CANVersion X: Shoreditch Treehouse

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A venue that you’d proudly take home to meet your mum. It’s just so bloody lovely. Congratulation to our friends at Shoreditch Treehouse for winning May’s CANVersion award 🎀

East London venues in London

The sun follows the venue around all day – From the morning to the evening it comes pouring in through the giant sash windows, helping show off what’s a breathtakingly beautiful space. Some KEY highlights include:

  • High wooden ceilings
  • x2 (two) different swings
  • An array of plants & greenery 🌱
  • Décor that’s the perfect blend of subtle and ‘a statement’
  • A Steinway grand concert piano
  • Mushroom (a very very very good dog)
  • A star wars related WiFi password
  • Could go on for ages here but that’s what we call a ‘tease’ in the biz.

Natassja and Debs (and lets be fair, Mushroom) are smashing fun and a pleasure to work with. We know we aren’t supposed to have favourite children here at Canvas (& we in no way do), BUT if we diiiid these guys might find an extra xmas present or 2 under the tree.

Shoreditch Treehouse offers bundles of versatility as an event space, making it perfect for all sorts of both corporate and private hires. It even has a little chilled upstairs nook and seperate event space (Loft 6) about a 2.5 second walk across the hallway. You get plied with unlimited tea, coffee and fruit bags and they’re chilled about using your own caterers (though have a suggested list if you need a hand).

It’s wildly Instagram-able, with its cute little fairy lights and ability to snag those perfect ‘golden hour’ shots. It’s like an enchanted cabin – Or treehouse – from a Disney movie, but the Disney movie where a company finds a space for their quarterly away day and needs whiteboards, pens and a big screen to go through the teams performance/KPIs.