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Pub Venues in London

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Welcome to our collection of bar and pub venues available for hire in London. Pubs offer an excellent option for corporate receptions, as well as affordable function rooms, informal spaces for small weddings, guaranteed good vibes for parties and birthday celebrations, amongst many other occasions. Pubs with function rooms can also offer you the option of building in food and drink which helps to cover the cost of venue hire.

We offer some of the most exclusive as well as the most unique pub venues for hire in top locations throughout Central, East and West London, from private hire bars with an exclusive feel to charming intimate spaces ideal for gathering with loved ones. From stunning contemporary bars to quirky themed experiences, from bars on rooftops to bars in basements; we’ve got it all and then some, so take a look and see what hidden gems you can uncover.

Everyone loves the pub, particularly on a Friday night or in the summer sunshine. They are a part of our culture that’s truly ingrained, but why aren’t more events hosted there? From birthday parties to seminars, the pub really can accommodate anything. Yet in recent years, other types of venues have seen a rise in popularity. With so many new pubs bringing a chic and sophisticated look to London, we think it’s time to bring the pub event back, and here’s why.


The pub really is a piece of timeless history, and that’s why they should continue to be popular for a range of different events. From your local down the road, to one that serves craft beer and locally distilled gin, there really is something about a pub that seems to grab people’s attention. Instead of hiring out a fancy venue with a bar, a classic pub has all of the booze ready and waiting, and your audience will instantly relax when they walk through the doors.

It Keeps People Calm

It might be strange to think of, but the pub has a calming influence that a lot of other venues for hire in London don’t. Even if you’ve went for something that looks a lot more upmarket, no one really minds turning up to an event in the pub by themselves. If you are hosting an event where people have to get up and talk on a stage, the pub atmosphere is much more soothing than the harsh lights of an auditorium. Certain venues can be very daunting, whereas a pub is always a friendly and welcoming place to be come rain or shine.


When we talk about an event in the pub, this really can mean anything. There are so many different pub venues for hire in London, that no matter what type of event you’re having, you’ll find one for you. Be it for a corporate party or a hen do, the range is vast. If you are looking for a very particular atmosphere or theme to your event, then this will help you to narrow your choices down a little and find the one that’s right for you. Rustic or chic, contemporary or neon pink, there really is a pub for every occasion.

Pub Grub

Who doesn’t like a bit of pub grub? If you want a venue where you can get an amazing meal and then still party on all night, then you should definitely consider a pub. The range in restaurant styles varies considerably as well, and there are many London pubs who can serve you an amazing three course meal just as if you were inside an exclusive private dining venue. If a sit-down meal isn’t for you, then it’s easy to hire some sharing platters or bar nibbles for your group to graze on throughout the night.

Budget Friendly

Due to the variety of pubs available, they are suitable for an event with any type of budget. If you are looking to organise a party but don’t have much cash to do it, then many pubs will let you operate on a minimum spend basis. This means that so long as a certain amount is spent at the bar, you won’t have to pay a single thing for venue hire. Even if you do pay for a space, there are many pubs out there who will do this at a very reasonable price point.

Separate Rooms

When you think of a venue in a pub, you might think of yourself as surrounded by locals, maybe with a little booth to call your own with a hastily scrawled reserved sign on it. Many pubs however have completely separate rooms for you to host a party in. These can be set up to have projectors and microphones, with chairs, or decorated whatever way you desire. Some of these separate rooms for hire even have their own private bars where you’ll have a bartender that is there just for your group the entire night. Who could ask for anything better?

Types of Events You can Host in a Pub:

Any type of event can happen in a pub if you put your mind to it! Pub staff are well known for their friendliness so if there’s an event that you want to happen, they are sure to do their utmost to see it come to fruition

Quiz Night

This is a classic pub event, and for good reason. We’ve already talked about the amazing pub atmosphere and this really helps with the overwhelming sense of competition that sometimes happens when people see a leader board. People have easy access to the bar, and comfortable seats to sit on whilst their teams battle it out.

Comedy Night

A pub audience is always up for a few laughs and there’s no better place to try out some new comedy sketches than a pub. If it’s popular, you might even be able to turn it into a regular night that will gain popularity in your local area.


This might not be the first thing that springs to mind but the back rooms of pubs make perfect venues for small seminars. Away from a lecture hall, it gives everyone the chance to relax and discuss at length, plus there’s no rush to leave after the talk is over.

If you are struggling to decide where to host your next event, why not look into a pub? While it might not be your first idea, the sheer variety that are available at a good hiring price might soon change your mind. From amazing food, to full separate rooms that you can hire, you might start hosting all of your events down the pub!

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