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Welcome to our wide and varied selection of venues available to hire in London, all of which can be utilised for a wonderful anniversary party. With venues of all different sizes and styles to choose from, there’s something to suit every taste and desire, regardless if you are looking for a unique and unusual space to celebrate your wedding anniversary, a setting for a company anniversary reception, venues where the emphasis is in the garden, or anything else in between. From the unrivalled convenience and vibrant bustle of Central London to the funkier vibes of the city’s trendy East End, the range of locations featured is also equally as diverse, allowing you to make the most of what London has to offer for any manner of anniversary party.

Have a Wedding Anniversary to Remember

Celebrating your anniversary is one of the most special of occasions – apart from your actual wedding day of course! More relaxed than your actual big day, a wedding anniversary party is the chance for friends and family, both old and new, to gather round and celebrate the love between too people that has lasted through all of the ups and downs that marriage brings.

When to Have an Anniversary Party?

There’s no year that is a definitely yes or no, but most people won’t have a party until they have reached year 10, 15, 20 etc. Of course, if you want to celebrate 1 year or 12 years of marriage, then you can, it’s completely up to you! After all, life doesn’t always go according to plan, so having a party on one of the ‘big milestones’ might not always be possible. The same goes for the date of your party. It would be best to have it as close to your actual anniversary date as possible, but if it happens three months after it, none of your guests are going to mind.

Make Sure It’s About You

Many people still have wedding days that are focused not on them and their partner, but on their family and friends and ensuring that they have a good time. There is always a lot of pressure to do things a certain way and conform to a set of ideals. Times are changing of course but an anniversary party doesn’t come with this sort of pressure. It’s not a wedding, and so there are no traditions that need to be adhered to. You can have it is whatever style you want. Casual, formal, outdoors, indoors, themed or not. You can have only a handful of people in attendance, or hundreds. All without the added pressure of it actually being a wedding day. It’s just a day to celebrate and have some fun.

Vow Renewal

Yet if you do want to recapture the essence of your big day, you can always use your anniversary party as an impromptu vow renewal. If your guests don’t know that this is happening, then you will be able to witness the shock on all of their faces! It also means that they don’t feel pressured into bringing a ‘wedding’ gift. You already did all of that once before after all! A vow renewal can be a really special, intimate occasion, that means even more to the both of you now that you have been married for a while. You can read out bespoke vows and have a day that is completely different than your last one, all while celebrating the love that you share.


Just like with a wedding, the venue is key when it comes to having an anniversary party. You might not think so at the time, what with the amount of décor and the catering and all of the other additions – not to mention your nearest and dearest. Yet if you are in the wrong space, it just won’t work, and neither you or your spouse will feel comfortable. Choose somewhere that really speaks to you, and take your time deciding. There are hundreds of anniversary venues for hire in London, so view as many as you need to before making your choice. If you are having a particular theme, keep this in mind when viewing, and make sure you think about capacity and where all of your guests are going to sit. An anniversary is a chance to do something really out there, and luckily there are lots of unique venues like galleries or underground bars! So long as it reflects your personality, it’s perfect.


Having outside entertainment isn’t a must at an anniversary party, but it can definitely help people to enjoy themselves. Hiring a band or a DJ is one way of getting everyone up onto their feet and is perfect even for the most formal of events. Alternatively, you could go for something a little more casual, such as a comedian or magician. Yet even a good playlist can be enough to get everyone mingling, dancing, and laughing. If you are hiring entertainment, make sure that it fits with your chosen venue, particularly if you want a full band. Having a quiz is also a great icebreaker. You can have it themed around your life together to see which of your guests knows you the best!


Perhaps you want to get away from the ‘wedding’ theme and do something a little different, or perhaps not. Whatever you decide, it’s a good idea to have mementos about that reflect on your big day, and all of the memories you’ve made together since. Pictures are the best way to do this, and if you are having a sit-down dinner each table could be themed around a particular happy memory. Maybe you’ll serve the same type of cake that you had on your wedding day, or have a slideshow playing in the background. It’s important that guests know that this is a celebration of happiness and success, and that they see that through the way the party has been organised.


It’s your day after all, and there’s no point in getting stressed about it. If you do find that you are worrying too much, it might be an idea to scale back your plans into something a bit more casual. Remember, it’s not your wedding day, and so there’s no need to panic about it. This should be a relaxed and enjoyable day for you, no matter what. If you’re still struggling, don’t be afraid to ask people for help. Your friends and family will be happy to take over some of the organising so that you can enjoy the experience.

The most important part of any wedding anniversary party it the two people that are celebrating their lives together. Fun and light-hearted, it’s a great excuse to gather friends and family together from all of the different corners of the world to catch up and reminisce. If anything, you might end up enjoying in more than your actual wedding day!

FAQs Wedding Anniversary Venues in London

How do you organise an anniversary party?

If you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary, you want it to be special. Whether it’s 1st or 50th anniversary celebrations you’re planning, make it a day to remember by choosing the perfect venue for a wedding anniversary meal or party. Once you’ve booked your venue, you can plan the rest. If you’re planning a big party, you need to consider food and drink for you and all your guests, music and entertainment, and asking about the venue’s late license if you’re planning to party to the early hours.

Where can I throw an anniversary party in London?

With so many unique venues to choose from, London will undoubtedly have a venue that’s perfect for wedding anniversary celebrations. Where to throw your anniversary party really depends on your type of event, your preferred location and your budget. You might be opting for a sit-down dinner, where it would be a great idea to hire a private room in one of London’s favourite restaurants. If you’re looking for a drinks reception venue, London has a lot of options. Depending on your venue, you can go for a Central London location, or go further out for someless expensive options.

What are some ideas to celebrate a wedding anniversary?

Depending on the size of your celebrations (and your guestlist), your wedding anniversary party can take on many styles. You could hire a private dining area and enjoy a three-course meal with your nearest and dearest, or perhaps you’re after more of a drinks reception? There are many London pubs and bars with private areas available, and also halls for hire if you’re looking for more space. Make sure you book early enough to avoid disappointment.

How should we celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary?

If you’re celebrating 50 years of marriage, you should do more than a gift that is gold! Make the occasion as special as it should be by hiring a party venue to celebrate. Choose from our favourite venues for wedding anniversary parties in London. Whether you’re opting for a private room in a restaurant, a bar or nightclub venue for some drinks and dancing, or a hall full of your favourite people for a more traditional event, Canvas can help.

What happens at an anniversary party?

What happens at an anniversary party is entirely down to you! Your chosen venue will help your other planning too, as they will most likely have restrictions in some ways – but advantages in others! For example, if you’re looking to party the night away, you’ll have to opt for a party venue with a late license. If you’re looking to host some live music, there are lots of small nightclub and gig venues in London that could be an ideal choice.

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