions, family fun days and < href="https://www.canvas-events.co.uk/events/wedding/wedding-reception">wedding receptions.

  • Greenwich

    The Queen's House

    Standing 120
    Theatre 120
    Dining 120
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  • Kensington

    Kensington Palace

    Standing 800
    Theatre 200
    Dining 300
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  • Bankside

    Garden Museum

    Standing 320
    Theatre 120
    Dining 120
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  • Bloomsbury

    Goodenough College

    Standing 250
    Theatre 250
    Dining 220
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  • Acton

    Vuk Banqueting Suite

    Standing 500
    Theatre 450
    Dining 330
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  • Hoxton

    The Geffrye Museum of the Home

    Standing 1000
    Theatre 500
    Dining 400
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  • Aldgate

    Tower of London

    Standing 300
    Theatre 150
    Cabaret 240
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  • Central London

    Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall

    Standing 500
    Theatre 400
    Dining 400
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  • Spitallfields/ Liverpool Street/ Shoreditch

    Elder Street

    Standing 100
    Theatre 55
    Dining 35
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