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Whether you’re organising a classic British banquet or a corporate event, London has an amazing selection of banquet halls and suites to offer. From private members clubs to top luxury hotels, a grand feast of historical proportions is only a click away.

Top Tips for a Beautiful Banquet

So, you’ve been tasked with organising a banquet. This can seem a bit daunting, particularly if you’ve never done it before. Yet keeping everything on track is much easier than expected, particularly when you have an awesome venue and caterers to back you up.


Things to Decide First

First things first, and it’s always best to start at the beginning. Once you have these big three ticked off your list, your event will be half organised already.


Are you going for black tie? Or maybe going for a more unusual theme? When it comes to a banquet, anything goes. From an Alice in Wonderland tea party to a masquerade, there are no end of themes that still work well with a sit-down dinner. If your event is for charity, having a theme like this can really add some fun to the day, and get everyone even more excited to attend.



Your venue needs to be one of the first things that you consider when organising the perfect banquet. It needs to fit in with the theme that you have chosen, be big enough for the number of guests that you’re expecting and be in a good location. There are a whole host of banquet halls for hire in London, but you need to be careful when choosing in order to get the right one for you. Many venues provide packages that include food, staff on the night, and a whole host of extras so if you’ve never done this before, it’s a great choice to consider.



While it’s tempting to go all-out on food and décor, you need to know what you can afford. Feeding a roomful of people doesn’t come cheap, so knowing how much this part is going to cost will let you know how much you have left to spend on entertainment and other goodies. If you do need to reign things in a bit, don’t be ashamed of doing so. It’s important that you don’t overstretch the budget and having a more relaxed theme for your banquet can help you with this. If you go black tie, guests will expect luxury, so don’t do it unless the budget allows for it.


What Comes Next?

So, the date is set, the venue is booked, and you have your Pirates of the Caribbean costume ordered. Now that that’s sorted, it’s time to think of a few other things.

The Food

If you’re organising a banquet, then people are coming for the food, no question about it. That’s why it has to be delicious. No dry chicken or wilted salad, good grub is the only acceptable choice. Make sure that you get a menu tasting from the venue or catering company and ensure that they can deal with any dietary restrictions. If fancy food isn’t in your budget, then don’t go fancy. So long as it tastes good, your guests won’t care if they are eating sliders or lobster. Keeping the event to time is also very important for the food. The chefs can’t be blamed if they are trying to keep food warm while the MC is still talking.


Dress Code

The dress code will be decided by the theme of the event, but make sure that everyone knows what this is in advance. It won’t be fancy dress unless you let your guests are told in plenty of time to organise their outfits.


Seating Arrangement

Have a seating arrangement laid out beforehand. Yes, there will be some no-shows, and possibly even some guests who just turn up on the night, but for the most part, a seating arrangement will help the night go smoothly. It prevents a lot of milling around as large groups try and find a way to sit together, and you can organise tables to all be filled, instead of having some that are half empty. Couples won’t be split up if they arrive late, and the whole night will be easier to organise.


Things to Remember

It’s happening now, and you’ve got almost everything ticked off of your list. Here’s a few other items that you shouldn’t forget about.


Entertainment of some description is a must for a banquet, and there are loads of options that you can choose from. If you are having a lot of speeches throughout the night, the MC might be enough to keep the crowd entertained. However, you could also have an inspirational speaker, a comedian, or even a magician that goes around the tables between courses. Having a table quiz with prizes is another fun, inexpensive idea that will get everyone involved, relaxed, and laughing.



Consider how your guests are going to get to and from the banquet. While having a good location is essential, many people might want to have a glass of wine with their meal, so arranging transport home will be much appreciated by everyone. Whether that means a bus to a more central location, or pre-booked taxis, getting everyone home safe at the end of the night is something that shouldn’t be forgotten.



You’re sure to have an amazing time at the banquet, but memories can fade fast, so having a photographer present is not only something that your guests will love, you will also be able to use the photographs to promote the event afterwards. If your photographer is only staying a short time, consider hiring a photobooth so that the guests can take a favour from their night home with them – having props relevant to your theme is a plus!


A banquet is a big night out for anyone, but with so many beautiful venues to choose from in London, the event just organises itself! Remember to take time out to relax and enjoy the evening yourself. After all of this, you’ll deserve it.

FAQs Banqueting Halls in London

What is a Banqueting Hall?

A banquet hall is a large building or room that provides the ultimate setting for feasts, entertaining, formal dinners in London, celebrations, weddings and more. Also known as a grand dining hall, a banqueting hall historically provided a space for grand formal celebratory meals in truly special surroundings. Today, banqueting halls are just as impressive. From traditional banquet halls steeped in history, through to private member clubs and luxury hotels that have their very own banqueting halls, if you are looking for the perfect banqueting hall in London, you won’t be short of impressive venues for your event.

What type of events can you host in Banqueting Halls?

If you’re looking to take your event to new heights and add a healthy dose of grandeur that is simply breath-taking, you should consider hiring a banquet hall in London for your event. There are lots of banqueting halls located in the capital that are perfect for hosting a wide range of different events, including the following: • Formal dinners with family and friends • Birthday parties • Graduation parties • Weddings • Baby showers • Corporate parties • Tasting events • Themed events

Why choose London for your British banquet or corporate event?

Banquets have continued to increase in popularity, mainly due to period dramas making a huge comeback. And London has plenty of fantastic banqueting halls that are steeped in fascinating history and grandeur, providing the perfect location for your British banquet or corporate event. Allowing you to indulge in good food and enjoy good company, London’s banqueting halls are perfectly equipped to accommodate a wide range of themed events and special occasions. London is also renowned for its vibrant night life, buzzing atmosphere and world-renowned hospitality venues, making it the perfect stomping ground for any event. But that’s not all… London also has excellent transport links, plenty to see and do and a great range of hotels for guest who might want to stay over after your banquet.

What makes a great banqueting hall?

Although the vast majority of banqueting halls are impression in their own right, there are a number of factors that make a great banqueting hall in London, including the following: • Reliable in-house catering available with plenty of choice • A high quality service • Attentive and responsive staff • Impressive décor • Plenty of space • Clean and well maintained • Good lighting • Striking décor and artwork • Cost effective Some of the best banquet halls are available for hire in London.

Can I host a wedding in a banquet hall?

Yes of course! In fact, banqueting halls are ideal for hosting weddings! This is because the vast majority of banqueting halls in London have been designed specifically to host large scale special occasions such as weddings. Spacious, grand, and incredibly versatile, banqueting halls provide the perfect setting to celebrate such a special occasion with the people that you love the most.

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