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If you are planning an event and looking for unusual experiences or things to do in London, Themed venues are great fun and will interest and entertain your guests. from quirky pub venues and restaurants, fun bars, and activity & adventure venues abound in the capital, let us help you find your perfect theme. Here are a selection of the most unique venue hire in london

How to Organise a Themed Party

Are you planning a themed party? Whether it’s for a birthday or as part of a promotion, a lot of work goes into making this type of event look just right. The most important thing is getting your guests interested and excited to be involved! Once you have that sorted, the rest of the party should all fall into place.

Don’t Wait too Long to Choose Your Theme

Picking out what you want your theme to be is the most important part of planning this type of party, so there’s no use putting it off until the last minute. Discuss possible themes as a group – whether it’s part of a committee or just your group of friends. You’re looking for a theme that everyone will enjoy and be enthusiastic about. As well as this, you need to choose a theme that will be easy for you to organise and decorate for.  There’s no point in choosing something that’s too out there, as people always expect big things at themed parties, so you don’t want to leave them disappointed.

Do Send Invites

If you are looking people to go to your themed party, the best way to do this is through personalised invites. Ditch the WhatsApp group message – we all know how easy it is to ignore these. You want to be able to post or hand-deliver a physical invite that’s related to your theme. Something that your friends can stick to their fridge and enter into their calendars straight away.  Even sending a personalised email in the form of a card is better than the generic social media invite. Something that specifically names the person invited will always get a better reception.

Don’t Underestimate the Need for a Good Venue

While you might be busy planning the ins and outs of how to really make your theme come alive, it can be easy to overlook the need for a great venue to facilitate all of this. If you are having a party that you can’t accommodate in your own home, then you are going to need a venue that you can transform into a room that encapsulates your theme. Think about how you can use the architecture of a venue to your advantage and use that to help you narrow down your search. There are loads of great themed venues for hire in London that will suit a range of different party ideas.

Do Encourage Costumes

If you are having a themed event, with all of the bells and whistles, then it just won’t be the same if all of your guests turn up in their usual party gear. Make wearing a costume mandatory to attendance. This will actually encourage many people to become even more excited about the event. After all, who doesn’t love dressing up? It gives a chance for everyone to use their imagination, and if you promise prizes for a few of your favourite costumes, then you’re sure to tap into people’s competitive spirit as well.

Don’t Forget about Décor

If you want your themed party to be the talk of the town then you’re going to have to get the décor right. Any time something has a definite theme, you can never do too much when décor is involved. This doesn’t mean that you have to cover every available surface however. By going big on décor, we mean big on detail, not necessarily quantity. If you can show that you’ve really thought out how to transform your venue into the perfect space for a themed party, then this will show. It’s the little details that guests will be most entranced with and that they will remember long after the party is over.

Do Have Party Bags

The best parties are the ones where you get a gift just for turning up. Having party bags gives your guests something that immediately gets their attention and starts the night off on a good note. When they are all kept to theme, this will cause hilarity and help everyone get in the mood. Have a mixture of items that can be brought home as mementos and ones that are going to add to the party and be instantly entertaining. For example, if it’s a disco theme then glowsticks are a must and novelty bandanas can be used for a variety of different themes.

Don’t Overdo the Party Games

Everyone loves a good party game, and they can be amazing icebreakers for a group of people that don’t know each other and are just trying to get into the party mood. However, it’s important that these are scheduled and good times throughout the night when people are going to be ready for a bit of added entertainment. All of your guests will also need time to mingle amongst themselves and get chatting to each other, so games shouldn’t go on for too long or be scheduled back to back – people will easily get bored in this case and wander off to do their own thing. Remember, there is such a thing as too many activities, so keep them sparing!

Do Take Loads of Pictures

In order to make sure that everyone has brilliant memories of your themed party, having a professional photographer there to take loads of snaps is a must. Another great idea is to install a photobooth at the venue so that others can take their own pictures with all of their friends. Making sure that the photos are available as soon as possible after the event on social media is important if you want everyone to get tagging and chatting about the party afterwards. If you’ve got some really good pictures, why not send out some high-res copies of them for people to print and enjoy?

Once you have your theme sorted, the rest of you party planning should be a breeze. Just remember that attention to detail is important and to give your guests some breathing room in between activities to simply dance and have a good time!

FAQs Themed Venues in London

What is a themed event?

Everybody loves a themed event! Offering an unusual experience, new things to try, memorable entertainment or even the opportunity to dress up, themed events in London are always incredibly popular. And, there are a whole host of unique venues dotted in and around the capital that are perfect for hosting a themed event to remember, including activity and adventure venues, elaborate bars and restaurants, quirky pubs, exciting museums, and stately homes and town houses. Whatever theme you are planning, whether that’s a winter wonderland theme, a masquerade ball, a 90s rave, a Hollywood theme party or fancy-dress party, your guests are sure to have a ball!

What type of events can you host at a themed event?

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to exploring the different themed options for your event. Some of the most popular themed events in London include: • Halloween Party • Heroes vs Villains • Superhero’s • Zombie Party • 15 Minutes of Fame • Pirate Party • Hollywood • Fancy Dress • Gangsters and Flappers • Angels and Devils • Wild West • Under the Sea • Famous Dead People • Animal Kingdom • Ghosts and Ghouls However, the vast range of venues in London are more than happy to accommodate any theme, even those that push boundaries and prove that anything goes in the world of party planning. For example, people have hosted Keeping Up with the Kardashian themed parties, Oscar parties, Medieval parties, Harry Potter themed parties and so much more.

How to organise a themed party?

There’s an awful lot of planning that goes into hosting a themed party and it’s important that you plan each stage of your party with meticulous attention to detail. Here are some simple tips for organising a themed party: • Set the scene with a themed invitation that instantly gives your event the wow factor • Choose a venue that is equipped to accommodate your needs • Choose a venue that people can get to easily – has it got good transport links nearby? • Make sure the space is big enough • Immerse the guests in the theme before the event • Build momentum using your social media platforms • Ensure that your guests have all the information they need prior to your event. Remember to get your guests to RSVP to your event straight away so that you have a clear idea of how many people you are accommodating.

Why host a themed event in London?

London is home to some of the world’s coolest, quirkiest, and most creatively themed venues in the UK. With this in mind, London provides the perfect setting to host a themed event to remember, with many venues perfectly capable of accommodating your every need. At the same time, London also has a fierce reputation for hosting weird and wonderful events, making what seems like the impossible happen.

What type of occasions can I host a themed cocktail party for?

Of course! Themed cocktail parties are an incredibly popular option for lots of different events and special occasions including birthdays, hens and stags, corporate parties and much more. In fact, themed mixology events are continuing to increase in popularity, with themes such as 1920s, James Bond, Casino Royale and beach party themes all working well with a cocktail themed party in London.

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