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If you are planning a christening party in London, find and book the perfect place with our helpful list of the best reception venues in the city.... Christening Party - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events Christening Party - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events

Christening Party Venues in London

Find and book a Christening party venue in London

If you are planning a Christening party in London, it’s quite likely you haven’t had much sleep over the last few months, and need to find the perfect place for your celebration, with the minimum hassle possible. So we have rounded up London city’s top Christening-party venues, from traditional halls for hire, through top restaurants with private dining areas, to family-friendly venues if you will have a lot of children present.
  • Chelsea

    The World's End Market

    Standing 230
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  • Barbican

    Clerkenwell & Social

    Standing 250
    Theatre 50
    Cabaret 50
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  • Camden Town

    The Mezzanine

    Standing 100
    Dining 80
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  • Camberley

    Minley Manor

    Standing 450
    Theatre 200
    Dining 200
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  • Upper Walthamstow

    Walthamstow Assembly Hall

    Standing 1000
    Theatre 772
    Dining 450
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  • Victoria Station

    Artist Residence

    Standing 40
    Dining 38
    Boardroom 24
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  • Brixton

    Hope and Anchor

    Standing 500
    Theatre 30
    Dining 40
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  • Peckham

    AMP Studios

    Standing 300
    Theatre 100
    Dining 100
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  • Cannon Street

    The Walbrook Club

    Standing 130
    Theatre 50
    Dining 40
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