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Traditionally the role of planning a bridal shower fell upon the Maid of Honor and bridesmaids, however today anyone can host a shower before the wedding. From afternoon tea parties to spa-party showers, we make planning your bridal shower stress-free with our unique selection of the best bridal shower venues in London.

Hosting a Bridal Shower for your Favourite Colleague

Bridal showers are still relatively new to the UK. Less common even than the baby shower, they rarely occur in families unless it is as an alternative to a hen do (bachelorette). One instance where the bridal shower is definitely a good idea is when it comes to a work colleague. You might all be good friends outside of the office, but there’s no guarantee that everyone will get a hen party invite or even an invite to the wedding. After all, weddings are expensive, and every extra person adds to this. If you want to give your work bestie an amazing send off into the married world, then a bridal shower is the way to go. You can give gifts, celebrate, and discuss the upcoming nuptials. Your co-worker is sure to love it, and it gives everyone in the office the chance to congratulate her.


Bridal showers are actually a much older tradition than you might think. Dating from Victorian times, gifts were generally presented in a lady’s parasol, which is where the idea of ‘showering’ the bride-to-be comes from. It could be argued that this type of celebration is even older, with women who didn’t have a dowry being given gifts by friends, family, and neighbours to help her set up her new home. Nowadays, we mostly associate the bridal shower with our friends in the US, although in fact there are many countries who have this tradition. It is generally either the Maid of Honour, or the bride’s family that hosts a bridal shower, although brides can have more than one, with different groups of people, including one for work friends.

Are Men Allowed?

Usually, it’s only the girls than get involved in a bridal shower, but when it comes to organising something for a work colleague, who’s to say that the men have to be left out? It’s something that you should discuss with the bride if she knows you’re organising it, as well as with the men you work with. Some might want the opportunity to celebrate with the bride-to-be and give their own gifts.


The whole point of a bridal shower was traditionally to give gifts to the bride. When it’s a work colleague, you’ll have to decide what you are doing as a group. Perhaps everyone will go in together to buy a big-ticket item from the gift registry, or each buy your own individual gifts for her. A cash gift has become more and more common – this can go towards the happy couple’s honeymoon It is particularly appropriate when the couple already lives together and don’t need any of the traditional household items usually bought.


The venue you choose will decide the whole feel of the bridal shower. Of course, you can have it in the office, but it might be nice to hire a space away from work to really allow the bride to relax. There are loads of reasonably priced bridal shower venues for hire in London, so you’re sure to find one that doesn’t break the bank. It means that you can have it after work or on a Saturday instead of squeezing it into a lunch break or limiting the number of people that can actually attend. You can even go somewhere that does afternoon tea for a relaxed vibe that’s fully catered for.


Decoration for a bridal shower can be as much or as little as you desire. Think about what type of person the bride is and stick to that. For example, a floral theme or completely pink might be exactly what she’ll love, but others would want a more subdued look. Think about who the party is for, not just what you’d like. A major décor centrepiece can be a cake or cupcake stand. Adding this to your venue is always a great addition and your bride is sure to love it. Depending on your venue, you might be allowed as many decorations as you like, or they might ask you to keep it to a minimum. Make sure that you check with them before sticking anything to the walls!


Whether you go for a cake of not, having some form of food at the shower is a must. Consider the time of day that you’re having it at and research into reliable catering companies in the area. You don’t need to have a sit-down meal, but some form of buffet will keep hungry guests happy. Unlike a hen do, a bridal shower is a bit more subdued. While alcohol is perfectly acceptable, it’s not going to be a major focus of the event. Think mimosas or a glass of wine.


Games aren’t a must either, but a sometimes a good idea if you want to break the tension and get everyone relaxed. They should be light-hearted and fun like Mr and Mrs. It’s also a great excuse to ‘shower’ the bride with even more surprise gifts but also to give gifts to the winners of other games. This is a particularly good idea if your colleague is someone who doesn’t like to be constantly the centre of attention.

Having a bridal shower as a send-off to a favourite colleague is a great way for everyone you work with to get together and celebrate the upcoming nuptials. Whether the bride-to-be knows about the party of not, she’s sure to be grateful that she has such good work friends around her. Everyone will appreciate you throwing a party in her honour and an opportunity to give her gifts for her new married life.

FAQs Bridal Shower Venues in London

Who is supposed to throw the bridal shower in London?

Traditionally the mother of the bride or the maid of honour will organise the bridal shower. But if the bride’s family aren’t local and she’d like to have a London shower as well as one in her hometown, the job might be up to you. Check in with the maid of honour first as she’s the most likely to know what’s on the plan, and you don’t want to tread on her toes. Having multiple showers can help the bride enjoy her engagement period as much as possible, especially if her friends and family are widespread and can’t all come to the same event.

What should I expect from a bridal shower venue in London?

Depending on the scope of the event, venues will likely offer different options or packages to suit your needs. Top venues will be all-inclusive and should cover things like catering and drinks. If you hire a private space you’ll be able to decorate the venue as well and bring games to play. Some venues may have preferred suppliers for decorations, so make sure they’ll be able to provide the photobooth, flower arch or whatever the bride-to-be has her heart set on

Who typically pays for a bridal shower venue in London?

Wedding budgets were traditionally covered by the bride’s family, but that isn’t necessarily the case anymore. If the shower is a surprise, it may be expected that the organiser will be footing the bill. So if it’s your job, you might want to check in with the groom (don’t ruin the surprise by asking the bride!) to confirm whether there are funds allocated in their wedding budget for the shower before expecting the couple to cover it. Depending on the event, the guests may be expected to pay for their own drinks and food so its always good to discuss options with them as well if it looks like it might be expensive.

Can I wear jeans to a bridal shower venue in London?

When we think of bridal showers, we often picture high tea in a beautiful setting and everyone is wearing a dress – but that doesn’t have to be the case! At the end of the day, the bride will want everyone to be comfortable, and if it’s a less formal affair your best jeans will be absolutely fine. If you’re in doubt, check with the organiser who may have other suggestions if jeans aren’t suitable.

What gifts do you give for a bridal shower?

Speaking to the other guests should give a good idea whether or not you’ll be expected to bring a gift, but it’s always safe to assume “yes” if you’re not sure. Have a little think about practicality – will she be coming by public transport to her London bridal shower venue? If so, you might want to give her something small, like a gift card. Ask some of the other guests if they’d like to club together to make your money go further and get her something special like a spa day or a nice lunch. If you’re not very familiar with the bride, a beautiful bunch of flowers or bottle of wine always goes down well!

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