How to plan a festival-themed party

It’s finally summer season, which means it’s festival season too. You might be prepping those wellies for Glastonbury, but have you ever thought about planning your own mini festival or festival-themed party? It’s the perfect summer party idea, whether you’re planning something for a corporate event or just a birthday celebration perhaps. And hey, with a mini festival event, you can have all the festival fun you want whilst avoiding pitching tents and going showerless for a few days. Bonus.

It might not be as big as Glasto with their headline acts and their insane amount of field, but we can guarantee you can still make it an event to remember.

So, what do you need to think about when organising your own festival or summer garden party? Here are some ideas:


festival themed party

It’s good to lay down your budget first with any type of event. This way you can factor in what is do-able and what, sadly, isn’t. If you’re blowing the big bucks, you’ve got a lot more scope, but that isn’t to say a smaller budget will go down badly. In fact, the opposite! A smaller budget means you’ll feel more inclined to think out the box for your event, which can make it extra special for you and any guests attending. A bit of DIY might be in order, so gather your most creative family members, friends or colleagues for a bit of Pritt-Stick action.*

*Disclaimer: you may need more material than a Pritt-Stick.


festival themed party decor

So, how do you want your mini festival to look? Is it going to be countryside chic with hay bales, marquees and a country band? Or maybe you’re going for a different vibe – Coachella maybe? Whatever type of theme you choose, you’ll need your décor to match. From the bigger details to the finer details, consider it all for a full festival effect. You’ve got to think about what is going to make people go ‘WOW’, where they are going to sit down and chill, where they can grab their drinks from. Bunting, fairylights, balloons and just generally colourful decorations are a simple way to make a big splash. If you’re feeling low on ideas, head to Pinterest for some inspo.

Food and drink

festival themed party food and drink

What’s a festival without the food and the drink? If you’ve got a large budget for your event, how about having a series of food vendors? Smaller budgets could have one or two street vendors, or you could even do a bit more DIYing with a barbecue. Who doesn’t love a barbecue party? Plus, it’s easy enough to make food stands and stalls look great and appealing to your guests. Sprinkle them with décor, fairy lights, bunting and the likes, and the job’s a good’un!

You can do something fun with your drink options too. Maybe a bespoke cocktail for the occasion? You could even use drink dispensers for your special drink. Another idea we love is a ‘Pimp Your Prosecco’ stand, where people can add juices, purees, cordials or garnishes to their drink.

Music and entertainment

festival themed party music and entertainment

Music and entertainment are big factors for a festival-themed party. We’re not talking headlining acts or anything – as great as that would be, Elton John is probably quite difficult to get your hands on. However, it can be as simple as a local band or two, or even just a decent sound system. Live music is appreciated by all, but if that’s not something you’re looking into, a sound system can provide all the background music – or DJ music – you want. How about get a playlist together of your dream festival line-up?

In terms of entertainment, this is your chance to get creative. Whatever your budget, you can really play around with the festival idea. From garden games to fortune tellers, there are plenty of ideas out there. One idea that is bound to go down well is a photobooth. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a professional photobooth if you haven’t got the dosh. Consider a disposable camera or Polaroid set up in front of a makeshift frame – not forgetting the essential fancy dress box and silly props.

Festival themed wedding

festival themed wedding ideas

A festival-themed party is one thing, but a festival-themed wedding? That’s a whole other story. Whilst you can use similar ideas, it’s also so fun to incorporate the theme into the different traditional aspects of a big day. Right from the outfit choices through to the wedding ceremony and wedding receptions’ finishing touches, we can’t get enough of this alternative wedding idea.

We’re talking white Wellington boots, flower crowns and a bit of boho chic for the bridal party outfits. We’re talking festival signs, flags and bunting, yurts and tents for décor. How about personalised wrist bands for your wedding invitations too? The list is truly endless, but what we do know if you’re going to have a LOT of fun if you’re throwing a festival wedding.


geffrye museum of the home festival party venue

Ah, so where could you host something this spectacular? Especially for those looking to hold their event or wedding in London, it can seem a bit hopeless with all the built up areas. You’ll probably be looking for gardens, fields and open spaces. But what’s available to hire? We can help you out there with these festival party venues.

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