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Ballroom and Ball Venues in London

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Every ball should have a magical feel, a sprinkling of fairy dust on the proceedings. Whether you are planning a gala event, a charity dinner or masquerade ball, let us help you find you your perfect private ballroom in London.

Bringing Ballroom Back

If you’re organising a formal dance or ball, whether it is for your end of year university bash, or a tea dance for older ladies and gentlemen, you’re going to need to have a solid plan in place. There are all sorts of dances you can host, such as a ceilidh or line dancing but in the beginning, every event like this is organised in the exact same way. Just follow these steps, and you’ll have everyone dancing until midnight.

Start Planning a Year in Advance

A year in advance might seem a little too much, but some things are best cleared up sooner rather than later. Before you know it, it will be the week before the big event, so it’s good to get on the ball (pun intended) early. Having all of your tasks laid out month by month will help you to keep everything in good order and is the easiest way of organising any big event.


Yes, it sounds like you’re organising an AGM instead of a ball, but all events have objectives, even if your main objective is that everyone has fun.  Think clearly about what you want this event to achieve, and your goals in planning it. Is it to raise money for a cause? If so, then this needs to be at the forefront of your mind. How much will make the event a success? Other goals can be more social, such as bringing the team together or getting more members to join your group. Knowing what you want to achieve, and the key things you want to see at the event is a good way to start.

Find a Venue

If you have a year to go, then it’s the perfect time to lock down a venue. Dates can fill up fast at certain times of year, particularly for ballrooms. Many also offer their own catering for dinner and so naturally these are the most popular. There is a good range of options for ballroom venues to hire in London, so have a think about what is going to be right for you.

How it Looks

If you don’t know the theme yet, the venue that you choose might help to inspire you. However, it is recommended that you do know before you look at ballrooms, as there is such variety that it’s hard to know which one is right. Think about what type of dancing is going to take place, as this will have a big influence on what you need.


Is the ballroom easy to get to? If it’s far away from where you usually meet or where the majority of your guests live, you might need to organise a bus to accommodate everyone. If not, there needs to be adequate parking for all of those looking to attend.


When choosing a ballroom for your formal event, there are a number of different questions that you are going to need to ask. One is if they can cater for a sit-down meal. Some ballrooms are specifically for dancing, and so you’ll be asked to have dinner elsewhere if you are using them. This makes sense as the special flooring on some ballrooms could easily be damaged from multiple chairs and tables.


There’s no planning if you don’t have a budget in place. Knowing exactly how much you are going to have to spend is essential when organising a formal event. Maybe your group has gathered money throughout the year from other events, or maybe you’ve received a bursary from somewhere. You need to estimate what each part of the event is going to cost you and do some research on what is reasonable. Not only will this help you when booking other aspects of the night, it will also give you an indication on how much you will need to charge each attendee for tickets.


As much as you’ll probably want to take charge of the entire night yourself, every big event needs a set of volunteers to help out. Whether it’s designing the tickets, selling them, keeping social media up to date or just generally lending a hand. The more people you have on board to help, the better. This is going to be very useful on the night as well. As it’s an event that’s centred around dancing, organising the groups will be essential, particularly if you are hosting some sort of competition.

Dress Code

This should be an easy one, but it’s still something that a lot of organisers forget to tell their guests about. When it comes to what to wear, it will all depend on the type of dancing that will be taking place. If it’s traditional ballroom and everyone knows what they’re doing, the dress will be very formal and Strictly Come Dancing inspired. If it’s just a bit of fun, or you have a teacher in showing the group some basic steps, then comfortable clothes and shoes will be needed – this will ensure that no one injures themselves while trying to learn some new moves.


The entertainment is of course going to be the dancing itself, but you need to consider exactly how you are going to organise this. Are you having a competition between couples? If so, you’ll need to think about rules and judges. Or perhaps you are you hiring someone in for the night to compere a group dance? You’ll need to decide on the difficulty of this, as well as how it will all fit into your budget. Maybe you’re just going to get a DJ or a playlist and let everyone come up with their own moves? The choices are endless, but you need to make a decision.

Ballrooms are wonderfully versatile venues and are the perfect place to hold any type of formal event. Once you have your to do list put together, you’ll have no problems in organising a dance-off to remember, glitter ball and all!

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