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Whether simply an excuse to get out of the office and reward your staff for all their hard work or a critical networking opportunity with important industry figures in attendance, the corporate party is often a key part of the business year. With that in mind, getting it right is crucial, and that’s where we come in, helping you find the ideal setting amongst our extensive portfolio of London based venues. From gatherings to celebrate a company anniversary to corporate summer barbecues, from Christmas soirees to leaving parties, we’ve got venues that can meet your every need regardless of the style you had in mind. As such, you will find amazing and unique ready-to-use bar and restaurant venues operating a minimum spend policy, right through to blank canvas spaces, and even rooftop venues for something totally different. So take a look below and let your imagination run wild.

The Dos and Don't of the Corporate Party

It’s that time of year yet again, the corporate party. Whether it’s to celebrate the holidays or for no other reason than that you all deserve it, navigating a party where your bosses are all present isn’t always easy. While most of it should be common sense (best not to show off your break-dancing skills), there are probably a few dos and don’ts that you haven’t thought of before.


Do Dress Professionally

While a corporate party is a great chance to have a laugh with your colleagues and let off some steam, it’s still corporate. While you don’t need to look like you came straight from the office, the dress code is still generally business casual. This means no neon, body glitter, or glow sticks. I know, it’s unfair right? Best keep it for the work nights out that your boss doesn’t know about…


Don’t Be a No-Show

If you’ve said you’re going to be there, and RSVP’d, then you need to turn up unless you have a really good excuse. The thought of a corporate party isn’t for everyone, but they are never as bad as your brain makes them out to be, and you’re bound to have a good time with the rest of your colleagues. Even if you’re not really feeling it, it’s important that you are seen to go to these events.


Do Keep an Eye on What You Drink

When the boss is getting the rounds in, it can be easy to over indulge. No one wants to be the drunk person at the work party however, no matter how close you all are. Keep to within your limits, even if it does mean you’re the only one not doing shots. You will thank yourself for it the next day, especially when the videos of the dance floor are revealed.


Don’t Talk about Work

While it’s a corporate party, no one there actually wants to talk about anything to do with work. Take this chance to get to know some of your colleagues that you don’t work closely with and ask them about their lives. Everyone is there to try and let off a little steam and network with the rest of the company, so keep the work chat to a minimum unless you’re asked a question.


Do Enjoy Yourself

Don’t just sit in a corner all night, enjoy yourself. It is a party after all, and everyone wants you to have a good time. Get on the dance floor and show off your moves, join in with karaoke and get chatting to as many people as possible, don’t just stick with the few people that you know. A corporate party is a place to let your hair down and forget about the stresses of work – everyone else is there for the exact same reason.


Don’t Gossip

While a party is the perfect place to catch up with colleagues, don’t engage in any gossip about co-workers. Not only is it definitely not the place, but it’s unprofessional. We all know that half of the rumours that circulate a company are only half true, and the rest are just outright false. A corporate party is not the time or the place to get caught spreading rumours by the wrong person, so the best thing to do is to not engage.


Do Know How You’re Getting Home

There are loads of corporate venues for hire in London, but getting home isn’t always easy. Make sure that you know in advance if your company is ordering taxis, or if you’re all to make your own way back. Do you have a colleague that lives nearby? If so, share a cab with them or find a designated driver. No one wants to be stuck outside at the end of the night.


Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

While there may be some who are up for partying until the sun comes up, it’s best if you’re not one of them. Leave at a sensible time when things seem to be winding down, and make sure that you say your goodbyes to everyone that matters. Don’t leave too early either unless you have a good reason to. If you do have to go, make sure you apologise and give an explanation.


Do Turn Up the Next Day

While you might not be fresh, if you haven’t over-indulged, you should still be fine for work the next day. It might have been a late night, calling in sick the morning after a corporate party is always a bad move, so get out of bed, head for the shower, and put on your best smile.


Don’t Forget to Thank the Organisers

It’s always best to do this the night of the party, but if you don’t get the chance, seek them out the next day. A lot of effort goes in to organising a corporate party, from hiring the venue to sending out the invites, and so a thank you will go a long way. Show the organisers that you appreciate them and let them know that they did a good job.

It’s time to dress up and head out to party. Keep it professional, have fun, don’t lose your head, and you’ll be fine. Even if the CEO does line up the tequilas, best not to join them unless you’re sure you know what you’re doing. Follow our list of Dos and Don’ts, and you’ll soon be known as the life and soul of the party, without ruining your corporate reputation in the process. 

FAQs Corporate Party Venues in London

What is the purpose of hosting a corporate party?

There are lots of reasons for hosting a corporate party at a venue in London, whether that’s the annual office Christmas party, an anniversary party to celebrate a milestone, or a client function to show off your latest product. When you’re organising your next corporate party, have a think about what outcome you’d like to get out of the event. A party for your employees to let their hair down will be very different to a product launch, so make sure you know why you’re throwing the party before you start booking suppliers.

How can I make my corporate party in London more engaging and memorable?

Everyone wants to throw a party to remember, and it’s tempting to start thinking of more extravagant and unique ideas. But making sure the party runs as smoothly as possible is often the best way to ensure your guests have a good time. Rather than putting your money and energy into stilt walkers, photobooths and gift bags, why not have an open bar and a free cloakroom? A simple, luxury event is always going to go down well.

How do you plan a corporate party at a venue in London?

The best way to plan a corporate party is to start with the budget. How much you’ve got to spend can dictate how many guests you can invite, the style of venue you can hire and how much you can put into the open bar! If you haven’t got a set figure to work with, try getting some estimates together for three different event scenarios – affordable, standard and luxury – then present them to whoever is setting the budget so they know what they’ll be getting for different prices.

Where are the best venues to host a business event?

For most business events, it’s useful to have access to a large space that is close to public transport links. But depending on the style of corporate party in London that you’re hosting, you’ll have specific requirements that your venue will need to cater for. Before you start looking for your perfect venue, have a think about the amenities you’ll need. Will you need high-speed open access WiFi? Will you need parking? What about wheelchair access and hearing loops? It’s good to have a list of definite requirements and nice-to-haves before you start contacting venues, so you can quickly and easily ascertain which venues have everything you need.

What do I need to tell a venue to organise a corporate party in London?

When you’re organising a corporate party in London, the more information you have about your party the better. Venue managers love details, and it’s good to make sure everyone is on the same page as soon as possible to avoid miscommunication further down the line. The basics that you’ll need to know are: how many people you’re inviting, what style of catering and drinks you’re opting for, what your budget is and whether your date is flexible. Most venue managers will be able to give you a good idea of whether their venue is suitable for your London corporate party with that information.

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