Trends for Spring Weddings in 2020

Are you planning a spring wedding this year? Or maybe you’re attending one. Either way, we love keeping up to date with the coolest trends in the wedding industry, and we like telling you all about it too.

Wedding season is creeping up fast and we’re excited to see what spring holds, but here are some of the key wedding themes, wedding trends and wedding ideas we’re hoping to see more of this year in the meantime:

City takes country weddings

tanner and co warehouse venue

We like this trend, but that might be because we’re the ideal platform for couples searching for a London wedding venue. But hey, we’re allowed to be a little biased. This trend is all about a city wedding but with a country feel. You’ve got all the benefits of a city wedding, like location and ease of travel wherever your guests are coming from, with the laidback nature of a country-style wedding.

In fact, more brides and grooms are favouring the cheaper and more low-key wedding than ever. There’s been an increase in licenses in pubs, bars and restaurants which means one thing: one restaurant, bar and pub weddings. Fancy that. We all know they tick all the important boxes: good grub, good wine, local, and friendly people. Not to mention the fact they can be considerably cheaper than traditional wedding venues. If a pub wedding is your bag, you’ll save money on the venue, leaving yourself with more flexibility on décor and the rest.

Long banquet tables

loft studios wedding

One way to bring the country to the city is long banquet tables, complete with a floral or fairy light backdrop. It’s that shabby chic style that is so sought after in wedding planning these days – and more so than ever.

Less of the round tables, and more of the banquet style layout. You can really make the most of your table décor here too, with one impressive centrepiece perhaps, and not to mention food stretching down as far as the eye can see. Plus, if you’re planning an outdoors wedding (or a marquee wedding as a back-up option), this layout works really well too.

Instagrammable venues

elmley nature reserve wedding

On the flipside, here we’re talking about grand and impressive venues that the ‘gram would lap right up. Lavish stately homes, townhouses and venues outside of London provide the perfect backdrop for all those wedding photos.

Have no fear if the budget doesn’t hold out for such venues though or if they aren’t quite your cup of tea, London has plenty of other Instagrammable options too. Take your pick.

Bold colours and textures

bold table display

But maybe, it’s not the venue that you want to be the Instagrammable part of your big day. Play around with your wedding décor and make that the thing that will bring in all the likes. The big trend of wedding décor this year – and particularly for Spring weddings – is ‘bold’. May your wedding be bold in colour, bold in texture, and bold in design.

We’re talking statement décor, for your venue’s walls, ceilings, tables. We’ve already discussed how long banquet tables are the ‘in thing’, but whether you opt for that layout or not, get bold with your table décor, for sure! Make the most of those wedding flowers for example – floral sculptures, floral walls, floral table runners. We’re getting excited just talking about it.


event trends 2020

Whilst it may not be considered a ‘trend’ these days, year on year we are all thinking of more ways to be as sustainable or eco-friendly as much as possible, including for big events like your wedding day. It’s not only about thinking up ways to save money on your big day, but also ways to minimise that carbon footprint and help towards saving the environment. Couples are looking to lessen the impact their celebrations have on the planet, thinking about everything from food to flowers.

You’ll have it on your mind, and your wedding suppliers will have it on their minds too. It doesn’t have to be too complicated either; the idea is that you just have to be more mindful about your choices. Minimise waste wherever possible, think about recycling (or reusing) your wedding flowers and décor… the list is endless, and we’re sure you and your wedding suppliers will have some ideas up your sleeve.

Self-service bars

DIY cocktail bar

More and more couples are opting for self-service bars at their weddings, with DIY stations, beer taps and cocktail bars for the guests to enjoy. ‘Pimp your prosecco’ stations aren’t going anywhere, and stock up on those buckets, bathtubs, hollowed-out logs or wheelbarrows if you are going for the rustic theme. It’s the simple things, isn’t it.


tarot cards

Something everyone is loving this year is the mystical vibe. That’s right – we’re talking tarot cards, palm readers, fortune tellers. The lot. It’s definitely one wedding theme that will make your big day extra magical.

This theme is an expansion on the wellness and mindfulness trend that we’ve been hitting home for the past few years, and it’s one way to add to that feel-good energy that all weddings have (and want).

How can you add a spirituality to your big day then? It can be as simple as scattering crystals across your tables, or giving astrological table names – the different star signs or tarot cards, perhaps?  Or even getting in a fortune teller for your wedding entertainment.

Photo opps


The big wedding trend for this year which will undoubtedly be kicking off big time in Spring is: MORE photo opportunities. Boost those photo opportunity moments and let your photographer concentrate on the lovely new couple and the candid shots.

Get Polaroids or photo booths involved (and most definitely props). The photo booth trend is expanding too, and the events industry have been introduced to many ‘high-style’ photo booths. One way to definitely keep your guests impressed and entertained – children and adults alike. You can trust us on that one.

Oh, and just a quick one: videography is going big this year too. Go further than your standard wedding photography and introduce the film side of things. Whether that’s a professional videographer owning that or getting a drone involved, videography can include the sounds and the live footage of the laughs, the smiles and the good times of your big day.