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Quirky Cafes to Hire in London

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London is packed full of unique and unusual Cafe venues, whether you are looking for the ultimate cuppa or creative coffee shop culture, be it High-Tea or Greasy Spoon, London’s coolest Cafe venues for hire are available here.

Is a Cafe the Right Venue For Your Event?

Need a venue for something a little bit alternative? Look no further. A café might be just what you need. If you don’t want to have to hire out a large venue or head to the pub again, why not go to the calming surroundings of your local coffee house? There’s much more to them than meets the eye.


Not all cafés are made the same. There is the retro, the modern, the minimalist and the art-deco. Because of this, there really is a café for every mood, or every event. You might be thinking that a café is a public place and so having your event there won’t really work when you’re surrounded by the public. Yet many cafés can actually be completely hired out, or small sections of them to accommodate your group. This is particularly popular in the evening time, when most cafés are either much quieter, or shut completely. With so much variety in the cafés for hire in London, you’ll definitely be able to find just the spot that you are looking for.

Choosing the Right Café

Every café is different, so it’s important that you pick the right one for your group. Do you want to hold a team building event there, or maybe something more casual? The first thing you need to look at is the actual size of the space. There’s no point in hiring out somewhere that’s either too big or too small. We’ve already mentioned theme as well. Every café has a unique ambience, so it’s best to visit them and see if you think it has the right feel for what you need. Location is also essential however. It might be the best place that you’ve ever set eyes upon, but if it’s located on the other side of town, and is difficult to get to, no one if going to want to attend your event.

What Type of Alternative Events Take Place in a Café?

Café’s are much more accommodating than you might think. When you hire out a space, you can generally use it for whatever you want, and cafés are popular spots for a range of activities where people want to sit down over a warm drink instead of an alcoholic one. That’s not to say that alcohol is never allowed. There are many cafés in the city that allow you to bring your own booze for special events.

Writing Group

A café if the perfect venue to host a weekly or monthly writing group. Whether you get together to read each other’s work and discuss it as a group, or to get some solid writing time in, cafés have been beloved by writers for years. For a special showcase event, you can hire out the full space so that you can all present your different writing to an audience.

Afternoon Tea

If you have a hen do or birthday party that needs something a little bit different, many cafés will offer a truly bespoke afternoon tea experience. In fact, you can hire out the venue for the full event, so you can decorate it in whatever way you want, have games, and your own music playing so it’s completely your space. At that stage, having the afternoon tea is just a bonus!

Board Game Meet-up

It can be hard to find a space that can host a large board game meetup, which is why cafés are ideal. Not only can you hire them out for all of the hours required, you can also put as many tables together as you’re going to need to get going. Multiple games can happen at one time in a large café, so whether you want to play D&D or Monopoly there’s sure to be room for everyone.

Open-Mic Night

Open-mic nights are always popular. Where anyone can get up and sing a few songs in an effort to make it big, or just to have some fun. While they are commonly held in pubs, cafés have recently seen a surge in music nights, or even afternoons. What could be better than sipping hot chocolate in the winter time and listening to a range of singers and songwriters trying out their new work? If you are thinking of hosting your own music night, perhaps it’s a good idea to check out a café as an alternate venue.

Comedy Improv

Similar to the open-mic nights, improv nights have seen a surge in popularity around cafés. They are small enough that people don’t feel quite as intimidated and are a safe place where they can get critique without all of the heckling. The same goes for poetry slams. These need to happen in a fairly quiet venue, and many bars just don’t have the rooms available to accommodate this type of performance.

Coffee Tasting

This one is self-explanatory. If you are looking an exciting afternoon event for team building or a birthday party, then a specially organised coffee tasting at one of London’s top cafés is a great alternative idea to try out. These coffee virtuosos really know their stuff, so even if you’ve never really been able to tell the difference in the beans before, you’re sure to know it after a session with them.

Speed Dating

Speed dating nights are tons of fun, and you never know, you might meet the person of your dreams! Instead of hosting it in a noisy bar where everyone is already a little bit drunk and can’t hear each other, why not have it in a more sophisticated setting such as a café? This way, real connections are much more likely to happen.

If you are planning an alternative event, a café might be just the venue that you’ve been looking for. With so many different styles out there, there’s definitely going to be one that will suit your group. The owners are sure to want to help you in any way that they can, and pretty soon you’ll be wondering why you ever considered another venue at all.

FAQs Quirky Cafes to Hire in London

Why are cafes a great place to meet?

Cafe's are a great place to meet for lots of different reasons including the following; • A great meeting point • Life long connections are made • Make new friends • Enjoy great coffee • Shop for coffee • Equipped with technology to enhance your meeting • USB ports and charging points are now available for use in most coffee shops • Share new ideas • A respite from the office environment • Trigger creativity • Enjoy artisan coffee culture Ultimately, a cafe is a relaxed social space that offers a calm atmosphere that everyone feels comfortable in.

What events can you host in a cafe?

The vast majority of cafe's in London are considered as being at the heart of the community and as a result, bring together people of all ages, backgrounds and gender. But what type of events can you host in a cafe? As well as providing a great meeting spot for business or pleasure purposes, cafe's can also be used to host a whole host of other unique events including: • Boardgame nights • Quiz nights • Latte art competitions • Pop up events • Creative workshops • Open mic performances London is literally brimming with so many trendy cafes, so you’re sure to find a venue that is suitable for hosting your event.

Why have café’s increased in popularity?

One of the primary reasons why café’s have become so popular over the last decade is that they offer the ultimate escape from the demands that come hand in hand with everyday life. Providing a feeling of comfort and relaxation that is difficult to replicate in any other meeting setting such as restaurants, pubs and fast-food chains, coffee shops are continuing to increase in popularity.

What is a pop up café?

Pop up cafes are incredibly popular and are super adaptable. Perfect for adding excitement to new product ranges, pop cafes are temporary fixtures which literally pop for a short period of time. You can lay out your space and decorate in a creative way which fits in with seasonal or themed coffees. You can also experiment with fun, novelty coffees, push the boundaries when it comes to décor or simply make your pop up café different and memorable.

What is coffee shop culture?

London is jam packed with unique and unusual Cafe venues that provide the perfect setting to chill with a cuppa, meet up with friends and family, have a business meeting or even try a new activity. Located in a city that is constantly alive with activity, London’s array of coffee shops epitomises the city’s coffee shop culture. But what is coffee shop culture? The term refers to a growing trend that has seen many people organising social gatherings in coffee shops, whether it’s for business or pleasure. And in response to this demand, coffee shops have created comfortable, stylish, well stocked spaces that provide the ultimate setting for customers to enjoy great coffee and even better conversations.

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