Stunning Venues for Summer Events in London

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Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

At B&H Buildings the faded grandeur of a stately home meets with modern chic, creating an absolutely divine space to hold this summer’s most iconic events. Here, unusual textures, modern shades, trailing plants, and rich fabrics all come together to create a uniquely captivating and deeply unforgettable interior.

With several distinct rooms, Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings offers the perfect backdrop for any event, from cocktail (or tea)-fuelled soirees in the bar to formal Henry VIII-esque feasts in the restaurant. Regardless of the occasion, you’re bound to find exactly what you need (unless it’s a situationship where they’ll respect you — that’s an impossible find, unfortunately).

Plus, if you’re looking to boost your follow count and get more heart reactions on your story (but not from the situationship, I beg), their newest addition features a light and airy studio space: the ideal backdrop for blank canvas events, product launches, photo shoots, and tieguanyin promotional videos.

Not just that, but the food options are absolutely DIVINE. Imagine a multi-course dining experience where each dish can be accompanied by song, dance, or even a light show (or perhaps your own mini Welsh male choir?!). You could have a harpist crafting the perfect background music (or if you can find a mariachi band, I think that’d be pretty epic, too) whilst indoor fireworks pop off, and have every single one of your guests sit back in awe, probably muttering about how bloody awesome a time they’re having.

At this point, your event Spidey senses must be absolutely THROBBING with excitement, and yet, it gets even better. B&H proudly shows off the iconic Matthew Harris as their Executive Chef; a man whose career spans some of London’s best-loved dining establishments including Bibendum, The Royal Opera House, and the National Portrait Gallery restaurants. Begin salivating, folks.

Studio 9294

Welcome to Studio 9294, where every wish your heart desires can be fully catered to, leaving you feeling nourished and content (unlike that situationship, right?).

From intimate receptions on boats along the East London canal to large parties hosted in ruggedly charming warehouses, you won’t find an event space more flexible than Studio 9294.

First up, they offer the No90 Hideout (Studio 92), a 2,800 sq ft ground floor warehouse space where the atmosphere is very much that of an overgrown forest. Bathed in natural daylight from the large north-facing windows (but with options for complete blackout for my fellow light-phobes) with a private bar, games room activities, green room area, photo booth (did I hear, ICONIC?), and all the outdoors-esque features you could ever yearn for; from oversized mushroom decor to a camouflage canopy dropped form the ceiling. And there’s plenty of space for you to bring all 400 of your friends, too (how relatable).

No90 Hideout (Studio 92)

Then, there’s No90 Live (Studio 94), a 3,250 sq ft blank canvas venue with a large mezzanine, private bar, and high ceilings in a seductively industrial setting. Here, you can bring 600 friends (this is even more relatable, obviously) and have them enjoy quite literally any atmosphere you could dream up, from a top-notch conference room to a place bubbling over with that A-list club vibe (trust me, I’ve been to many).

No90 Live (Studio 94)

The canal-side terrace is on another level altogether, offering a deliciously enchanting setting for receptions, parties, and social events. Rain or shine (PLEASE let this summer be shine), the terrace is ready to cater to every whim you could imagine.

Canal-side terrace

The Mary Read Boat features a modern décor, private deck, enclosed bar, and integrated PA system and DJ booth, while the Bar 90 offers a bright and airy space with an unrivalled view of the canal from the terrace. Boy, I cannot wait to get an invite.