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Wedding ceremony-only venues offer some very unique and unusual places to get married in London. Civil ceremony venues are licensed to legally perform marriages and civil partnerships on their premises and your choice of venues is abundant in the diverse city of London. You can go on to have your reception at the same place, or take the party somewhere else after the vows are exchanged.

Planning a Wedding Ceremony to Remember

Let’s be honest, getting married is a big deal. You want everything to be just right, and for it to be a day that you truly love and will remember forever. While you might be getting into the detail of the food and the party aspect it’s important not to neglect the actual ceremony. This will be where you’ll be exchanging vows after all. If you already have a wedding reception venue in mind and want to choose somewhere else close by for your ceremony, then there are a few things that you’ll need to remember to make sure that everything runs smoothly, and the guests keep smiling.

Choosing the Perfect Venue for your wedding ceremony

The great thing about having a ceremony-only venue is that it’s then easy to find one that you can legally get married at. While there are hundreds of reception venues in London, you can’t get the paperwork completed at all of them, which can necessitate a trip to the registry office the day before your wedding! In order to have the reception of your dreams and get legally married on the same day, many brides and grooms opt to start at a different venue for their ceremony and then move on somewhere else for the reception. It’s a really great idea that can provide the happy couple with the best of both worlds. And with loads of registered wedding ceremony venues for hire in London, you’re definitely not going to be stuck for choice.


Before you get into the details of what you want your ceremony to be like, you need to make sure that the venue that you have chosen is going to work with the reception. How far away are the two? How far is the ceremony venue from where you are getting ready? How are you going to get there? While cars are normally hired, it’s also time to think about how your guests are going to travel from one venue to the other. If they are expected to drive, is there parking for everyone? A great idea is to order a bus for all your guests to be whisked away in after the ceremony is over. This way if you have a drinks reception at the ceremony venue, everyone will be able to partake and won’t be thinking about traffic!


The great thing about having two separate venues for your ceremony and reception, is that you can essentially have two separate weddings! Many brides stick to one theme throughout the day, but you don’t need to do this. You can go romantic and classic at the ceremony, and then the reception can be a little bit more out there and have more of a party feel. There can even be two dresses involved! It can be difficult to settle on a style that you want for your wedding, so this way you can incorporate more than one in a straightforward way. Afterall, both venues will be decorated separately, and this is where your theme really comes to life.


This is, of course, a big decision to make, and one that you’ll need to talk about together. Do you want to stick to the traditional vows? Or do you want to write your own instead or as well as? Writing your own vows can be daunting, but it can also be something that you do together as a couple as opposed to separately. It can be a chance for you both to make the promises that mean the most to you. At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with just sticking to the classics, sometimes they say all that’s ever needed.

Time to Think about Music

What song will the bride walk down the aisle to? This is perhaps one of the most important music choices to make, after the first dance song of course. This is also the perfect chance to inject some of your personality into proceedings. Most people go for an acoustic version of their chosen track, but again this is entirely up to you. Are you getting someone in to play or are you playing it through a phone? Making sure that whatever tech is needed is there and working will be something you do during the rehearsal or set-up stage. You will also need music to be played when you are signing the registry, as well as the exit music for when you leave the room as husband and wife! The exit music is generally a little bit more upbeat and also more modern, but again, the decisions are all yours.

The Flowers

When decorating any venue, the flowers are what people generally think about. Yet you can have as many or as few at your ceremony venue as you want. Some venues are beautiful on their own and need very little in the way of décor added to them. If this is the case, think about the fact that sometimes less really can be more. It’s always best not to make any venue look over cluttered. When it comes to the bouquets and boutonnieres, it’s time to bring out all your favourite flowers! The style and colours will generally match the theme of the day, not to mention the wedding dress! Yet if you have a favourite flower, then there’s no reason it should be left out of the proceedings.

Your wedding ceremony is all about the love you and your partner share, and so it’s important to try and relax even in the midst of all of the planning! Luckily, most venues have an amazing team on hand to help you with all of the important details, so there’s no reason to worry. No matter what, make your ceremony about you as a couple, and there’s unlikely to be a dry eye in the house.

FAQs Wedding Ceremony and Licensed Venues in London

What is a wedding ceremony venue?

Wedding ceremony-only venues are licensed to legally perform marriages and civil partnerships on their premises and there’s an abundant of wedding ceremony venues in London to choose from. In fact, London is home to a diverse range of wedding ceremony venues that will allow you to officially tie the knot in truly special surroundings. Of course, you can go on to have your reception at the same place or take the party somewhere else after your vows are exchanged.

What to consider when choosing your wedding ceremony venue?

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding ceremony venue for your big day, there’s an awful lot to consider including the following: • Is the location, right? • Cost – is the venue within your budget? • Does the venue have the right ambiance and mood? • What facilities does the venue have? • Is it accessible to all your guests? • Can it facilitate your wedding plans? • Are your dates available? • Capacity and size • Is there parking available? • Acoustics and sound – are they suitable?

What are the benefits of hiring a wedding planner

Planning a wedding can be incredibly daunting. This is why many people hire a wedding planner to help them ensure that their day runs as seamlessly as possible. There’s lots of benefits that come hand in hand with hiring a wedding planner including the following: • Maximise your wedding budget • Save valuable time • Avoid costly mistakes • Reduce your stress levels • Ensure that your day runs seamlessly • Access to tried and tested suppliers • Support with every part of your day Ultimately, a wedding planner will help to bring your vision to life!

Why get married in London?

With its iconic landmarks, eclectic entertainment scene, beautiful wedding ceremony venues and plenty of places to keep the celebrations going, London really does provide an incredible backdrop to your wedding day. There’s also plenty of stunning accommodation options too!

How much does it cost to hire a wedding ceremony venue?

The price you will pay to hire a wedding ceremony venue in London depends on your bespoke requirements. You should always touch base with the venue to discuss your needs.

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