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When you weigh up what they have to offer, it soon becomes easy to understand why city mansions are as popular as ever within the London events scene. Striking architecture, ornate aesthetic beauty, vast reception spaces, rich cultural history, an abundance of atmosphere, picturesque gardens or outdoor spaces; each of the venues featured below boasts most or even all of these attributes, making them hotly coveted venues.

By combining the best features of a grand country retreat and a well-connected inner-city venue, you really are getting the best of both worlds by choosing a city mansion for your next event. Their generous layouts often come in either partial or full hire, making them flexible both in terms of space and budget, whilst also making them a suitable choice for many different event types, including weddings, corporate parties, exhibitions and dinners, amongst many others.

How to Organise a Successful Reunion

If you’ve been tasked with getting all of your old school mates together and organising a reunion, you’ll already be aware about just how big a task it is. After all, so many people move away, change their names, and end up all over the world. It can be hard to track them down, much less organise the event on top of it. We have a few steps that you should follow to ensure that your reunion goes smoothly.

Form a Committee

It’s impossible to do all of the organising by yourself, so now is the time to form your committee so that you can delegate out tasks. Who will focus on contacting everyone? Who will arrange the venue and any catering? Does the event have a strict budget and are you asking for donations from those that attend? All of these things need to be decided upon, and you need more than one person running the show.

Track Everyone Down

Before you’ve even set a date, you need to get a list of everyone that you want to invite to try and get some estimated numbers together. Now comes the task of trying to find out where everyone lives, and if they would be interested in attending a reunion. Luckily, social media can help hugely with getting in contact with people, but don’t be afraid to ask around to see who still knows who. Word of mouth is still a great tool when it comes to organising something like a reunion.

Choose the Right Venue

Having the perfect venue will decide on the atmosphere of the whole event. As people are likely travelling from far away, and maybe even overseas, having a venue that is more upmarket will be very well received. There are so many beautiful city mansions to hire in London. These grand houses can host any sort of party, and really add an air of sophistication to proceedings. After all, you’re not at school anymore! Think about location when you are choosing your venue, as you want somewhere that is going to be easy for everyone to get to. Parking is also always going to be an issue, so ensure there is somewhere for your guests to go.

Send Out Invites

While you might have gotten in contact with everyone initially to gauge interest, once you have the time and date finalised it’s time to get the formal invitations sent out. These will most likely be done over email, due to the amount of people that are going to be spread out, If you have everyone’s addresses however, then there is no harm in coming up with a paper invite as well. Make it clear how people are to RSVP and how important it is to do so. They also need to be reminded to keep in contact with the committee if plans happen to change.


Having some form of catering is a must. Even if it’s just a buffet, your guests are sure to want something to nibble on. There should also be some wine and beer available, as well as soft drinks, so that people can be as comfortable as possible when they mingle. Your venue is likely to have a list of caterers that the recommend, so pay attendion to the information that they give you. They are likely to know best.

Have Name Badges

It might seem corny, but no one wants to be in the situation where they can’t remember their neighbours name. Having name badges and highlighting name changes means that everyone can find each other without any embarrassing faux pas. Get everyone to sign in when the arrive and write their own name badge out so that everyone can read it clearly and that it’s 100% correct.


Reunions can be awkward for some people, and so having a few icebreakers can really relax the mood a lot. It also gives people the chance to summarise what’s been going on in their lives since they saw you all last! Let’s be honest, everyone is going to be curious, and it can be difficult to get around everyone in one night to have a catch up! Think about appropriate games that you can play that will set the tone for the evening.

Have a Presentation

Times like these are when your guests want to reminisce about old times, so having a presentation with lots of photos of everyone from their schooldays might be just the ticket. Not only will it get everyone talking, it’s good fun as well! There are likely some things that a lot of people will have forgotten, and so getting those memories onto a projector screen will leave everyone smiling.

Give out mementos

Is there one particular photograph from the past that the whole group it in? A great idea for any reunion to have something that people can take away with them. A copy of a photograph is perfect. Many times, however, it’s impossible to get one with everyone visible. Even a small gift with the school logo and the date of the reunion will be nice to give people for them to hold onto. Don’t forget to give everyone ample opportunities to take new photographs together and try and get a group shot of the reunion.

A reunion is a great chance to reminisce and get together with old friends. It can be quite a challenge to plan an event such as this however so you will need a well organised team around you to help get everything just right. When the event finally does happen, it will all be worth it to see everyone gathered together and having fun just like old times.

FAQs City Mansions in London

What is a city mansion London?

If you’re looking to add an impressive and grand dimension to your event, London’s stunning choice of city mansions should be your first port of call. But what is a city mansion? A city mansion is a lavish property that meets a certain set of criteria. These criteria elevate it to mansion status. For example, city mansions boasts a certain amount of square footage, lavish interiors, sweeping staircases, luxurious amenities and stunning architecture that define their luxurious social status. The vast majority of city mansions in London also have a rich cultural history, picturesque gardens or outdoor spaces, and plenty of unique features that make them the ultimate event venue.

What can city mansions in London be used for?

City mansions are incredibly versatile and can be used to host a diverse range of events, from elaborate dinner parties through to exhibitions. City mansions are also a suitable choice for weddings, dinners, corporate parties, VIP events, soirees, and many other social events. As well as being impressive and luxurious, city mansions are also usually extremely well connected, with plenty of reliable transport links, amenities and landmarks nearby.

What are the benefits of a city mansion?

Lots of benefits come hand in hand with hiring a city mansion for your event in London, including the following: • Incredibly versatile • Striking architecture that is sure to wow your guests • Stunning aesthetics • Rick cultural history • Large reception spaces • Inviting outdoor spaces • Well connected It’s not suprising that city mansions are quickly becoming one of the most popular spaces to hire within the London events scene!

Do city mansions in London have outdoor space to hire?

During the summer months, temperatures in the city can soar to 30 degrees or more, meaning there is an increased demand for venues in London that also have an outdoor space to hire. The good news is, London is home to lots of city mansions that have beautiful terraces, balconies and pristine gardens available to hire for your event. So, whatever the weather, you can rest assured that your guests will have a brilliant time. After all, there’s nothing better than a garden party, a corporate picnic, lunchtime drinks or a celebratory dinner party in the sunshine, right?

Why choose a city mansion in London for your event?

London provides the ultimate backdrop for your event, especially if you are looking to hire a city mansion. Home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the world, a vibrant and buzzing nightlife scene, and plenty of things to see and do, London certainly won’t disappoint.

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