Top 5 London Summer Barbecue Venues

It’s officially summer once the barbecue starts going – or, if you’re like my dad, it’s the officially/almost the end of winter. Either way, the smell of a barbecue brings in all those summer feels. Everyone bringing along their favourite recipes, drinks and side dishes to compliment hand-cooked and fresh food hot off the grill.

If you’re planning a summer party, a BBQ party is a sure favourite for everyone. But alas, sometimes London doesn’t allow you a garden in a block of flats, or maybe they do, just the garden or terrace just isn’t big enough. The solution? Hire a venue suitable for your BBQ party. Easy.

From brewhouses to historic manors and waterside grills, we’ve got a selection of the finest venues to bring your ideas to life. Whether you’re grilling burgers, ribs, prawns, or something more exotic, you’ll find that each of the cool locations we’ve selected below has something special to offer.

41 Portland Place

Location: Marylebone
Capacity: 150 standing, 70 seated
Check it out here: 41 Portland Place

Peckham Springs

peckham springs bbq party

Location: Peckham
Capacity: 500 standing, 150 seated
Check it out here: Peckham Springs

Goodenough College

goodenough college bbq party

Location: Bloomsbury
Capacity: 250 standing, 220 seated
Check it out here: Goodenough College

Battersea Park Bowling Green

battersea park bowling green bbq party

Location: Battersea
Capacity: 1000 standing
Check it out here: Battersea Park Bowling Green


Location: Barbican
Capacity: 700 standing, 300 seated
Check it out here: The HAC

River Terrace and Seamens Hall

river terrace and seamens hall

Location: Covent Garden
Capacity: 500 standing
Check it out here: River Terrace and Seamens Hall

No.4 Hamilton Place

no.4 hamilton place bbq party

Location: Mayfair
Capacity: 600 standing, 180 seated
Check it out here: No.4 Hamilton Place

BMA House

bma house bbq party

Location: Euston
Capacity: 320 standing, 200 seated
Check it out here: BMA House

The Courtyard at The Postal Museum

courtyard at the postal museum

Location: Farringdon
Capacity: 140 standing, 60 seated
Check it out here: The Courtyard at The Postal Museum

Greenwich Yacht Club

greenwich yacht club

Location: Greenwich
Capacity: 200 standing, 100 seated
Check it out here: Greenwich Yacht Club

GOOD Rooftop Bar

good rooftop bar

Location: East London
Capacity: 120 standing, 100 seated
Check it out here: GOOD Rooftop Bar