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Product launches are all about making a good impression. Find a venue that will help to set the right tone from the start right here.... Product Launch - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events Product Launch - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events

Product Launch Venues in London

Find and book a venue for your product launch or event

Product launches are important not only because you rightly want to celebrate your latest endeavor, but because you want to do justice to all your hard work by giving your new product the very best possible send-off out into the big bad world. Being a crucial opportunity to make a good first impression and excite industry experts, you’ve only got one shot to make it right. This may sound like a lot of pressure but there’s no need to panic. We can help you get well on your way to planning a successful and impressive launch event by providing you with a varied and dynamic selection of fantastic venues of all sizes, able to accommodate launch parties of any style. Whether you're launching a video game, a new book or whatever your new product, we’ve got it all, so take a look and start planning your launch today.
  • Selfridges


    Standing 150
    Cabaret 75
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  • Hoxton Square

    The Green Room

    Standing 120
    Theatre 45
    Dining 47
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  • Shoreditch

    Protein Studios

    Standing 400
    Theatre 200
    Cabaret 80
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  • City Barbican Moorgate

    London Wall

    Standing 250
    Theatre 70
    Dining 80
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  • Bankside

    Riverfront Terrace

    Standing 175
    Theatre 80
    Dining 60
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  • Homerton


    Standing 120
    Theatre 60
    Cabaret 40
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  • Soho

    The Spice of Life

    Standing 100
    Theatre 50
    Dining 50
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  • London Bridge

    The Siding

    Standing 150
    Theatre 55
    Cabaret 80
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  • Bank

    The Trading House

    Standing 450
    Theatre 60
    Dining 80
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Product launch ideas for 2019

You’ve created an amazing new product, and now it’s time to release it into the big wide world. Chances are the launch has been the last thing on your mind - until now! - and organising a launch to remember can be time consuming.

Once you’ve sorted out your budget, guest list and venue it’s time to get everything else ready. You’ll need to organise catering, a bar, event photographers and staff. But keep in mind the whole point of your event is to showcase your new product - if you lose sight of this, it’ll be a potentially expensive mistake.

Here are our top things to remember when planning a product launch event:

Gaining media attention

Once you’ve created a press release it’s important to get it out into the media as soon as possible. If you’re looking to invite journalists they can get booked up quite far in advance. Do your research and make sure you’re inviting critics, journalists and media outlets that are relevant to your product and your industry. It’s all well and good getting a great write up, but if it goes out to the wrong audience you’re unlikely to reap the benefits of your hard work.

Influencer marketing

More companies are getting on board with influencer marketing, and if you are launching a product that’s social media worthy it might be an avenue you’d like to consider. For first timers it’s recommended to speak to a specialist agency who deal with influencers regularly as they’re likely to have the right contacts. Create a hashtag that’s specific to your product and this launch so you can keep track of activity both before the event, during and afterwards.

Product clarity

Your product is the most important part of this launch, so make sure your guests know what it is, why it’s great, and the company behind it. Don’t assume they already know. For better traction on social media, make sure your product and brand names can be seen prominently in the venue - remember the photos that are taken will last for years, and every time someone new sees a picture of the event, that’s another person who’s now familiar with your product.

Experiential event

It’s important to let your product do the talking at your launch, but you can help your guests remember the event by making it experiential. This could be hosting at an activity bar or themed venue to give your guests something fun and relevant and to do. It’ll also give your guests an opportunity to post something interesting on their social media accounts, rather than just a picture of a room with some people in it.