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How to transform a blank canvas venue into your event vision

A blank canvas can be quite daunting so, where do you start? How do you transform your empty space into what you’ve envisioned your event to be?

We’ve put together some top tips for making an empty space live up to your big imagination (and totally blow your guests’ minds).

Choose the perfect venue

hellenic centre blank canvas venue london

You should be looking for venues that are versatile and adaptable to all different types of events, not to mention ones that are well located to gain exposure.

Venues like the Hellenic Centre in Central London are ideal. Found within the charming streets of Marylebone, the main blank canvas space has a capacity for up to 250 people, making it ideal for all sorts of events, including fashion shows, corporate receptions, product launches and even weddings. Plus, they’ve got smaller spaces for meetings or presentations too.

Work out your vision

hellenic centre blank canvas venue london

You might have a vision of your event in your mind or just a vague idea. One word of advice? Don’t be afraid to build on your plan – go with the flow a bit! The event planning process may bring up some issues that hinder your vision, but also it may bring up some added inspiration to make the occasion even more unforgettable.

It’s always worth talking to the venue manager and staff at your selected venue. They might have handled similar events, and they’ll have more idea of how you can play around with the event space to create something magical.

Think about your lighting

hellenic centre blank canvas venue london

Consider your event as a production and your guests as an audience. What is it that you want them to focus on?

Lighting is the most effective way to create ambience or focus people’s attention on certain spots, making spaces look larger, smaller, or just completely different.

From simple uplighters to pretty fairy lights and major installations, the Hellenic Centre has a range of rigging options to create a unique backdrop to each individual event. A very useful trick when it comes to transforming a space!

Drape and decorate

hellenic centre blank canvas venue london

The decoration you go for totally depends on your theme or brand. Experiment with colours and textures to create an unforgettable interior. It might be covering the plain walls with draping, making the most of high ceilings, or covering the floor with carpet, all to create an opulent look and feel. It’s one way to enhance your theme and create that Instagrammable shot.

Not all venues can cater for this wide range of interior styling, but when we say the Hellenic Centre have seen it all, we mean it. With a large arched ceiling that can fill the Great Hall with natural light (or be closed off), equipped with fixings for ceiling installations of all sorts, you’ve got some real flexibility for decor here. This is exactly what makes it such an adaptable venue.

Incorporate your branding

hellenic centre blank canvas venue

When it comes to events like press events, fashion shows or even weddings, use branding or your own personal stamp to take guests on a journey from the moment they approach the venue. It’s that unique professional or personal touch that can set your event or party apart from the rest.

The Hellenic Centre provides the option to incorporate your branding throughout. You can start from the outside by replacing the flags or decorating the railings to give your guests a real taste of what’s to come from the beginning and really set the scene for the occasion. Hit those Instagram feeds by creating a unique photo opportunity that shows off your brand, and compliment the event with a bespoke hashtag to create a real buzz on social media.

Make the most of your venue

hellenic centre blank canvas venue london

It’s important to make sure you’re using the venue to its full potential. Blank canvas venues can come in all shapes and sizes, but the main thing is that they are flexible. If you’ve got a space with the right capacity, but perhaps wanted more than one room, think about sectioning up your space to create the illusion of more rooms? Or look for a venue with multiple spaces available.

If you’ve got a venue with a variety of rooms and spaces already, take advantage of that! For example, The Hellenic Centre is lucky enough to have a bar and mezzanine that looks over the Great Hall. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to offer a sneak preview of what’s happening below and create something extra special for the guests on that level, (or an ideal way to get good snaps of the event itself).

Think outside the box

hellenic centre blank canvas venue london

When planning and creating your perfect event, don’t forget to think outside the box. You want to stand out from the crowd after all. With its high ceilings, the Great Hall at the Hellenic Centre has even seen aerial performances on occasion. The sky really is the limit with this venue.

Play around with the versatility of your blank canvas venue and create something that appeals to the senses. Visual is important, but the immersive nature can make your event a talking point for months to come. Take into account the other senses – sound, touch, taste, smell – for a truly immersive experience for your guests. Create something so magical, they can’t imagine the space was ever just an empty room.

More about Hellenic Centre

hellenic centre blank canvas venue

This venue is the one of the most versatile locations you will find in Central London, offering not only a huge blank canvas space but also a kitchen and other rooms that can be used as drink reception areas, meeting rooms, changing rooms, make-up rooms… the lot! Find out more about hiring the Hellenic Centre for events right here.