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London is brimming with wine-tasting venues and experiences from classy Cheese and Wine nights to fun social events, if you know your Chardonnay from your Champagne, or you’re looking for the best wine tasting venues to host your event, look no further. Feeling a little more fruity? Why not check out our cocktail masterclass venues, too.

Top Tips for Hosting a Wine Tasting

So, you want to have a wine tasting for your group? Whether it’s a corporate night out, or a night with friends, a wine tasting is a unique experience that almost everyone can enjoy. If you are looking for something new for an evening’s entertainment, then a wine tasting is certainly the way to go. It’s not a difficult event to host, but there are some rules that you should follow in order to get everything just right. That’s why we’ve got some top tips for you to follow to make your wine tasting one to remember.

Pick a Suitable Venue

If you want to host the wine tasting at home, make sure that you have enough room to do so. Depending on the size of the group, it can easily get uncomfortable, and elbows and wine glasses just don’t mix! Everyone should have plenty of room to relax while still being able to discuss the virtues of the different wines that they are tasting. Hiring out a venue is worthwhile, especially if it’s for a corporate group. This provides you with a lot more options on what to do with your night and takes a certain amount of pressure off you as the host of it. There are a wide variety of wine tasting venues for hire in London, so finding one that is easy to travel to for you and your group shouldn’t be an issue. If they have hosted these types of events before, they’ll even be able to provide you with their own set of top tips.

Consider Hiring a Sommelier

While you might know your wines inside out, hosting a wine tasting evening is another matter entirely. You’ll also probably want to enjoy yourself alongside your group, which you won’t be able to do if you are the one that has to serve them everything, answer all of their questions, and explain each wine to them. This is where a sommelier comes in. They know what they are talking about when it comes to wine and will be able to guide your guests through each glass in a professional manner that leaves you the room to enjoy yourself. If you are hiring a wine tasting venue, they may even be able to recommend someone to you that they have successfully worked with before.

Choose a Theme

Every wine tasting needs to have some sort of theme to link all the wines together, otherwise they are just disparate wines that don’t leave any room for a narrative that your guests can be taken through as you explore and compare them. Type of themes can be as simple as ‘The Wines of France’ or ‘Key Varieties of Grape in Winemaking’. If your event is for a special birthday for example, the wines can take their cue from the theme of that event. Whatever it is, having a theme will help your guests to understand the explanations surrounding each wine, and they’ll be able to easily compare them when they have the stories and providence of each glass.

Choose Your Wines

Once you have your theme, it’s now time to choose your wines! If you are hiring a sommelier, they will be able to help suggest some for you and will be able to tell you where the best place is to buy them. Supermarkets are generally quite overpriced for the quality you receive, so if your sommelier can point you in the direction of a good wine store then you should take their advice. One bottle of wine will give you enough for twelve people to have a taste, and you should have eight to ten wines on the menu. Reds are generally more popular, so consider six or seven of those and three or four whites. You can even have a dessert wine or port to round the evening off. Wines should be tasted two at a time so that they can be compared, and don’t forget to have pouring buckets for any unfinished samples. Don’t encourage your guests to drink it all!

Consider a Food Pairing

If you really want your wine tasting to be a night of decadence, then why not consider having a food pairing with each wine or each duo of wines? Many wines are designed to be taken with food, and so things such as cheese, chocolate and a charcuterie board can enhance the flavours, give a better feel for the wine’s providence, and keep those hunger pangs at bay! If you are having a sweet wine, this is also the perfect time to serve a dessert. Having a food paring with your wine tasting will really elevate the evening into something special and your venue might be able to help you to arrange this, particularly if they have hosted similar nights in the past. Again, if you are hiring a sommelier, you should defer to their knowledge on the best type of pairings to have.

Think About Your Set-Up

When hosting a wine tasting, how your evening is set up is just as important as the wine you serve. Is it going to be a very formal evening or a more casual affair? Will guests all have their set places, or will they wander from station to station? Things to remember when it comes to set up include having two glasses per person set out. As well as the pouring buckets for any leftover wine, you need to ensure that the white wine is chilled in ice. Some wine tastings even provide sparkling wine as a welcome drink so you will need to make sure you have the right glasses for this as well.

A wine tasting is always a fun event, no matter how you decide to do it. Once you’ve chosen the perfect venue, the rest of the evening should fall into place. Don’t be afraid to go for the high-quality wines when choosing your selection as everyone will love tasting something decadent.

FAQs Wine Tasting Venues in London

What is wine tasting?

Wine tasting is the sensory examination and evaluation of wine. Wine tasting events and sessions can take place in a wide range of different venues. Many people enjoy wine tasting as it gives them the opportunity to evaluate or better understand their favourite wines and of course, give them the knowledge to make the perfect wine and food pairings. There are whole host of wine merchants and venues across London that offer professional wine tasting sessions.

Why choose wine tasting in London?

London is brimming with wine-tasting venues and experiences that are perfect for adding a new and exciting dimension to your weekend or special occasion. London is also generally a great place to visit, with plenty of exciting sights and sounds to keep you busy pre-or post-wine tasting. Home to a catalogue of iconic landmarks, some of the best restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the world, as well as museums, shops and markets, your visit to London is sure to be memorable.

Can you book wine tasting for a birthday party?

Yes! Wine tasting is a great activity if you are celebrating a birthday, whether that’s your 21st, 30th, 40th or just another year older. You’ll be able to learn something new, as well as getting the chance to taste a variety of different wines and broaden your horizons. You might even discover a new favourite wine!

What happens at a wine tasting event?

Whether you’re a wine novice or a wine enthusiast, wine tasting events are designed to give you the opportunity to sample a wide range of different wines, whilst learning new skills and increasing your knowledge. Trust us, by the time you leave, you will know how to taste wine, identify a wine’s unique flavours and make great pairing choices. During the vast majority of wine tasting events you will remain seated, however, some are more like parties where you’ll have the opportunity to walk around and share your thoughts with other guests. Oh, and tastings don't come in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, wine tasting events are open for everyone.

5 reasons why you should go wine tasting

As you can imagine, there are so many reasons to go wine tasting! Here are our top 5 reasons: • You gain more knowledge about wine – what’s better than that? • You get to meet new friends • You get to explore and discover new wines • You gain knowledge of different prices and different kinds of wine that can go well with your food. • Finally, it’s an exciting and memorable experience that you won’t forget. What are you waiting for? Book your wine tasting session today!

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