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You can always tell an English summer from the smell of BBQs and outdoor parties filling the air. Outdoor venues such as boats and beer gardens, rooftops or garden parties are always popular, although when the sun is shining any open air venue can make a fantastic summer party. Whether you want somewhere quirky and cool for a funky BBQ or grill-party, through to large family events or weddings, Canvas have the right venue for you.

Dos and Don'ts for a BBQ Party?

The sun is out, and the first thing that springs into anyone’s mind is a BBQ. A great excuse to get outside, meet up with friends, and enjoy good food and ice-cold drinks in the sunshine. Whether you’re hosting a BBQ for your work or for friends and family, there are a few dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind to make sure that everyone has a good time. We’ve put together this handy list, so that you won’t forget a thing.

What happens if it Rains?

No one likes to think of their summer BBQ being called off because of the weather, but let’s be honest, everyone is going to be happy whether they are inside or out – so long as there is plenty off food. Ensuring that you have adequate space to fit everyone inside is essential; no one wants to be cramped together in the event of a downpour. Luckily, most venues with an outdoor area also have a good-sized indoor alternative. This is one of the benefits to hiring somewhere over hosting a party at your own house. 

When should I decide on the venue?

If your BBQ is for a corporate team, or a very large group, hiring a venue is definitely going to be something you should consider. One thing you can’t do however, is leave it until you confirm the weather forecast for your date. While there are a number of BBQ venues for hire in London, they all get snapped up pretty quickly, so you need to plan in advance. This way you have time to view them, decide if you are self-catering or not, and plan any other entertainment you might want on the day.

When should I do the prep?

If you are catering yourself, it’s important that you prep as much as you can beforehand. This leaves you with plenty of time to actually talk to your guests and to get cooking. You always have less time than you think you do and spending the full day in the kitchen frantically prepping is no way to enjoy a BBQ party – particularly if everyone else is outside enjoying the sunshine. Have a list of everything that you can do the day and night before, with boxes that are clearly labelled for ease.

How to ensure there is enough food?

There is nothing worse at a party that revolves around cooking and eating food than not having enough to go around. Carefully manage who is coming and have extra ready in the freezer for a quick defrost if it looks like people are eating more than you bargained for. Particularly if people have a few drinks, they tend to eat more than usual, so you can’t just cater for a small portion each. Certain things might also be very popular, so it’s great to have extra things such as chicken skewers that people always go back for.

Can I ask people to bring dishes?

You don’t have to do everything when it comes to catering. Asking guests to bring along side dishes and desserts will ensure that there is plenty of variety for people to eat. Coming up with all these extras by yourself is time-consuming and expensive, particularly if you add in all I think the sweet treats on top of it! No one will mind contributing something, and if you have a list in advance of what everyone is bringing, you can then fill in any gaps in the menu with your own creations.

What about dietary requirements?

Having a BBQ and forgetting about the couple of vegetarian friends that you invited is a huge faux pas. While many people will bring their own food to be cooked if they have particular requirements, it’s still a good idea to ask beforehand. This way you can have food ready for them, as well as desserts and side dishes that they can happily tuck into. Everyone is sure to be very grateful for you doing this, especially when they have a certain allergy that limits what they can eat. No one wants there to be any hungry guests!

Do Have Music

Having some speakers playing music at all times is a must. Whether it’s something relaxing, or a few more upbeat tunes as the evening wears on, having that in the background relaxes people and gets them chatting. There’s no such thing as an awkward silence when there’s music involved. Pick your tunes carefully and have them arranged on a playlist beforehand that you can easily turn on. It’s important that you test your speakers beforehand. No one needs a tech malfunction while the burgers are cooking. They need to be loud enough that the whole area can hear, without deafening anyone.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Yes, you’re the host, and you’ve organised the whole day. Maybe you’re also in charge of all of the cooking, and you want to make sure that everyone’s glass is topped up. More important than all of this however, is that you relax and enjoy yourself. If you’re tense, your guests will notice, and it will affect them as well. Once everyone has turned up and the food is on, your job is done and it’s time to enjoy and appreciate what an awesome party you’ve managed to put together.

Whether the weather holds, or you’re faced with a downpour, a BBQ is never a dull event. Keeping it casual and relaxed is the key to its success. After all, no one can eat a burger gracefully! Keep the music and laughter going, and make sure that you take time to enjoy the fun yourself, and you’re sure to be the host that everyone remembers for all the best reasons.

FAQs Barbecue Party Venues to Hire in London

How do I find the best BBQ party venues in London?

You can find the best venues for a BBQ party in London with Canvas. Make the most of our search filters to narrow down what you need from your BBQ party venue - your ideal location, the features and facilities you need, the number of guests you're hosting the barbecue for.

Which venues can host an outdoor garden party in London?

There are a number of venues for a garden or BBQ party in London, and you can find one that matches your requirements with Canvas. Whether you're looking for a large garden space to hire, or something more intimate, you will find something ideal for your BBQ event in London.

Where can I host a BBQ party in London?

Depending on how many people you are catering for and where in London you want to host your BBQ party, you will find your ideal venue with the help of Canvas. Ideally you're looking for a venue with a garden or a venue with a patio space. You need somewhere that will allow a barbecue, whether it's bring your own or it's the venue's own. If you're organising a summer party with a barbecue for catering, make sure you are clear with the venue manager so they can okay it, as well as help you out with any other requests or questions you may have.

What do you need to plan a barbecue party?

Planning a BBQ party needn't be difficult - it shouldn't be much different to planning any type of party. The main things you need to think about is booking your venue, sorting your guest list, and arranging the catering options. In this case: it's barbecue food! When it comes to finding your perfect venue, make sure you are clear that you are hosting a BBQ to get the permission of the venue. If it is allowed, they may even have some top tips to make your BBQ party even more of a success.

Where can I find roof terraces for a BBQ party in London?

If you're looking for a roof terrace for a BBQ party, use Canvas to find the best rooftop venues then use our specifications to make sure it has everything you need. Use our contact form to get in touch with the venue manager directly; they'll be able to talk you through all your options to help make this the best BBQ party for you and your party guests.

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