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Wrap parties are often held to celebrate the end of a project, be it a film or photography shoot, a fashion event or an end of year corporate celebration. Regardless of the reason for celebrating, even if it is something more conventional like an important birthday bash, it’s important that you secure the right venue, setting the scene for a successful and memorable occasion for everyone involved. Within our showcase of exclusive wrap party venues available for hire in London, we offer a mix of contemporary and historical spaces, from unusual and quirky offerings that are nestled away in the heart of trendy East London to stylish and modern venues located in Central London, to name but a few. So, if you are looking for something a little bit different that will ensure your party stands out from the crowd, take a look and let your imagination run wild.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Organise a Wrap Party

It’s a wrap! That big project is done and dusted, you’ve hosted a successful festival, your product launch has gone well, and sales are soaring. Whatever the reason you’re breathing a sigh of relief, the next step is to celebrate. After all, no major project is ever the work of just one person, it’s a team effort. So, whether you’ve finished filming on your latest blockbuster, or you’ve gotten through a stakeholder meeting in one piece, it’s time to show those that work with you that you really appreciate all that they’ve done for you. If you’re looking to host a wrap party, we’re here to tell you how with these simple steps.

Step 1: Get Your Guestlist Together

In order to organise any event, you need to have a rough idea of how many people you expect to turn up. When it comes to a wrap party, you really need to invite everyone who has worked on the project, from the events manager, right down to the new intern. Leave no one out, because they’ve all contributed. This will show that you really appreciate every single person on the team, and you’ll end up with a happy workforce that feels validated. With this in mind, estimate your guestlist. You might end up with more people than you think once you’ve added everyone up! Of course, not everyone will be able to make the party, but you still need to ask. Are you also inviting people’s partners along or is this to be an employee only event? Once you have some numbers, you’ll be able to start planning in earnest.

Step 2: Sort Out Your Budget

Once you have your guestlist together, you’ll then need to figure out how much money you have to spend on this party. Keep in mind how many people there are – particularly if you are hoping to serve a meal to them. Without a set budget, you might find yourself falling short on some of the important things, and so your party of celebration can end up being something of a disaster. If you don’t have the money for a sit-down meal, then don’t worry. Something simple like a buffet or even pizza will do just as well. The main thing is knowing exactly how much you have to spend and getting rough estimates on what everything will cost before putting and deposits down.

Step 3: Find a Venue

There’s no party without a place to hold it, which is why finding the perfect venue should be the first item that you look for when organising a wrap party. Not only does in need to fit everyone, you’ll also need to consider at this stage what type of catering you are looking for. Many venues will provide their own in house, but if you aren’t going for a meal, then this gives you even more options to choose from. Think about the people that you are inviting and the type of party that you envisage having. Is it going to be something casual, or do you expect everyone to be up on the dancefloor partying the night away? Being able to judge your employees’ expectations will help you to find the venue that suits their style. With so many different wrap party venues for hire in London, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Step 4: Make Sure Everyone Knows

There’s no point in telling your employees the week before about the party. Chances are that they’ll already have plans, and you’ll have an empty venue. Even before the project is finished, you should have the date of the party set and a deposit down on the venue. Knowing that they have a reward coming up will encourage everyone to work that little bit harder in order to get there within the deadline. Make sure as well that everyone understands just how important this party is. After all, it’s a chance for everyone to give themselves a pat on the back and say well done, you’ve done a good job. Ensure that email reminders go out at certain times and that staff RSVP their attendance, so you are able to get a final headcount. Emphasise that it’s a chance to relax as well, not a meeting in disguise.

Step 5: Celebrate Your Achievement

The whole point of a wrap party is to celebrate reaching a milestone. Maybe it’s just getting through another year of business, but whatever the reason, now is the time to single people out and recognise their contributions. You can have a miniature awards ceremony and present all the good things you’ve achieved and those who have helped you to do so. It’s also a chance to look forward to the next big project and what that will bring to the group surrounding you. Don’t be shy about giving out prizes and rewarding your employees with gifts or an extra day off in recognition of all their hard work. Just remember, don’t let your presentations go on for too long. While everyone will find it entertaining at the beginning, they’ll want to be able to relax, and they’ll only really be able to do that when there’s no one trying to give a speech.

A wrap party is the chance for everyone to let off a little steam after working hard for months on end. Organising it might be your job but remember to enjoy yourself when you’re there. While the night might be about employee recognition, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy yourself at the same time. It is a party after all! So, get those dancing shoes on, dress up in your finest, and have a little fun with your work colleagues before you all get started on the next big project on the horizon.

FAQs Wrap Party Venues in London

What is a wrap party?

Wrap parties are held to celebrate the end of a project, such as a movie, drama, theatre production, fashion event, photography shoot, product launch or even a corporate celebration. Designed to celebrate and signify all of the hard work that has been put into a wide range of different projects, wrap parties can be held at lots of different venues. And, as London is renowned for its world-famous entertainment sector, it should come as no surprise that the capital is no stranger to hosting intimate and elaborate wrap parties.

What is a wrap party venue?

So, what is a wrap party venue? A wrap party venue is any venue that is equipped to accommodate the needs of your wrap party. London has a whole host of modern and traditional wrap party venues that will add a new and exciting dimension to any wrap party itinerary! From unusual and quirky offerings nestled away in the heart of trendy East London, through to stylish and modern venues in Central London, London’s world-famous skyline is home to a whole host of iconic venues, meaning you’re sure to find the perfect one for your wrap party. So, if you are looking for something a little bit different that will ensure your wrap party stands out from the crowd, take a look and let your imagination run wild – London is your oyster!

What makes a great wrap party venue?

A whole host of different components go into making a great wrap party, including the following - make sure you take note! • Does it meet your budget? • A good location • Excellent transport links nearby • An inviting ambience and mood • Access to the latest technology • Flexibility to decorate the venue as you see fit • The perfect capacity and size for your event • Parking • Perfect acoustics and sound You should take all of the components above into account when searching for the perfect venue for your wrap party.

Why is London a great city to host a wrap party?

London is no stranger to hosting some of the world’s best events and, with an abundance of world class venues at your fingertips, it certainly won’t disappoint. • London is one of the world’s most connected cities • Enjoy a whole host of iconic attractions at your fingertips • Tuck into world class cuisine • Make invaluable connections • Enjoy a nightlife scene like no other

What happens at a wrap party venue?

Many people wonder what goes on at a wrap party. It’s an event where those who have been involved in making a film, TV show, theatre production or any other event meet to celebrate all of their hard work. You’ve heard the phrase “It’s a wrap,” right? Well a wrap party is cast and crew celebrating the end of project.

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