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If you are looking for the ideal venue to hold a Cocktail masterclass or “Mixology” event in London, you’re at the right place. Classes and clubs learning how to make top-class cocktails for yourself are increasingly popular, with cocktail-making evenings a firm favourite among certain groups, especially hen and engagement parties. Feeling fancy? Why not check out our favourite wine tasting venues, too?

Is a Cocktail Masterclass Right for Your Event?

Everyone loves cocktails, and they’re appropriate for any event where alcohol is permitted. From team-building away days, a birthday party, or a hen do group activity, you can almost always find the right mixologist for you. But how to you know if it’s going to work for your event? After all, there are loads of different activities out there that are suitable for a group. If you have your heart set on cocktails, consider these points before finalising your plans.

Choose Your Vibe

Before settling on the type of cocktail masterclass that you are looking for your event, you need to know what vibe your day is going to have. Is this a work event that needs to be more team focused? Then look for a class that specialises in corporate functions and team-building. If it’s a hen-do then you are probably looking something that’s a little bit cheekier and good for a few laughs. The theme of your event is all important, as it can turn what would be a fun masterclass into something that’s boring for everyone.

Pick Your Venue

Once you know what you are looking for out of the class and mixologist, it’s time to look for the perfect venue. Luckily, there are loads of cocktail masterclass venues for hire in London, so you’ll have a full array to choose from. The location matters just as much as the class itself. It needs to be somewhere that will also fit the group. After all, you don’t want to bring your work group into a bar that’s meant more for students, cocktail class or not! Most classes fit will with their venue, so by researching them, you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Think About Location

Another thing that must be considered when looking for a cocktail masterclass is where the venue is located. When alcohol is involved, you need to ensure that everyone has an easy way to get home safely. Driving isn’t an option, so take a look at public transport or arrange taxis. Your choice of class won’t be a popular one if it takes the group too long to get to or to get home from, so you’ll need to factor that in when looking for cocktail masterclasses. Having it close by will mean that everyone will relax and enjoy themselves a lot more and won’t be checking their watches if it goes on longer than expected.

What About Dinner?

After a healthy session making cocktails, most groups will have only one thing on their mind. Dinner. If you haven’t eaten beforehand then you should ensure that you have a reservation somewhere. Check to see if the place you are having your masterclass in also has a restaurant where you can all go to, and maybe even bring that last of your creations! If that doesn’t work with your plans, think about organising a meal beforehand, if your class is a little later in the evening. While a cocktail masterclass is great fun, no one will hang around for long afterwards if they are hungry.

Signature Cocktails

If your masterclass is for a special event, there is always a chance for you to request particular cocktails to be made up to match. For example, one named after your company or even your boss! There are lots of things that you can play around with to make the day feel truly tailored to your group. Think about a funny take on a Mr and Mrs cocktail for a hen do or something unique for a birthday party. Everyone in attendance will love the attention to detail that has gone in to getting everything just right.

Make it a Taster

You don’t have to make full-sized cocktails for each person. If you are looking for more variety out of your event you can give everyone sample size glasses. This means that there will be less waste for those cocktails that aren’t popular, and you can make a larger variety of different mixes for the group to try. It can make the event much more involved as you’re not sitting around sipping full-sized cocktails every time you make something.

Make it a Game

A cocktail masterclass doesn’t need to be a serious affair. There are lots of games that can be played while you mix up your drinks so ask your bartender about incorporating some in if you have the time. You can have a competition between people for the best or most inventive cocktail, or they can guess the ingredients that goes into some of our favourite classic drinks. The options are endless!

Make Sure There’s Something for Everyone

Not everyone can or wants to drink alcohol, so if you’re planning a cocktail masterclass for a group, it’s important that they aren’t left out. Most cocktails can be easily altered to be non-alcoholic so long as your mixologist knows in advance, so there’s no reason why anyone should miss out on the fun! No one should have to sit on the side-lines just because they aren’t drinking, and the people running your masterclass will be used to tailoring what they do for everyone’s tastes. You’ll also need to keep in mind any allergies that the group might have to particular fruits or other items in case they appear in the menu.

A cocktail masterclass can be anything you want it to be, so don’t be afraid to be inventive! Your mixologist is sure to be helpful in making your event exactly what you have envisioned, so don’t be afraid to let them know your different ideas for the event. It’s the perfect type of class for a whole host of different occasions because it can be tailored to suit almost any theme.

FAQs Cocktail Masterclass Venues in London

Which are the best cocktail masterclass venues in London?

Cocktail masterclasses are a popular option for a fun night out, and there’s plenty of them to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a venue that hosts its own cocktail masterclass, or a space where you can host your own, you can use the Canvas search function to find them. Just specify which area of London you’d like to search in (or leave it blank if you’re happy to be anywhere in the city) and then choose “Cocktail Masterclass” for the event type.

How can I organise a cocktail masterclass for a hen do in London?

A hen do is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a cocktail masterclass. Whether the bride is a laid-back lass or full of energy, you can find the perfect activity for her. Some venues have specific cocktails you’ll be making, and other spaces let you choose your own or from a selection. Try and find out what the bride’s favourite cocktails or spirits are, so you know she’ll love whatever you’re making. It’s a good idea to specify to the venue what sort of hen do you’re planning – you don’t want them to lay the innuendo on thick if that’s not her style! They’re very experienced when running lots of different types events, so don’t be shy when it comes to asking for what you want.

What are London activity bar venues?

Activity bars are venues that offer an activity alongside drinks and often food. The activities vary from cocktail masterclasses to axe throwing, from karaoke to mini golf, and from darts to escape rooms. They’re a great idea for a night out in London with friends, family or even a date night. Cocktail masterclasses are particularly popular and can be for either a large group or small, private or with others, and you can even make virgin cocktails and mocktails so no-one has to miss out on the fun.

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