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Blank canvases are without doubt the most versatile venue style on offer, keeping the possibilities truly endless and allowing you to let out your creative side when it comes to planning your next event. Though all of the venues featured in this section come in a finish that is neutral or minimalistic enough to be tailored to suit your own requirements, there is still a surprising amount of variety, from converted warehouses to contemporary apartments, and photographic studios to vast halls. Due to the very nature of their adaptable style, blank canvases are used for a broad range of events, including fashion shows, product launches, conferences, parties and press events, though they are a particularly popular choice for wedding receptions, since they give you the scope to transform the space into your dream venue, and so we invite you to browse our collection of venues to hire in London and let your imagination run free!

Why a Blank Canvas Venue Might be Right For Your Event

If you are looking for the perfect venue for your event and can’t seem to find the one that matches your vision, then a blank canvas space might be exactly what you need! These can be set up and decorated exactly as you want them to be. When you have a certain idea in mind of how you want things to look, sometimes it’s best to just take a blank canvas and start painting! They still come in all different styles and sizes, which will impact on the overall look of your event, but with so many blank canvas spaces for hire in London, there’s one for every occasion.

What Events Can You Hold in a Blank Canvas Venue?

Due to the versatility of these spaces, you can really tailor them for any of your needs. There’s no end to the type of events you can hold in a space that you have complete control over. Yes, it might mean a little bit more organisation, but in our opinion, it’s totally worth it.

Wedding Reception

Using a blank canvas venue has become a really popular option for wedding receptions in recent years. It’s a way that you can really express your individuality as a couple by making it completely bespoke to what you both want. It’s incredible how some of these venues can be turned into the perfect place for a reception. Whatever the focus of your day is, be it food, dancing, or just the fact that all of your friends and family are in the same room, a blank canvas can let you have your reception exactly the way you want it to be.

Product Launch/Press Day

If you are launching a new product or having a press day, the set-up of the room is one of the most important aspects that you need to consider. This is why blank canvas spaces can be so useful. You can place the product exactly how you want, organise your audience to be where you need them to be, and decorate the space so that it is a true representation of your company. The press will also appreciate the effort that you’ve gone to and will enjoy being in a venue that is a bit different from the norm.

Brainstorming Session

If your team needs to get out of the office and get to work on a new project, then using a blank canvas can help you to get your thoughts in order. As you can set it up in whatever way you want, and it will bolster your creativity and help you to get the results that you need. A change in venue can really help productivity, and there’s nowhere better than a space that you have free reign over.


Conferences can be tricky to organise, and many conference halls have their own special quirks when it comes to layout, and what you can and can’t do. With a blank canvas, the set-up is down to you and your team. You can have a stage wherever you need it, and chairs arranged however you want. In fact, you might not even want chairs at all! This all makes for a conference that is truly innovative, and that people will remember.

Birthday Party

Having a birthday party, particularly if you are going for a themed one, is a great use of a blank canvas space. After all, you can decorate in any way that suits you, and really go to town on your theme! This type of venue is also great for a more subdued party that you don’t want to happen in a noisy bar or club.

Things to Remember

When deciding to go for a blank canvas venue, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when organising any event there. While they can be much the same as some other venues, you need to remember that while the space is there for you to use how you want to, there will be rules, which means planning!


Collaboration can sometimes be the key to success for many different events. When it comes to blank canvas spaces, discuss with the managers what you are looking to do, and collaborate with them! They will have likely hosted many different events in their space before, and so will have contacts for a lot of local people from where you can hire tables and chairs, decorations, food, the lot!


Décor at a blank canvas is all down to you, so don’t forget about it! As so many of these spaces have their own unique look, not everywhere will need a lot of decoration. Sometimes the features that they already have will be exactly what you need for your event. Make sure it’s something you consider carefully before foregoing however. After all, unless you have done it on purpose, you might not want your blank canvas looking too, well, blank!

Consider Catering

Catering is going to be one of the major considerations when hiring a blank canvas venue. Does the venue have a kitchen area to heat food? If not, you’ll need to let your caterers know what is going to be expected of them. Most will be used to working in all different types of venues, so getting the food that you want shouldn’t be an issue. Just ensure that you contact caterers early to book them for your date.

A blank canvas venue can really be used for almost any event you can imagine. Due to their versatility, you can let your imagination go wild. There’s really no end to what you can achieve when you have a really unique space for you to organise your event it. All that’s left is to get planning!

FAQs The Best Blank Canvas Venues in London

What is a blank canvas venue in London?

One of the most popular new event spaces that event organisers, party planners and the general public are fully embracing is the blank canvas venue. But what is a blank canvas venue? This diverse and exciting type of venue is a large empty space that can be transformed to accommodate any vision for your event. Ultimately, you book your blank canvas venue in London without entertainment, catering, decoration, furniture or any type of installation and you take control of it all. This gives you complete freedom to exercise your creativity and create an event that fulfils your vision.

What are the benefits of a blank canvas venue?

Blank canvas venues are now incredibly popular and this is mainly due to the fact that, as the name suggests, you have an entirely blank canvas to work with. This is one of the main benefits of hiring a blank canvas venue in London as it means that you are able to: • Control your budget • Enjoy total brand-ability • Give your event personality • Add as much AV as you need • Have complete control over lighting • Design your own layout • Choose your own deco and furniture • Incredibly versatile • Choose your own catering • Enjoy full management of your event With this type of venue, the world is your oyster when it comes to hosting an event in a way that suits your theming, branding and overall vision.

What type of events can be held at a blank canvas venue?

There are a number of different types of events that can be held at a blank canvas venue in London, including the following: • Weddings • Party • Private dinner • Summer party • Conference • Awards ceremony • VIP experiences • Networking sessions • Graduations • Speaker session • Trade shows • Workshops

How to make the most of a blank canvas space?

It can often be a daunting task to transform a blank canvas event space in London. However, there are lots of ways that you can make the most of a blank canvas setting so that the venue you hire makes a memorable impression. • Add your own branding and draping • Put your event in the spotlight with the best lighting solutions • Divide the space into different sections to create your own drinks area of reception area • Choose impactful table decorations • Pick a theme that suits your even and decorate it accordingly • Add comfortable soft furnishings and furniture Nothing is off limits when it comes to working with a blank canvas venue in London.

What is a blank canvas wedding venue?

If you’ve always envisaged your dream wedding being a certain way, hiring a blank canvas wedding venue in London is a sure-fire way to bring your vision to life. A blank canvas wedding venue will give you the freedom to find the perfect location and put your own unique stamp on your big day! You will be able to tailor every element of your day to your bespoke needs, from setting an itinerary, choosing the perfect caterer and picking out the perfect décor through to hiring your entertainment and styling each element of your day, a black canvas wedding venue is perfect for couples who have a specific vision of how they want their day to pan out.

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