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There are plenty of luxury venues for hire in London, and luckily for you, we've got them all in one place - right here!... Luxury - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events Luxury - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events

Luxury Venues in London

Nothing makes a statement quite like pure unabashed luxury, and London is brimming with choice of classy, high-end luxurious venues for your special event. Whether you’re planning a grand Bow-Tie Ball, an uber-stylish party or an ultra-exclusive event, you are spoiled for choice, from Celebrity restaurants and hangouts to Five Star luxury hotels or exclusive nightclubs, London’s best luxe venues are at your fingertips.
  • Ladbroke Grove

    Sunbeam Studios

    Standing 230
    Theatre 230
    Cabaret 120
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  • Mayfair

    CC Bar

    Standing 30
    Dining 20
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  • Goodge Street

    One Alfred Place

    Standing 500
    Theatre 120
    Dining 80
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  • Soho, Piccadilly

    Karma Sanctum Soho

    Standing 150
    Theatre 65
    Dining 80
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  • Charing Cross

    Portico Terrace at the National Gallery

    Standing 100
    Dining 60
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  • Cannon Street

    The Walbrook Club

    Standing 130
    Theatre 50
    Dining 40
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  • Southwark

    Victorian Loft

    Standing 100
    Theatre 80
    Dining 70
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  • 110 Bishopsgate

    Duck & Waffle

    Standing 250
    Theatre 100
    Dining 120
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  • Holborn

    Lucky Voice Holborn

    Standing 200
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  • Highbury & Islington

    The Dead Dolls House

    Standing 250
    Theatre 30
    Cabaret 100
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  • Barbican

    LSO St Luke's

    Standing 425
    Theatre 400
    Dining 220
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  • Temple

    IET London Savoy Place

    Standing 330
    Theatre 451
    Dining 330
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How to Make Your Event Feel More Exclusive

If you’re organising a luxury event, then your guests will expect it to feel exclusive. Nothing quite says high class like adding on luxury, and if you are one of the lucky few that are able to attend, you won’t want to be sharing your space with just anyone. Creating an event that is exclusive can be difficult however, which is why we’ve come up with a list of helpful tips to help your guests feel like they are getting the best of the best.

Make it Invite Only

If you’re not invited, then you’re not allowed. If you have an invite only event, it instantly feels much more exclusive. Everyone will want to find out how they can get an invite too. This is a great idea if you already have an established contact list that you can send invites to. Making them stand out and really look the part, even if it’s an email invitation, will only add to the sense of prestige that surrounds your event. If you can however, print out invites and tickets for those people you want to be there. This will help to add to the feeling of exclusivity.

Have Limited Places

In addition to making your event invite or ticket-holders only, letting your customer base know that there is limited space at your event will increase the sense of urgency that surrounds it. If people are going to be turned away, then that’s the party that everyone is going to want to be at. Everyone loves a little bit of luxury in their life and the best way to show luxury is by limiting who has access to it. By keeping the number of people low, you get rid of any crowded rooms, and so everyone can truly relax and soak up the atmosphere.

Have a Waiting List

Of course, you still need to make sure that you have enough people turning up to your event to make it a success. If everyone hears that the tickets are sold out, then they may think that they’ve missed their chance completely. Yet if people drop out, you may end up with an event that isn’t as full as you wanted it to be. This is why creating a waiting list in advance is so important. When tickets are available for purchase, then you can let people know straight away. This helps to build up excitement over your event.


If you can, having some celebrities at your event will really up the feeling that this is going to be something truly special. Think about local influencers that you can invite and if they agree, don’t forget to add their name onto your promotional materials. If someone that is Insta-famous for only going to the most lavish parties has announced that they are going to be attending your event, then everyone else will be scrambling to get a ticket.

Price Tickets High

You can limit ticket availability all that you want, but if they aren’t expensive, then people will doubt that it really is a luxury event. Don’t be afraid to set a high ticket price that will actually help you to cover the costs incurred and make a profit. When people go out looking for a luxury, exclusive event, then they’re not going to be afraid to pay for it. Everyone deserves to treat themselves, and most people understand that you can’t enjoy the finer things in life for free.

Hire an Exclusive Venue

When it comes to hosting an exclusive event, the venue is always going to be key. Your guests are going to expect something really special, so your venue needs to deliver on this. Your guests need to be wowed, and it needs to be somewhere that they can get excited about seeing. Luxury venues for hire in London are easy to come by, it is a sophisticated, modern city after all. The only thing that you need to decide, is which one to choose! It needs to be a place that your guests are unlikely to ever be inside again and should ooze luxury and quality.

Do Something Different

One way to make your event truly special is by doing something a little bit more unique with it. This will add to the sense of luxury and exclusivity that you create, setting your event apart from any regular old party!

Secret Party

One way to do this is by hosting a secret party. This means that you don’t tell those with tickets where exactly it’s going to be held until the day of. This will up the ante and the excitement about the luxury venue that you’ve hired out!

Party Bags

A party isn’t a party without some exclusive goody bags to hand out. As this is a luxury event, you’re going to need some luxury items. Get in contact with your sponsors and see if they will provide something. This will help them to promote their brand, but you’ll also have some very happy guests on your hands.

Signature Drinks

If you want your event to really stand out, then you’re going to need some things that really put your stamp on the night. One way of doing this is through signature cocktails. Having your very own mixologists creating something special for all of your guests to enjoy will mean that there’s just one more thing that everyone will remember about the night that’s related to your brand.

Hosting a luxury party comes with its own set of challenges. Your guests will have certain expectations of the night, and it’s your job to ensure that the event doesn’t disappoint. Making sure that it is exclusive and has a number of hidden extras added is one of the best ways to deliver a luxury event that people will be talking about long after it’s over.