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Welcome to our collection London’s best hybrid events venues for hire. You’ll be able to find spaces with the AV equipment, technical facilities and planning assistance that your need to make your next hybrid event a success. Whatever online event you’re planning, from a webinar, a film premiere or even a virtual hen do, you’ll find the perfect hybrid event space for you.

Hybrid events are the perfect way to create a memorable and engaging event with remote attendees. Whether you’d like a small live event supported by live streaming, or a totally online experience, your next event is sure to be a success with one of Canvas’ handpicked hybrid event venues. 

How to organise a hybrid event

The events industry has always been full of creative people coming up with amazing new ideas, and even though Covid-19 has been difficult, the industry is bouncing back. Events remain a great way to share experiences, meet new people and promote businesses, so with a few tweaks and tricks you can make your 2020 and 2021 events calendar just as exciting as you had envisioned.

Hybrid events are a great way to celebrate the old and new, bringing some of the traditional event elements together with technology, so even more people can enjoy your upcoming event.

What is a hybrid event and how has it changed?

Typically, a hybrid event was a large live event with live streaming happening concurrently online, but with new restrictions on event participation the 2020 version of hybrid events has changed slightly. It can now be an online event with live elements that are brought straight to the participants watching online. So, for example, if you were organising a wine tasting the hybrid element would be sending the wine to the guests participating from home. Then they can watch a demonstration and explanation online while enjoying the wine. There are lots of ways of incorporating live elements into your hybrid event, depending on the atmosphere and experience you would like to create for your attendees.

Finding the right venue

Pairing with a knowledgeable venue is highly recommended if you’re organising a hybrid event in London. Unlike some more low-key live streamed events, your hybrid event will really benefit from the support and expertise of a venue manager. Finding the right venue will depend on the type of event you’re intending to organise, and whether it’s for a public or private audience. It’s also a good idea to think about whether you’ll be hosting a socially distanced live event, or whether you’re intending to bring the live elements of your event directly to the live streaming attendees at home. If you are hosting a live event, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough space to facilitate social distancing between your attendees and staff.

Covid-19 certification

It’s even more important for event venues and organisers to keep on top of the news currently so you can be fully up to date on which venues can legally open, as well as current social distancing measures and restrictions. It’s also worth looking into taking an online course in Covid-19 safeguarding and protection measures. Many of these courses are available for free, or with a nominal fee for the certificate. Not only will it help to put your event attendees at ease, it will also give you information on how best to protect your guests and what measures you will need in place in order to be compliant. The courses will typically cover personal protective equipment, management and assessment, how to prevent infection, and hand and respiratory hygiene.

Social distancing at your event and theirs

The social distancing guidelines are regularly updated by the Government, so before planning your event it’s important to check what restrictions are currently in place. Whether or not you have a legal requirement to do so, you can help prevent the spread of infection with some simple steps. You can encourage attendees to wear masks or provide them, you can limit the number of attendees in a space or hire a space that is predominantly outdoors, you can provide hand-washing stations and temperature checks, and you can create signage to encourage two metre distance between guests. If your guests will be enjoying the live element of your event at their own property you can provide guidelines to them in advance to help them enjoy the experience safely, like encouraging them to participate separately or if some guests are joining as a group they should be outside in a park or garden.

Bringing the fun to them

The easiest way to make sure your hybrid event is compliant with government recommendations is to bring the fun to your guests at home! What elements of a live event will translate really well into your attendees’ houses? If you’re organising a breakfast meeting, why not share a brunch menu in advance with recipes for them to cook along? Or you could send a breakfast hamper directly to their home! Other fun ideas could be photobooth accessories for a virtual wedding, some at-home pampering treats for a wellness session, or a new sample for a product launch.

Hybrid event technology

Whether you’ve hosted hybrid and live streamed events or if this is your first, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got all the technology to capture your event and share it with your attendees. Your technology set-up with differ depending on what you’ll be capturing and what kind of event you’re organising. Working with a knowledgeable venue manager is the best way to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you’re collaborating with other suppliers for your events, make sure you check in with them in advance so you know what their technology requirements are as well as they may differ from what you had in mind.

Try one out!

If you’re new to hybrid events, the best way to organise one is to experience one for yourself! If you have a specific venue in mind that you would like to or you know you’ll be working with, ask them if they have any other hybrid events coming up and whether you could attend. If not, London is always buzzing with an exciting and interesting events calendar so you’ll easily be able to find another hybrid or live streamed event to attend to get some good ideas!

FAQs Hybrid Event Venues in London

How does a hybrid event work in London?

The key different between a hybrid event and a live streamed event is there are two events happening at the same time – one live event, and one online. Unlike live streaming which just shows an event or talk online, a hybrid event has interactive elements so participants feel more like they’re participating rather than just watching. Even though live events are limited right now, you can use hybrid events to make your live streaming more personal and memorable for all your guests at home. In London you can hire a venue to host the live portion of your event, even if you don’t intend to invite the public. Hiring a venue can ensure that you’ve got all the technology you need, and your environment won’t detract from your content, so you won’t need to worry about your backdrop or any neighbourhood noise.

What’s the best hybrid event checklist?

Even though you’re not necessarily hosting a large live event, you’ll still want to make sure you have everything you need prepared in advance. Your checklist should have three big items on it: test your technology, prepare your content, and find your attendees. Talk to your venue manager about what technology they would recommend for your event. Every hybrid event will need a different set-up, so it’s good to ask an expert rather than relying on a generic option. Once you have it in place it’s really important to do at least one test run so you can make changes to your equipment. If you’re hosting the event, don’t try and wing it! Make sure you have an outline of what you want to cover at the very least, and use your notes when you’re doing your test run to see how long your material lasts for. Want to know how to find your attendees? Check out the FAQ below.

How do I market a hybrid event?

Whether it’s a live event or totally online, every event organiser’s worst nightmare is nobody showing up. The first place to start is to use your contacts. Some people in the events industry have been kicking their heels for a while now, so you’re certain to find some attendees among friends, old colleagues and acquaintances. If there’s no limit to the number of online guests, why not encourage them to get their friends involved too? Once you’ve got the ball rolling, set up an online email newsletter campaign to your wider network and make sure they know why your event is going to be unmissable. Finally it’s time to do the shout out on social media! Get your confirmed attendees to share your posts as well to let as many people as possible know about the amazing hybrid event you’re hosting.

What are the latest hybrid event ideas and trends?

It might seem like hybrid events are a totally new concept, but they’ve actually been increasing in popularity for a number of years. The main difference currently is the shift in emphasis between the live event being the most important element, to now bringing live elements to remote attendees. Event packages are a really fun way to organise online hybrid events. Just like a venue manager will create event packages for their venues, why not offer packages as an events manager? You can offer varied options for different events from meetings to hen parties, and each package could include personalised live elements as well as events to participate in online.

What are the best examples of hybrid event types?

Although you may not be familiar with hybrid events, it’s a format that can suit a range of different event types. Whether your event is private or public, for five people or 500 there are elements of hybrid events that work well for many types of gatherings. If you’re organising a team day, why not share a link to an online yoga video that you can participate in together? Or you can throw an online cinema club and all watch the same film with popcorn and drinks. If your event is corporate, why not provide your slides as a print-out, so everyone can see your work in detail? Every live streamed event from a virtual wedding, to a conference and webinar, or even a concert can benefit from some personalised live elements to make it truly memorable.

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