Top 10 venues for presentations in London

Organising a big corporate presentation is stressful enough without even considering where you’re going to hold it. On top of the research, the slides and the speech, you need to find a suitable venue that will have everything you need. That includes the space that you need, as well as any equipment or screens you need.

Find a venue that meets all your specifications, makes your guests feel comfortable, and makes you feel comfortable as the speaker! An open plan room or venue is ideal for a presentation – the last thing you want is for some guests to be blocked out.

As always, we want to make your lives a bit easier. We’ve put together the top 10 venues for big corporate presentations in London:

Science Museum

science museum presentation

Location: Hyde Park
Capacity: 1500 standing, 400 seated
Check it out here: Science Museum

BMA House

bma house presentation venue

Location: Euston
Capacity: 320 standing, 294 seated
Check it out here: BMA House

English National Ballet

english national ballet

Location: East London
Capacity: 750 standing, 500 seated
Check it out here: English National Ballet

J.P Morgan Media Centre

jp morgan media centre presentation centre

Location: St John’s Wood
Capacity: 100 standing, 60 seated
Check it out here: J.P Morgan Media Centre

Cambridge House

cambridge house presentation venue

Location: Camberwell
Capacity: 250 standing, 125 seated
Check it out here: Cambridge House

IET London: Savoy Place

iet london savoy place presentation venue

Location: Temple
Capacity: 330 standing, 130 seated
Check it out here: IET London: Savoy Place

Curzon Bloomsbury

curzon bloomsbury presentation venue

Location: Bloomsbury
Capacity: 150 standing
Check it out here: Curzon Bloomsbury

The London Irish Centre

london irish centre presentation venue

Location: Camden
Capacity: 500 standing, 400 seated
Check it out here: The London Irish Centre

The Grubstreet Author

grubstreet author presentation venue

Location: City of London
Capacity: 120 standing, 65 seated
Check it out here: The Grubstreet Author

The Saw Holborn

the saw holborn presentation venue

Location: Holborn
Capacity: 1050 standing, 220 seated
Check it out here: The Saw Holborn