How Piano Works are making your quarantine better

Last week, The Piano Works smashed it with a live event across their social media. It has been a difficult time for all but with their help, quarantine and self-isolation wouldn’t dampen our spirits. Plus, they’ve just announced an incredible offer which means you can double your drinks (scroll down!).

The Piano Works team were quick to introduce live streaming of their well-known and well-loved gigs, and last week they saw over 50,000 people partying online together in isolation. An incredible effort from them, and from all you party people.

piano works farringdon

By live streaming their gigs, The Piano Works Farringdon and West End offered up a fun escape from isolation and the four walls of your bedroom or living room on a Friday and Saturday night. It was four hours of non-stop music to make you forget that we couldn’t go to your favourite bars and pubs like The Piano Works in this time.

Another amazing thing? The experience was shared with people across the globe. From London to as far as Australia, over 50,000 viewers tuned in last week to dance along and request their favourite songs via Facebook and other social channels. Over 2,000 songs were requested, and over 40,000 of the online audience in United Kingdom were joining The Piano Works virtual dancefloor too.

100% of all the donations went to the oh-so-talented musicians at The Piano Works, with over £4,000 being raised.

Alan Lorrimer, founder of The Piano Works says,

“We also feel a great responsibility, as part of London’s live music community and history, to make every effort to continue supporting our amazing performers.

The music industry in London is not only important to our society but also the source of employment for tens of thousands of artist-performers, staff, and suppliers.

London has survived much worse threats – our community spirit, resilience and sense of humour have always turned adversity into triumph.”

piano works west end

Top notch offer

On top of organising this fantastic live streaming, The Piano Works are giving you the chance to get double your money once The Piano Works bars are up and running again. All you have to do is buy a £25, £50 or £100 bar tab gift voucher, and they’ll the double the value. Head to their website to find out more, and get in touch with the team.

If you’re keen to party once all this is over (we know we are), you can book your celebrations or Christmas parties at either The Piano Works Farringdon and The Piano Works West End.