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If you are planning a Christening party in London, it’s quite likely you haven’t had much sleep over the last few months, and need to find the perfect place for your celebration, with the minimum hassle possible. So we have rounded up London city’s top Christening-party venues, from traditional halls for hire, through top restaurants with private dining areas, to family-friendly venues if you will have a lot of children present.

How to Organise a Christening Party

Once your little one arrives, you’ll have a lot of things to think about. Eventually, organising a christening or a baptism might be on that list. Every family does this in a different way, and it normally centres around their religious beliefs. Yet this is not important to every new family. One thing that rarely changes about the event however, is the part that happens after all of the formalities. The party.

Knowing What Type of Party to Have for a Christening

Are you inviting a lot of guests to your baby’s christening? If so, there may be those who have to travel from quite far away to attend, and so their needs will have to be considered. If you are having a smaller, more intimate gathering, your plans can probably be more relaxed and less formal, as you’ll have less people to deal with! Knowing who you are going to invite, and the expected numbers, is the first step in organising a party of any kind.


Once you have all of the numbers, there’s one thing that you’ll need to decide quickly on, and that is a venue for all of your guests. Many new parents have their parties in their own home, which is great for a small group. If you are expecting a crowd however, the pressure of catering for so many people means that it’s probably best to look into hiring somewhere that can take care of all of the details for you. After all, you’ll have your guests to talk to and a baby to look after! There are loads of christening party venues for hire in London, so you won’t be stuck for ideas. Think about what it is you want out of the party and focus on that idea. Whether it is formal or informal, a large venue or small, you’re sure to find something that suits you and your new family perfectly.


When picking out the venue you’ll also have to consider some practicalities. How far away is it from where the service is being held? How will people get there? Is there adequate parking for all of your group? While it might seem like the perfect place, your guests are going to be annoyed if it is difficult for them to get to, or there is a large distance between it and the service venue. You’ll need to consider how easy it is to park at the venue as well, as many of your guests might have cars with them.

Deciding the Date

The date will most likely be decided by when the service can be arranged. If you are having a Naming Day as opposed to a religious service, you will be able to be much more flexible with this. It’s best to organise the date well in advance so you can book the venue in plenty of time and it’s much more likely that all of your guests will be free to attend. Think about when you think your family is really going to be ready for a christening party when you have a new addition to take care of.


Invites need to go out to all of your guests as soon as you have settled on the date and venue. They need to contain where the service is and what time it’s at, where the christening party is, as well as some other vital pieces of information. This includes whether there is a dress code, and if there are going to get a meal at the party or not. You should also mention how long its expected to last, and if children are invited along as well. The more information that you can give your guests, the more relaxed everyone will be.


It’s not uncommon to just have a buffet at a christening party, and it certainly won’t look out of place. This helps to keep the costs down and introduces a much more relaxed and party-like feel. If you already have a large group attending, and there are a lot of people from out of town, they might expect something more substantial. Enquire with your venue about set menu options for your group – you’ll be surprised at the offers they might be able to provide you. As always, keep in mind any dietary requirements of your guests, as you don’t want anyone going hungry.


You’ll need to decide early on how long the party is going to go on for, and if you’re encouraging the adults to head to the bar. If it finishes early, that’s a clear sign to keep the drinking to a minimum, although you might want the time to catch up with friends and family and celebrate the addition of your new arrival with them properly.


Will there be a lot of other children in attendance? If so, you’ll need to take this into consideration, and provide a few fun activities that they can do on their own while the adults have a drink and chat. There’s nothing worse than a room full of bored kids, so think this through carefully. The parents will be thanking you for your foresight, as it means that they’ll be at liberty to stay a little bit longer.

A christening party is one of the best types of celebrations. A new life into the world and a new addition to your family is the perfect reason to host a party. Whether you go for a religious service or not, organising an event where everyone can join together and have a chat is an amazing way to celebrate baby.

FAQs Christening Party Venues in London

Where can I host a christening party in London?

Most christening parties will be local to the christening ceremony, so depending on where your local church is it’s a good idea to stay close to that area. A good location for a christening party in London is a local pub or bar, as they will likely be able to offer casual dining options for a reasonable price. Buffets and platters are popular choices, and they may be able to offer a minimum spend option rather than a venue hire price. If you want a totally private christening party, this might not be the right option for you so it’s worth using Canvas to find the perfect venue.

How much is it to hire a venue for a christening party in London?

Prices will vary depending on the location of the venue, the size, the date of the event, and the amenities and facilities that the venue offers. You might be surprised to learn that christenings don’t always take place on a Sunday – although that is the most popular day – so if your priest is happy to arrange a different day of the week, you might be able to get a cheaper venue cost. Mondays and Tuesdays are normally the least expensive, so it’s worth asking your venue if their prices change during the week and in different seasons.

How do I rent a hall in London for a christening?

Canvas is the perfect place to find a hall for a christening party in London. Our search filters can narrow down the ideal venue for you, even if you have really specific needs! Unlike many other venue search platforms, you can search for venues with different accessibility requirements, audio-visual facilities and even WiFi. If you’re looking for a hall, just hit the “Style” button once you’ve started your search and select “hall”.

Can I have a ceremony and christening party in the same London venue?

Some churches will have halls that are available to use after the christening ceremony, and where possible it’s a good idea to book it to avoid transporting your guests between different venues. However sometimes it’s not practical: maybe the hall is unavailable or they don’t have one, perhaps you’d like catering to be included and most halls are dry hire. In those cases, it’s a good idea to find a separate venue, but somewhere local and easy to walk to. Remember: a short walk for you might be a very long walk for friends and relatives with different access requirements, so you may still need to think about transport.

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