Latest trends in winter events and Christmas parties

Ah, seasonal trends. Who can keep up with them? Well, one answer is: you. Thanks to us (you’re welcome). We love keeping on top of event trends, and we love helping you plan amazing events too.

Whether you’re planning that office Christmas party, a winter birthday celebration, or you’re having a winter wedding (excellent choice, by the way), we’ve got the tips and the trends to make sure your event is the ultimate winter bash.


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Silver, gold, rose gold, bronze, copper. Whichever you choose, these metallic touches are one way to build on your wintery theme. Style your chosen venue with metallic table décor, table linens, wall and ceiling hangings, or wedding favours. This added shimmer and sparkle is enough to give everyone that festive feeling – and it can be so simple too!

Ice, ice baby

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On top of this sparkly addition, the icy look is one for winter too. We know what you’re thinking, ‘oh wow, ice and frost for winter – how original’. But these days, it’s less of the ice sculptures and vodka luges, and more of the subtle icy look. Frosted glass, frosted windows, frosted cakes, frosted table décor is a lot easier to maintain than a fast-melting ice feature. And hey, it will last for multiple events too.


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For the rustic trend this winter, we’re talking ‘getting back to nature’ style. From your venue of choice (a barn style venue, maybe?) through to your florals and décor, there are loads of ways you can work with this theme. Think ‘cosy cabin vibes’ with wooden tables, evergreens and traditional flowers for an ultimate winter dinner party or winter wedding reception look.


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We’ve already mentioned metallics and frosted glass that help add texture to your décor, but one not to miss is VELVET. Velvet is a big trend for this season; so big that, really, it should have its own category. Especially with its typically rich, deep tones, velvet is a seasonal favourite. It’s the perfect, cosy material for event linens and decorations at this time of year. It’s one way to add a bit of luxury (and velvety mystery) to a party…


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For starters, winter parties and celebrations are the perfect excuse to get out every single candle you or the venue own… oh, and not forgetting all the fairy lights too. You can really play around with winter event lighting because quite honestly, there is no limit when it comes to lighting like this. Turn down (of turn off) the main lights and make the most of these more subtle lighting options for a truly magical look.

Christmas trees

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A winter party wouldn’t really be complete without a Christmas tree, would it? But this year, we’re thinking beyond the traditional looking Christmas tree. You know, the green branches, pinecones, tinsel, and all that? We’re thinking how about we can be a little more unique with our events, aren’t we – Christmas trees included.

This could be your chance to incorporate the other trends we’ve mentioned into your décor, like opting for a metallic tree, or a white, frosted tree perhaps. Or maybe you can create something magnificent, and tree-like, out of lights and bulbs. Not your thing? If you’re thinking of sticking to the traditional side of things, think about how you are decorating it. Gin-filled baubles are without doubt, a new Christmas favourite, and won’t go down too badly with your guests at all.

Warmth and cosiness

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There’s not much better than sitting in front of a log fire when it comes to winter, so why not introduce that into your event? Warm up the place with fireplaces or outdoor log fires (did someone say s’mores?). Not only will they keep your guests toasty, but they’ll create a lovely ambience to your party or event.

Food and drink

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Last, but certainly not least is the food and drink options for your winter event. We’ve already spoken about recent event catering and event food trends, but what about winter specifically? Well, you can never go wrong with cheese and mulled wine or cider for a Christmas party, can you? They’re pretty much necessities for Christmas at this point.

Create an extra special Christmassy cocktail menu for your guests. You can create traditional cocktails with a festive feel by adding spice or sparkles. How about this Spiced Winter Mojito for your reception warm-up?

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