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Are you looking for the perfect venue for a Teen-Party in London? The “Teenage Years” from your 13th birthday though until your 20th, entering your teens through 16th and 18th birthdays, graduation, and into adulthood, should be some of the most memorable times of your life. Modern-day under-18s parties and venues pull no punches, right up to a full scale club or rave facilities available (just without alcohol of course) however most teen parties will be on a more limited budget. Whether you need a party boat, through to a full nightclub hire, we have the party place for you.

Organising a Sweet Sixteenth Birthday Party

Contrary to what MTV might have everyone believing, the normal party of a 16-year-old doesn’t run to brand new cars and pop stars performing. Generally, it doesn’t even feature invitations handed out by butler or choreographed dance entrances either. There might not even be a tiara or top hat in sight. If you are organising a sweet sixteen party for your son or daughter, it’s likely to be a little bit more down to earth, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be 100% special. We’ve put together some handy steps to follow to help you get planning.

Step 1: Understand Expectations

This is the most important step, and without it, there could be arguments and disappointment on all sides. Your son or daughter is edging closer to adulthood, and they’ll feel that they should make a lot of the decisions about their party. On one hand, they’re right. It is their day after all, and they have their own tastes that might differ drastically from yours. On the other hand, you are paying for the party, so what they want to happen, just might not be feasible. Sit down and have an initial conversation with them about what you can pay for, and the type of party they envisage. Doing this early will mean that they know what to expect, and they’ll be thankful that you are treating them like an adult and asking their input.

Step 2: Create a Guest List

This should have come up during your initial discussion, but your teen will have to decide what’s most important to them. Do they want a lot of people to be invited but less money spent on the party itself? Or are they looking a select few friends but a party that has a few more added extras for them to enjoy? Of course, this also depends on the sort of budget that you have, so make sure that they come up with a guestlist that works for you both. Once you know the number of people to be entertained, you can get on with planning the rest of the party.

Step 3: Choose a Venue

Arguably the most important booking you’ll make, the venue that you are hosting in will set the theme for the whole event. Again, your teen should be involved in this and help you to choose the venue that they like the most that’s within your budget. Perhaps they are looking for a club where they can dance the night away with friends or maybe they want a party centred around board games and scary films. Whatever they are looking for, there are loads of teen party venues for hire in London, so you won’t have any difficulties finding the one that suits their personality.

Step 4: Consider a Theme

If you do have a limited budget for a party, why not ask your child if they would consider a themed party? This way, they can ask all of their friends to come in costume, and it will make the decoration of the venue and party games much simpler, as it can all be done DIY. When there isn’t a theme, a lot more attention goes on the party as a whole, yet costumes and music relevant to a theme means that everyone is going to be instantly entertained and there’s much less work involved. The theme itself can really be anything at all so this is where your teen’s imagination will come in.

Step 5: Physical Invites

In the age of WhatsApp and Facebook, few teens will have ever gotten a physical invite to anything. Helping your teen to design them or even make them yourselves can be a great experience. This is really only going to work if you have a small enough guestlist but is a great start to give your teens sweet sixteenth all of the hype that it needs. Plus, the invites themselves will make great mementos of everyone. It’s the perfect way to not only let them know about the party, but their parents as well. All of the information will be included, so parents will know exactly when their child needs dropped off and picked up by, and where it’s all taking place.

Step 6: Entertainment

How the teens are going to be entertained should be on your mind from the start. If you are having a disco, then this might be enough, and hiring a DJ will get everyone dancing and enjoying themselves. Of course, there should be cake at some stage, as well as a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ but is anything else needed for people to enjoy themselves? This is something you’ll have to ask your teen. A good idea is always a photobooth so that they can get some snaps of themselves but for the most part, fifteen- and sixteen-year olds know how to entertain themselves.

Step 7: Chaperones

If you’ve had that initial discussion with your teen, they’ll know not to try and get any alcohol into their party, but other adults’ presence is a must. Get a group of teens together, and they could be polite and well behaved – you are hosting them a party after all, On the other hand, hormones and the excitement of a night out aren’t always a good mix. Make sure you have a good number of adults present to keep an eye on everyone but stay out of the way as much as possible and let everyone enjoy themselves.

Hosting any teen party is a difficult task, but a sweet sixteenth has its own level of expectations to deal with. Talking to your teen and working together will not only show mutual respect but will allow them to go on this journey with you and understand that while organising a party can be tough, it can also be a lot of fun.

FAQs Teen Party Venues in London

What is a teen party?

Your teenage years are some of the best years of your life, with lots of milestone birthdays to celebrate. And, if you’re looking for the perfect venue for a teen-party in London, you’ve certainly landed in the right place! The capital has lots of exciting venues that are perfect for hosting a teen party to remember. Whether you’re celebrating a 13th, 16th, 18th or even 14th or 15th birthday, each year of your teens is certainly worth celebrating. A teen party is a party where teenagers gather to celebrate a birthday, end of exams, graduation or even a school prom. After all, the teenage years, from your 13th birthday though until your 20th, cover everything from your 16th and 18th birthdays, graduation, and into adulthood. They should be some of the most memorable times of your life.

What type of venues are available to hire for a teen party?

Whether you need a party boat or a full under 18 nightclub to hire, there’s a huge choice of suitable teen party venues in London, including: • Nightclubs • Karaoke rooms • Cinemas • Party bus • Gaming experience venues • Cocktail bars • London zoo • Private dining venues • Coffee rooms • Aviation experience • Museums • Restaurants The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to exploring the endless venues that London has available to hire for a teen party.

Why have teen parties increased in popularity?

In recent years, teen parties have increased in popularity as more venues than ever before are able to offer and facilitate these events. As a result, teens are choosing to celebrate their milestone birthdays and special events at a whole host of different venues, including bars, restaurants and nightclubs, ice rinks, museums, and many more.

Creative party themes for teen parties in London

There are a whole host of creative party ideas that will give your party a creative edge including the following: • Movie party • Beach holiday party • Pizza party • High tea party • Music party • Cake decorating arty • Mocktail parties • Themed sleepovers

What to do on your birthday when you turn 13?

13 is the beginning of your child's official status as a teenager! With this in mind, it’s important that you celebrate it in a memorable way. Some teen party ideas for 13th birthdays include: • Hotel night • Spa party • Head to a sports game • Movie night • Amusement park

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