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Festival Party Venues in London

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If you’re planning a festival, whether music, film or a full blown carnival, you’re going to have your hands full with a very challenging task, from organising performers through promoting your event, to arranging the security, catering and safety services required, there’s a lot to think about. Our unique selection of outdoor, garden or arenas makes finding the perfect festival space easy for you, so you can concentrate on your own Glastonbury or Cannes.

How to Organise Your Very Own Music Festival

?Do you want to be the one that organises the next Glastonbury? Even if you have something a little smaller in mind, organising a music festival is no easy feat. There’s a lot to consider, whether you are having it outside, or at your local bar. It can seem like a great idea, but a lot of work goes into it. That’s why those who are successful really are heroes. It all comes down to good planning however. If you keep organised, then you’ll have everyone partying like it’s 1969.

Why Do You Want to Do It?

Is it to promote a certain genre of music that you feel doesn’t get enough limelight? Maybe you want to showcase all of the amazing up and coming local bands in your area, and to promote their talent. Maybe it’s all for charity. It could even be a combined event like a food and drink festival, something to get the community together and have them enjoying the outdoors while your vendors all make a nice profit on the day or weekend. Whatever the reason, you need to know what it is before you start any planning. If you don’t have a reason for doing something, then you won’t have a goal to strive for. Like any large event, a music festival must have an objective. What is it that you want to achieve?

The Budget

Many major new festivals discover too late just how much it costs to run a music festival. The key to success is having a tight budget. Consider your outgoings vs what you think your tickets and other sales will make. All music acts deserve to be paid for their time, and paid fairly, so you will need to be able to afford to do this. Remember, one of the biggest issues that you will face is cashflow problems. A lot of money will need to be paid out before you will get any in return. This is why it is so important to look for sponsors early on, as they will provide you with a large amount of your spending budget.

Choosing the Right Venue

There’s no festival without a venue. If you’re looking for something out of doors, you need to be well prepared in case of adverse weather. But that’s no reason not to go for it! Outside venues generally give you a lot more room to maneuverer and you can have a variety of vendors set up. Indoor venues can be just as good however. If they are used to having bands play, then they will already have all of the right equipment and your music acts might have even played there before! There are loads of festival venues for hire in London, so take your time when choosing the right one for the feel of your festival. Chances are, the owners will have hosted something similar in the past and can help to walk you through everything that needs to be done. Hiring a venue needs to go to the top of your budget list, as depending on what you want, they can get quite pricey. There’s always something for everyone however, so you’re sure to find the right one for you.

Get Your Acts Together

Once you know when and where your festival is happening, it’s time to sort out who is performing. It’s always good to have a bit of variety, even if your festival is centred around one genre, you want to show how varied this can be. Be upfront about how much and when the acts will get paid. Transparency will build trust between you. You will need a couple of headline acts, so try to get them on board as soon as possible so that you can announce it to your followers. Make sure that you have a DJ playing between sets to keep the mood upbeat. They can even play as part of an afterparty to keep everyone at the venue. If you have a band that backs out at the last minute, then the DJ will be able to cover their set as well, without losing your audience.

Sponsorship Is Key

Without the right sponsorship, it’s likely that your festival will never get off the ground. You need to consider carefully exactly what it is that you can offer potential sponsors. They may want their logo not just on your website, but on all of the merch, flyers and posters as well. You need to get comfortable with this, as most sponsors won’t give out the big bucks unless they know that they are getting good advertisement in return.

Promoting Your Festival

You need to start promoting your festival early and get the word out to as many people as you can. Start on social media by announcing the different acts as they are confirmed, but don’t forget to promote the different vendors you have as well. Flyers and posters will also be important, and these should be placed at as many different music venues as you can in order to advertise your festival. How can people buy tickets? You need to make sure that they are easy to purchase, and reasonably priced as well. All rules for the festival should also be printed clearly on your website, so that people know to follow them. Alcohol is likely to be one of your main sellers, so you need to stop people from bringing in their own.

There’s no doubt about it, organising your own music festival is hard work. But if your dedicated to the task, you’re sure to make a success out of it. The key to it, like many events, is in the planning. Secure your venue and sponsors early on, and you’ll have people queuing up to get tickets in no time.

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