The perfect way to warm up this winter

The list of things to do in London after work or at the weekend is never-ending. And now, we’ve got another thing to add to your list.

London Shuffle is well-known for introducing one of London’s new favourite afternoon or evening activities, and they’ve somehow managed to up their game with this wonderful winter treat…

Winter in S’moreditch

winter in smoreditch 3

From the 10th November, you can not only try your hand – or perfect it, of course – at shuffleboard, but also enjoy s’mores on their fully-covered winter terrace. Sounds dreamy, right? Whether it’s a date night, a celebration, or just because you love looking for fun things to do, London Shuffle Club will be converting their outdoor terrace into the aptly named ‘Winter in S’moreditch‘.

If you’ve visited before, the outdoor lanes you used to know have gone (but don’t worry, they’ll be back for spring). Instead, there will be several large U-shaped seating areas for parties of up to 10 people.

There’s no need to worry about getting chilly either. These cute and cosy seating areas will be fully equipped with their own open fire pits, faux fur rugs and throws, and all sorts of other alpine comforts. Basically, the works.

Gimme s’more, gimme s’more

winter in smoreditch 5

“Um, what is a s’more?”, we hear some of you ask. Well, first things first: to the people who are asking this question, you have been missing out. S’mores are a delicious campfire treat, made from roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker. Yum.

On top of this, London Shuffle Club will be serving up their highly regarded and much appreciated winter cocktails. Get your hands on the Wolf’s Tooth, the Hans-on-Gretel, or the Blueberry Glog to wash down that handmade s’more of yours.

Book ’em now!

winter in smoreditch 4


If you fancy getting your s’more on by hosting your birthday party or corporate party in one of these alpine areas, give London Shuffle Club a buzz. And if marshmallowy goodness ain’t your thing, you can still book an area and learn the ways of shuffle.