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If you're planning a corporate reception or meeting, browse through London's most unique venues available for all kinds of corporate hire.... Corporate Reception - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events Corporate Reception - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events

Corporate Reception Venues in London

Find and book a venue for a corporate reception in London

All sorts of occasions call for a corporate reception, from product launches to Christmas parties, and from staff team-building opportunities to a leaving do. So be it for one of the aforementioned reasons or otherwise – or even just for the fun of it – we have an impressive selection of event spaces to choose from if you are indeed planning a corporate gathering. Able to cater to any eventuality, we have venues suited to a stand up reception where everyone can mingle, to those that offer cocktail functions, and from venues that specifically offer themselves up as a corporate hospitality venue, to unique and unusual spaces that will take your guests by surprise. Covering the length and breadth of London, we have venues in some of the most popular central locations, as well as lesser-known hidden gems, so why not browse and see what catches your eye.
  • Fiztrovia

    Woolff Gallery

    Standing 80
    Theatre 40
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  • Southwark Station

    203 Blackfriars Road

    Standing 80
    Theatre 90
    Cabaret 40
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  • Paddington

    Urban Baristas Queensway

    Standing 70
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  • South Bank

    The Drawing Room

    Standing 60
    Theatre 30
    Dining 16
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  • Battersea

    Pump House Gallery

    Standing 230
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  • Farringdon

    Ask for Janice

    Standing 150
    Theatre 40
    Cabaret 40
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  • Oxford Circus

    The Soho Roof Garden on Wardour

    Standing 30
    Theatre 30
    Dining 20
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  • Knightsbridge


    Standing 180
    Theatre 130
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  • Barbican

    The Old Finsbury Town Hall

    Standing 280
    Theatre 200
    Cabaret 200
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  • Marylebone

    Asia House

    Standing 250
    Theatre 150
    Dining 120
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  • Oxford Circus

    Dirty Bones Soho

    Standing 80
    Dining 60
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  • Southbank

    Doon Street Car Park

    Standing 600
    Theatre 600
    Cabaret 400
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What to do for a corporate reception

The typical vision of the ‘corporate world’ can lack a bit of glitz and glamour. But sometimes, it’s quite called for. Not everything is about boardrooms and pie charts in the corporate world, you know. Every now and again, there is call for a corporate reception.

From corporate parties to corporate dinners, product launches to award ceremonies, there are countless reasons to host a business reception (and even more venues to host them in).

No matter the reason for your corporate reception, make sure it goes smoothly and check out our dazzling corporate reception venues.

Corporate reception ideas

With some of the best corporate event venues for hire in London up for grabs, you’ve got a lot of flexibility when it comes to planning what you want to do. We’ve got some awesome suggestions just for you!

Cocktail party

We’re yet to meet a sane human being who doesn’t enjoy a good cocktail party. A tried and tested corporate reception option, the cocktail party is easy to plan, low-key and gets everyone mingling. They’re perfect for networking events, Christmas parties or just as a celebratory treat. And we’ve got the perfect cocktail venues for you.

Corporate dinner

Another popular option for a corporate party is a formal sit-down dinner. Everyone loves food and feeling a little bit fancy, so the dinner option is a timeless classic for all kinds of companies and businesses. Corporate dinners are an ideal option for award ceremonies or at the end of training days… or hey, just for the sake of it.

Corporate party

Just because it’s corporate in nature doesn’t mean it has to be all formal and serious. Why not break out the glitter ball (metaphorically, of course… or perhaps not), hire a DJ, rent out a buzzing nightclub and get the party started! A wonderful choice for Christmas parties, product launches and just to celebrate anything.

Something unique

We have loads of unique corporate reception venues London-wide – venues that are a little different to what you’d normally expect for a corporate event. So, why not have something set in a fascinating, engaging setting like no other? Somewhere that will have your guests in awe from the moment they walk in. It’s a great way to impress without you having to put in the effort. Plus, it will get people talking, which is exactly what you want at any event.

Bar social

With several cosy-looking venues with in-house bars, tables and grand décor, you could go a bit more casual than cocktail party with a bar social. Whether you go for exclusive hire or you hire out private rooms in bars or pubs, bar venues are places where people feel at ease and in their element. They’re places that give people a change to connect, chat, drink and be merry in a less formal way.


How to plan your corporate reception

We know event planning can be hard – it takes experience, plus a lot of time and effort to get corporate reception plans together. Sometimes it’s hard to even know where to start. Not to worry though, we’re always here to help!

Step 1: Purpose

Before you do any planning, you’ll need to have a clear idea as to what the reception is for. Is it a networking event? A leaving party? Maybe even an awards ceremony or product launch? Knowing what your event is for leads nicely into our next point…

Step 2: Format

Okay, so you know why you’re having a corporate reception, but what exactly do you want to do? Sit-down dinners, bar social, cocktail parties, or even a mix of several events, perhaps? Figuring out this party is essential to finding yourself the perfect venue to cater for all of that, as well as what you’ll choose for refreshments and entertainment too. That’s why it’s important to tick it off the To Do list as soon as possible. Take your guests into consideration when you’re thinking about what to do – what do you think they’d enjoy the most?

Step 3: Date

Now it’s time to set the all-important date. It might be easier for some, depending on the reason for the event. Make sure the date makes sense – no one ever threw a successful Christmas party in July, and a ‘sorry you’re leaving’ do won’t work too well 6 weeks after the person has already left. It’s also important to make sure nothing else big in the industry is going on at the time, so you know you’ll get a good turnout.

Step 4: Budget

Counting pennies and balancing books is pretty important in the corporate world, so ensure you know exactly what you budget is before you start planning anything that might cost money. It can be easy to get swept up in caterers and venues, only to find out your budget won’t cover the magical wonderland event you had pictured in your mind. We want to make sure your event dreams come true, not watch them get shattered.

Step 5: Venue

You can’t have an event without a venue. No really – you can’t. Your guests would just be wandering around the streets, shivering with confusion. No one wants that, hey. We can’t stress enough how important it is to find the right venue for what you want – which is exactly why we’re here! Set some parameters, including size, facilities and anything else you have in mind, to grab the best corporate reception venue in London for your event.

Step 6: Guests

You know who you want there, so now it’s time to let them know that. Invite all the guests with an email, a formal invitation or mention it at a meeting. No matter how you do it, make sure everyone knows they’re invited. There is very little point in planning an epic event if no one is there to enjoy it, right?

Step 7: Refreshments

If you’ll be offering refreshments such as food and drinks, now is the time to get that organised. Book your caterers (if the venue doesn’t do it in-house) and decide whether you’ll be circulating drinks, having an open bar, or if the guests will buy their own drinks.

Step 8: Entertainment

This may or may not be relevant, it rather depends on the type of corporate reception you’re having. But, if live music or entertainment does sound like something you want to plan into your event, then it’s time to book it! A band, DJ, or even a magician… don’t let them get booked up before you’ve got the chance.