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Top Corporate Summer Party Venues in London

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Soon enough, summer will grace the city (or at least, in theory), making this the perfect time to start looking for corporate summer party venues in London.

As the sun offers its occasionally warm embrace, London boasts a range of venues ideal for the year’s most memorable corporate summer parties. From impeccable rooftop vibes to sophisticated garden gatherings, we are about to uncover the most iconic hotspots to turn your event into a trending hashtag (such as, #WhoKnewILovedGardensThisMuch and #MyInnerGnomeIsShowing).

Harvey Nichols

First, wander with us into the glamorous heart of Knightsbridge, where a private bar, rooftop, and deliciously blank venue space awaits you. Here, opulence combines with even more opulence, resulting in the best wedding reception/ charity dinner/ product launch/ end-of-situationship celebration party ever.

Between the bustle of the city and the greenery of Hyde Park, you can ascend to the heavens — or at least, the fifth floor — where you will find the terrace of your dreams. The views? Spectacular. The ambiance? Impeccable. The terrace can accommodate up to 85 standing guests and 32 seated guests. The possibilities of finding your Hugh Grant lookalike and living happily ever after? Probably extremely high (but don’t quote me on that).

An expert team of waiters, chefs, and bartenders will help the event run flawlessly, whether it be for a drinks reception or a cocktail masterclass (you will have your guests shaking, stirring, and salivating in no time). This is the perfect backdrop for summer parties where every moment could be a scene from a Hilary Duff film (anyone else still a big H. Duff fan? Just me?).

Harvey Nichols

For an event that’s equal parts classy and fabulous,  Harvey Nichols is the perfect choice to elevate both your corporate events and summer soirées (literally). After all, why settle for ground level when you can reach the sky? (And yes, you can totally get that quote tattooed on you.)


No. 4 Hamilton Place

Have you ever whittled away your evenings dreaming of stepping into a period drama, throwing yourself into a world of elegance and gowned balls? If you find this Bridgerton-esque fantasy as desirable to you as it is to me, then look no further.

At No. 4 Hamilton Place, history flows through the bricks of one of the most unique spaces in London. With its fantastic roof terrace overlooking Hyde Park, the room provides a refined setting for a variety of events including weddings, dinners, receptions, and film premieres.

Roof terrace No.4 Hamilton Place

The outdoor area of this historic Mayfair venue makes events truly memorable: the building itself is a Grade II listed haven, no less. Here, you can sip champagne whilst gazing out over the city, taking in the front-row view of London’s most prestigious green space.

The room features elegant décor and regal ambiance, making it into the sort of space where you really wouldn’t feel out of place wearing a crown (and yes, I will be adding this to my bucket list). Here, fairytales come to life, and with nine versatile event spaces and renowned catering from their exclusive partner, Blue Strawberry, you won’t be able to avoid throwing the most iconic event of the century.

No.4 Hamilton Place

Well-equipped with full audio-visual facilities, and boasting the severely underrated natural light to help keeps guests full of beans, an on-hand team can provide any A/V support and refreshments. And speaking of refreshments, I’d once again like to suggest some traditional Welsh food to really get everyone’s motors running.

With both wet and dry hire options available,  No. 4 Hamilton Place is an incredibly versatile space. It is also dog-friendly — not even Starbucks has reached this level yet — resulting in endless dog-themed event possibilities. Imagine, dog expos, indoor dog yoga (doga), film screenings where dogs can attend with their owners, and dog adoption events, to name but a few. Is this what heaven looks like?


The Pavilions

Welcome to The Pavilions, where contemporary charm meets natural serenity in the heart of Mile End. Here, we have the Art and Ecology Pavilions, providing the ideal venue for exclusive events, from corporate shindigs to the best wedding day of your life.

The Pavilions

Located a five-minute walk from the Mile End station, these pavilions offer a secret garden in the midst of the urban jungle. Here, your guests can refresh amongst the flora and fauna, and capture iconic Instagram photos with London’s lakes as their backdrop. And who doesn’t love London lakes?

Food-wise, you can bring in your own choice caterers, and with direct access to Mile End Park, you can even bring in mobile catering vans for that street food vibe. And, luckily for you, they don’t charge corkage (phew, what a sigh of relief, am I right?).

With floor-to-ceiling windows resulting in light-filled spaces in a relaxed setting amongst nature, this is the ideal location for summer parties and events. You can really achieve that work-life balance by first using their facilities for auditorium-format presentations and round table discussions, and then transforming the space into the perfect setting for a cocktail reception or dinner dance. If only other factors in life could be so versatile.

The Pavilions event space

There’s AV equipment, a PA system, and the option to bring in your own DJ to throw out some ArrDee covers (or Aitch, I’m not picky). All in all, this is a solid choice to host workshops, meetings, parties, and everything in-between. Heck, you could even run your own traditional matcha ceremony (on the one condition that I’m invited), resulting in some of the most unforgettable events that this city has ever seen.


To Conclude

No words could possibly be more magical than ‘party in London’ (except maybe ‘bottomless matcha’ — see, I’m already prepared for it), making this the ideal city to host a corporate summer party. Once the rain is away, the corporate kings play (I don’t know if that quip was really good or really awful).

Choosing a solid venue with a garden in London is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that your event will be a success, and the above options are all absolute gems. With three iconic spaces at your fingertips, the struggle of looking for work  summer party ideas has become even easier. Finally.