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Britain may not have the best reputation for good weather, but when it comes along it is more than worth making the most of it. One of the best ways to do so is to hold your next summer event in one of London’s best courtyard spaces, with plenty of options out there to choose from. Our range includes unique and versatile exterior spaces, such as courtyards alongside the river, intimate courtyards with all-weather furniture and BBQ facilities, as well as private courtyards for exclusive events.

Some have been specifically designed to function primarily as an outdoor venue, whilst others provide a blend of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Some even come with the ability to cover the outdoor space, just in case that temperamental British weather we alluded to earlier decides to play up. So be it for business or pleasure, delight your guests by choosing a venue that is anything but run-of-the-mill.

How to Hold the Best Outdoor Events in the UK

The UK can be hit or miss when it comes to outdoor events, which is why they are one of the most difficult functions to organise. From food to marquees, umbrellas and sunscreen, it’s hard to know what to expect. This is one event where you’ll really need to keep your cool in order to organise it successfully, but we have a few top tips to help you on your way.


Find the Perfect Venue

The perfect outdoor event needs the perfect outdoor venue. There are a number of really classy courtyards for hire in London, and they are only one option for an outdoor venue. From truly rustic to something more high-end, there’s something to suit every need. Think about what is happening at your event, the space you will need, and the activities that you want to hold. This will determine the type of venue that you go for. If you are expecting a large number of people, parking is also something to take into consideration.


Have a Rain Plan

If it’s the UK, then a detailed rain plan is a must. You never know what the weather will be like, so there needs to be an alternative venue hired out or a large marquee set up where your entire event can be held in the event of a downpour. You need to think of everything when this happens, including music, food etc. Holding it indoors won’t be your first choice of course, but if it does happen it shouldn’t ruin the atmosphere.


Be Prepared for Hot Weather

If all goes well and the rain stays off, you’ll need to consider how your guests will feel in the sun. Temperatures can soar in the summer, and not everyone will be prepared for the heat. Have plenty of water available as well as a supply of sunscreen. There should be a number of shaded areas as well for your guests to retreat to is it all gets too much. This is particularly important to think about when it comes to the timing of events. No one will want to be in the midday sun for very long in summer.


Make Sure it Makes Sense

How difficult is it to organise your event out of doors? Are you finding difficulty getting all of the tech you need set up? Are you having to apply for different permits and licences? Take a step back and consider if it truly makes sense for your event to be outside. There are many venues in London have partial area that is open to the sky, that you can put to use if the weather is good – but still have the majority of the event inside. Sometimes, you have to reflect upon the work it will take and the expense before committing fully.



If your event is going on as the sun starts to set, it’s important that you have enough lighting for the area. You’ll need a lot more than you think to cover the area, so consult with the venue on what they usually suggest. If you’re still not sure, think about moving your event indoors once it starts to get dark. Firepits are a great idea in the summer months that people can gather around, but make sure you are covered by insurance and health and safety!


Ensure there’s Adequate Seating

No one wants to be standing around outside all day, so adequate seating in the different areas of your event is a must have. Whether this is in the form of picnic tables, benches, or even just picnic blankets on the grass, people are going to want to be able to sit back at relax, particularly when there is good weather. Make sure you know what parts of your event will have disabled access, so that you can let patrons know in advance.



One thing about outdoor events, is that amenities are sometimes in short supply. Ensure that there are an adequate number of bathrooms for the amount of people that you expect to attend, and that they are checked and cleaned regularly. Providing supplies such as wipes, plasters and feminine hygiene products is also a great idea to make sure that everyone is well cared for.


Hire Caterers

You might be considering just hopping behind a BBQ for your event, but it’s probably best to hire caterer. The reason for this is that there are very particular food safety laws when it comes to cooking outdoors and keeping uncooked meat cool. To prevent any incidents, it’s best to leave it to the pros. This way, you and your team can enjoy the event yourselves, without stressing over feeding everyone. Unless you all have a food handling certificate, you won’t be insured to cook even if you want to.


Clean Up

While it’s important to have a lot of bins for guests to use, there will inevitably be a lot of clean up after the event. Unless you are hiring a company to take care of it all, then it’s down to you to make sure that it’s all sorted. This includes getting all of the chairs put away and to arrange for any marquees to be taken down first thing in the morning. It’s a good idea to check back with the venue the next day, not only to thank them but to make sure that everything is shipshape.


An event out of doors might not be easy to organise, but the rewards make it worth it. There is nothing that people like better than the chance to enjoy the sun when it comes out, instead of being stuck in a room all day. Yes, there’s a lot to consider, but you’re sure to have a very happy audience by the end of it.

FAQs Courtyards in London

What is a courtyard venue in London?

London is a city that enjoys soaring temperatures during the summer months, making it a great place to host a wide range of different events outdoors. And the city certainly isn’t short of fantastic courtyard venues in London that provide the perfect setting for summer events. But what is a courtyard? A courtyard is an area outside a building that's enclosed by walls. Often nestled between buildings, or tucked away behind them, courtyards are incredibly pretty and have plenty of gorgeous features that will add a special dimension to any event.

What type of events can you host in a courtyard?

Due to the weather conditions during the summer months in London, many people choose to host their events in a courtyard. And, the good news is that there are a whole host of different events that you can host in this setting. Here are some of them: • Weddings • Exclusive events • Dinner parties • Intimate gatherings • Birthdays • Anniversary parties • Post conference drinks • Receptions • Summer parties

What are the benefits of a courtyard venue?

When the sun is shining, everyone likes to be outside, right? As well as providing a great environment to enjoy your event whilst soaking up the sunshine, there are a whole host of other benefits that come hand in hand with hiring a courtyard venue, including the following: • Gives your guests plenty of space to socialise • Versatile • A great choice for a wide range of celebrations • Allows you to put your own stamp on your event • Private • Al fresco dining and drinks opportunities • Easily accessible • Prime positions

Can you use a courtyard venue in bad weather?

Although London enjoys great summers, the unpredictable nature of the British weather means that it can quickly change, with little notice. But what does this mean for your event? The good news is that the vast majority of outdoor venues in London, including courtyard venues, do have a plan B in case of bad weather. Often this means using another part of the venue or putting up a marquee to provide a covering for your guests.

Why host an event at a courtyard in London?

As well as enjoying great weather conditions during the summer months, London in general, is a great city to host any affair. Jam packed with lots to see and do and a world-renowned entertainment scene, this is a city that never fails to impress, excite or inspire. So, what are you waiting for? Book your courtyard in London today.

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