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How to be a sustainable venue

It is important that venues look for new ways to cut their carbon emissions and reduce their environmental footprint. Many have already implemented new ‘green values’ by eliminating paper documents, installing eco-friendly lighting, and reducing food waste, but for others, there is still a long way to go.

This blog will mention why venues need to act against climate change now and the best ways to become sustainable. 

Why is it important to be sustainable now?

Sustainability protects our planet and ensures the earth’s natural resources are preserved for future generations. Currently, the world is facing a climate crisis as sea levels are rising, the Artic is melting, coral reefs are dying, and forests are burning. 

 Rising temperatures, droughts, and flash flooding are causing dangerous disruptions in nature. These disruptions are occurring due to an increase in global emissions and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

 It is important for venues to be sustainable now as experts suggest that humanity is just 10 years away from experiencing irreversible catastrophic climate change. However, if humanity and venues make a change now, there is still time to reverse the effects of the current climate emergency. 

What are the best ways to be sustainable?

To be sustainable, a venue must adopt sustainable practices. There are many ways that venues can become greener locations and increasingly environmentally friendly.  

Ways to implement and improve sustainability.

 Renewable energy 

Renewable energy is collected from renewable sources such as solar energy and wind energy. By using renewable energy to power a venue, no greenhouse gases or fossil fuel emissions enter the atmosphere to cause air pollution. Automatic lights, wall insulation, LED lightbulbs, and monitored heating solutions are also ways that venues can significantly reduce their energy usage. 

 Public and shared transportation links

By having public and shared transportation links close by, venues eliminate the new for guests to travel by car. Travel to and from an event by car means a release of car carbon emissions into the atmosphere contributing to climate change. Easy access to public or shared transport reduces the environmental impact of travel to an event. 

Plant-based menus

By reducing meat dishes, venues can offer sustainable meals and environmentally friendly menus. Plant-based, vegetarian, and vegan meals have a lower environmental impact making them great sustainable alternatives. Plant-based products use fewer natural resources and cause less air pollution than animals. 

Moving to a plant-based diet can reduce and offset carbon emissions generated by the meat and dairy industry. 

Local suppliers

Locally sourcing products can be beneficial to the environment as less transportation is required and therefore, fewer carbon emissions are produced. Reducing shipping costs not only saves venues money but will also reduce energy and fuel usage. However, venues must ensure local suppliers consider environmental, ethical, and social factors to be defined as sustainable suppliers. 

Eliminate paper

Paper communications can be damaging to the planet. Paper mills contribute to air, water, and land pollution and discarded paper makes up over 20 per cent of landfill waste. In addition, the manufacturing of paper contributes to deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions.

 To implement sustainable practices, venues should focus on an electronic approach.  By reducing paper consumption, venues can have a positive environmental impact. Eliminating paper invitations, paperwork, and documentation is a simple way to increase sustainability.  

Which venues are the most sustainable?

Using Canvas, you can find a number of sustainable venues for your next event. Here are some of our stand-out sustainable venues and what they’re doing to ensure a healthy future for our planet. 

 BMA House

bma house bbq party

BMA House is a vegan-friendly venue in Bloomsbury that puts sustainability first. Since 2018, they have reduced their carbon footprint by 69 per cent and reduced their water usage by 5.4 million litres per year. Using only renewable energy sources and sustainable lighting, this venue is leading by example.

 The Light

The Light - Canvas Events

Natural light, vegan catering options, and easy access to public transport links make The Light in Euston a leading sustainability venue in London. Whether it’s a meeting, presentation, reception, ceremony, or exhibition, ensure your event is sustainable at The Light. 

White Collar Factory 

white collar factory springtime

The White Collar Factory on Old Street puts sustainability into practice and considers its impact on climate change during all operations. By doing so, this venue achieved a BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) 2014 outstanding rating. Natural light and its contemporary space make this venue one of the most appealing in London. 

 Sadlers Wells

sadlers wells conference

Sadlers Wells in Angel actively works towards reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and aim to reach net zero by 2050. Throughout the venue, the packaging is biodegradable and plant-based, the lighting is LED-powered, and renewable sources generate 100 per cent of energy. 


To search and discover more sustainable venues available in London, click here 

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