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Top 8 cosy winter wedding venues in London

Whilst summer might be better known as ‘wedding season’, that shouldn’t take away from the beauty of a winter wedding. Yeah sure, the weather might be a bit colder and the risk of rain is higher, but since when is British weather predictable?

Winter weddings offer couples the opportunity to play around with a wonderful winter theme and sometimes even get your dream wedding venue at a lower price than they would if they chose to book it in the height of summer.

You can be as imaginative as you like with your winter wedding ideas and plans. Whether you pick up the Christmas theme (and make the most of all that decor that you’ve gathered up from Christmases through the years), or go for something completely separate, there is a lot to play around with.

So, get the seasonal plants and greenery, the fairylights, the sparkle – and probably some blankets – ready because we’ve got 8 of the best venues in London for a cosy winter wedding:


ognisko winter wedding venue

Location: Knightsbridge
Capacity: 180 standing
Check it out here: Ognisko

The Vaults RSA House

the vaults rsa house winter wedding venue

Location: Charing Cross
Capacity: 220 standing, 60 seated
Check it out here: The Vaults RSA House

The World’s End Market

world's end market winter wedding venue

Location: Chelsea
Capacity: 230 standing
Check it out here: The World’s End Market

SMITHS’ of Smithfield

smiths of smithfield winter wedding venue

Location: Farringdon
Capacity: 850 standing
Check it out here: SMITHS’ of Smithfield

The Alex Fitch Room

alex fitch winter wedding venue

Location: Harrow
Capacity: 20 standing
Check it out here: The Alex Fitch Room


dukes winter wedding venue

Location: Westminster
Capacity: 350 standing, 60 seated
Check it out here: Dukes

The Iron Stag

iron stag wedding reception venue

Location: Shoreditch
Capacity: 100 standing
Check it out here: The Iron Stag

The White Horse

white horse winter wedding venue

Location: Liverpool Street
Capacity: 160 standing, 70 seated
Check it out here: The White Horse