5 Large Car Launch Venues

New car launches are exciting events that usually require unique themes and big cool venues to host them in, but being able to control the venue is an important consideration, as some locations and spaces might not let the latest car model really shine. Whether you’re planning a product launch today or sometime in June, it’s important to be aware of the options specific to each venue, and make sure you’ll be able to put them to good use displaying the newest features of your cars. To make that happen, you need to know what’s available in terms of space, but also be able to pass over spaces that won’t suit your car launch, which is what this list is all about.

Shoreditch Studios

Shoreditch StudiosFound in the Shoreditch Triangle, this cool warehouse has all the features you’d expect from an events venue in the area. Exposed brick? Tick. Arty Victorian railway arches? Tick. Mezzanine area to take your event to the next level? Tick. It’s a multi functional event space, covering all grounds for weddings and Christmas parties, but also press shows, conferences and even car launches. With 3,500 square foot of space, you won’t be restricted on space either.

Olympia London

Olympia LondonMassive doesn’t begin to describe the 10,000 person capacity space offered by Olympia London. It’s the single largest venue on our list, and has enough space to accommodate a fleet of cars, allowing different colors and styles to be effortlessly showcased. You can even have several different models. Because the location consists of four separate event areas, including the Olympia Central, Olympia Grand, Olympia National, and Olympia West, you’ll be able to segregate areas according to your specific needs. If you don’t need all of that space, you can just take what you need, using the areas that best suit what you’re doing. Any car you showcase here will be placed into a completely blank canvas, meaning that you can decorate to suit the brand or color and show off it’s best features.


Roundhouse and Rooftop Gardens There’s arguably no more interesting or appropriately themed venue for showing off a new car model than something like an old Victorian era repair shop for steam engines. That’s exactly what the Roundhouse and Rooftop Gardens once was, and those historic roots can be seen even today in the event space. Perhaps more interestingly, if you’re wanting to really have a blow out and welcome your car to the world with more than just a simple unveiling, you’ll be in good company. Famous greats such as Jimi Hendrix and the Doors have played here, and so have more modern acts, like Jay-Z and Madonna. That means you’ll be able to have great music, food, and ambiance for your guests. Collectively these things will make your new car launch a smashing success, and something everyone will be sure to never forget.

The Laundry


More intimate than the other car launch venues we’ve covered here, The Laundry is no less appealing or interesting. In fact, it’s got a raw industrial feel that some of the more refined locations we’ve discussed just don’t have. It provides a wide range of opportunities to decorate or theme to suit any sort of car model, and is wide enough to fit most models in. There’s drive-in access on the street level, and a full canteen and bar featured at ground. Featuring a complete stage for live music, with a goods lift and in-house PA system, there isn’t much you’ll need to provide other than decorations and of course the car or cars you’ll be launching. It’s both intimate and memorable.


Royal Horticultural Halls

Conveniently located just 10 minutes each from Victoria train station and both Pimlico and St James Park tube stations, guests will be able to easily travel from far and wide to attend a conference at Royal Horticultural Halls. An elegant venue retaining all the charm of its Edwardian beginnings, the light and airy atmosphere found here coupled with the distinctive domed ceiling create a real sense of occasion, while the spacious interior can comfortably hold anywhere up to 700 people. Its relative simplicity also means that the space can be adapted to suit whatever specific needs you may have.