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Asian or Indian weddings are unrivalled in colour and often grandeur, and the cosmopolitan capital has arguably the worlds widest selection of Asian or Indian wedding venues and halls that are magnificent enough to play host to them. Let us help you find your dream Asian/Indian wedding venue in London and inspire unique memories that will last a lifetime.

Planning Your Perfect Asian Wedding and Venue

It’s time to finally start planning your big day and boy, do you have some ideas! But when it’s the biggest day of your life, where do you even start when it comes to planning? Here in the UK, there are hundreds of different Asian weddings every year, each with their own unique sense of culture. Planning this into your big day may seem like a daunting ask, but we know that you can do it.

First Things First

Before you do any booking (but the credit card away!) you’ll need to make some important decisions that will impact your whole day. It’s easy to be impulsive and buy something that you’ve always thought you wanted, but until you actually sit down and work out a plan, you need to wait before you purchase anything.


This is going to decide a lot of other aspects of your wedding. Are you receiving any gifts from your family? How much spending money do you really have? If your budget is on the lower side, you might have to change your expectations of a large wedding. After all, the important thing is the two people who love each other, not how lavish it is.

Guest List

Are you having a small wedding or a big one? In some Asian traditions, big weddings are a must, and so if this is something that you want as well, the rest of your day will need to be budgeted to accommodate this. You can always have a buffet instead of a sit-down meal. By picking something that is important to you – such as having a large number of guests – you’ll find it easier to cut costs elsewhere if you need to.


Having a rough date idea is going to help you a lot when it comes to looking at venues. Have a discussion not only with your spouse to be, but also with your immediate family. There may be a particular time of year that is very unsuitable, and so you can know to avoid this. Summer and holiday times are always the busiest, as well as the most expensive, so you’ll need to keep this in mind as well.


Are you looking to have a theme to your wedding? Sometimes a theme can really help to keep all of your décor and ideas together, and it can be nice for guests to have a dress code to adhere to. There are lots of themes that your wedding can have, whether it is traditional Asian, royalty, or black tie. Having at least an idea of the colours that you want your wedding to follow is going to make it much easier to decide on some of the big purchases.

Get Booking

Now that you have some of the preliminary planning out of the way and you have all the details straight in your mind, it’s time to start organising the most important aspects of your day. These are likely to be your biggest purchases, so take your time when deciding and don’t be pressured into anything that you don’t want.

The Venue

This is what will ultimately decide the theme of your wedding, and the look that your whole day will have. There are lots of suitable Asian wedding venues for hire in London, and so you’re guaranteed to find the one that suits your style, the number of guests that you want, and your budget. It is best to start looking early for your perfect venue however, as they do tend to get booked up quickly, particularly when it comes to popular dates. Make sure you view multiple venue options, as it isn’t until you see a place that you truly know if it’s going to be the right one for you and your big day.

The Dress

For an Asian wedding, the dress decision can sometimes cause a little bit of stress. Have you always saw yourself in a white dress, but your family expect you in traditional clothing? Sometimes budget constrains mean having either the white dress or the traditional garment can be difficult. Whatever you decide, make sure that it’s what is right for you and no one else. Modern weddings can be a great mix of two separate cultures, which means there’s no reason why you can’t change your clothes later on in the day so that everyone is happy.


Food is another really important aspect of anyone’s big day. Again, this can be whatever you want, whether completely Asian inspired, British food, or a mixture of both. Food can be pricey if you are having a big wedding, but you can also consider self-catering idea if you have a lot of friends or relatives who would be willing to cook. After all, nothing spells out love like a home cooked meal.

Things to Remember

It’s your big day. It’s easy for everyone you know to come to you with amazing ideas for you wedding, but remember, the final decisions are made by you and your spouse.

Relax. Give yourself time to relax before your wedding. No one wants to be stressed out in the days leading up to it, so try and chill out as much as possible.

Enjoy it. Once the day arrives, there’s nothing more to be done apart from relaxing and enjoying the day. It will all be over quicker than you think, so try and soak it all in.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but it should be fun! Give yourself plenty of time and pick out what you want carefully. By making a plan and deciding on your theme early, everything else will fall smoothly into place and all you’ll have left to do is the best part of all – get married!

FAQs Asian Wedding Venues to Hire in London

Which are the best venues for an Asian wedding in London?

If you’re looking for a large Asian wedding venue in London – well, you’ve come to the right place. London has its fair share of choice when it comes to all types of wedding venues, including the larger variety that are perfect for an Indian wedding. Browse through our selection of the best venues for an Asian wedding in London.

How much do Indian weddings cost in the UK?

The cost of an Asian or Indian wedding varies on what you plan and the wedding budget you give yourself. However, typically, they are up to double the price of a basic wedding. This is down to everything from the chosen wedding venue traditionally being larger and for Indian wedding celebrations lasting over a few days.

When should you start looking for wedding venues?

When it comes to your wedding venue, we suggest beginning your search and wedding venue tours as early as possible. It should be the first part of the wedding planning process as all the other wedding planning relies on a confirmed date. A typical recommendation is to start looking at least a year in advance.

Are there any affordable Asian wedding venues in London?

If you’re planning a big wedding on a budget, or just opting for a smaller scale Asian wedding, you should take your time when it comes to your wedding search. Reach out to each of the wedding venues you’re interested in using our Wishlist feature. The venue managers are incredibly knowledgeable about their venue and helpful when it comes to making the most of your wedding budget.

Where can I find a grand venue for an Asian wedding?

For brides and grooms planning an Asian wedding in London, you will not be disappointed by the number of venues you can choose from. Whatever the size of your guestlist and whatever you have planned in terms of entertainment, you’ll find something perfect for your big celebrations.

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