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London is lucky to have many iconic landmark buildings, but how about booking one of these landmark venues for your event? Find out more here!... Landmark Building - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events Landmark Building - Venue Hire London | Canvas Events

Landmark Buildings in London

London is well known around the world for its many iconic landmarks, but what many people don’t know is that a lot of the city’s best and most striking buildings aren’t merely there to be viewed, but can actually be hired for both private and corporate events. Yes, that dream of holding your wedding reception in the splendour of majestic settings like Kensington Palace or Hampton Court Palace really can be a reality, making for a rightfully special day and an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance.

Here at Canvas we proudly showcase a wide selection of top London landmarks, some vast; some intimate, but all with historic, cultural and architectural importance. They can be utilised for many different event types, with any of the venues featured here bringing an automatic sense of significance and luxury to the occasion.

  • Lombard Street

    Grace Hall

    Standing 600
    Theatre 200
    Dining 170
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  • London Bridge

    The Underglobe, Shakespeare's Globe

    Standing 450
    Theatre 200
    Dining 350
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  • Mayfair

    The Lansdowne Club

    Standing 250
    Theatre 150
    Dining 150
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  • Borough Market

    2425 The Shard

    Standing 200
    Theatre 70
    Dining 36
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  • Covent Garden

    Scarfes Bar

    Standing 120
    Dining 70
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  • Off the Strand

    RSA House

    Standing 200
    Theatre 180
    Dining 130
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  • Hackney

    Core Clapton

    Standing 250
    Theatre 200
    Dining 200
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  • Holborn

    The Lodge - Holborn

    Standing 80
    Boardroom 15
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  • Clerkenwell

    House of Detention

    Standing 130
    Theatre 80
    Cabaret 30
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  • Forest Hill

    Horniman Museum and Gardens

    Standing 120
    Theatre 100
    Dining 120
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  • St. Paul's

    The Paternoster

    Standing 200
    Dining 70
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  • High Holborn

    LABS Holborn

    Standing 160
    Theatre 120
    Dining 50
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10 ways to Give Your Wedding the Luxurious Look

Your wedding day is going to be a day to remember no matter what, but if you have your head set on looking and feeling luxe, then there are some really simple things that you can do to add that feeling of quality to your day. Soon everyone will remember your wedding as one of the classiest that they’ve ever been to.

Hang Extra Lights

Lighting is important in any venue and having extra light will ensure that your décor is looking its best. Consider having chandeliers from the ceiling for the truly luxurious look. Rows of fairy lights will do the trick as well. They can accentuate any hidden nooks and crannies of your venue and add a touch of magic to your day. Candles are another must for this. They can really change the room from being too bare into a beautifully intimate gathering.


Add Greenery

Never underestimate the power of greenery. While your florals themselves are important, having touches of green around the room will show the level of care that has gone into the decoration. Wrapping greenery around pillars and entranceways makes the room seem full of life and worked in with touches of florals in the same colour scheme as your bouquet and your guests will think they’ve walked into paradise.


Have a Grand Entrance

If you want your wedding to be the most luxurious of the season, you can’t beat the grand entrance. Pick a song that really speaks to you, and that the guests will be able to recognise when it starts playing. If you’re not sure about whether you want a long train or veil, just think about what you want for your entrance. Elegance is simple as well as luxe, so decide on the feel that you are going for. Lanterns and flowers decorating the aisle can really add to this, so don’t dismiss them straight away.


Pick a Landmark Venue

Ultimately, the venue that you choose will say a lot about the style of wedding that you have. There are so many gorgeous wedding venues in London, that it can be hard to choose! Focus on what you really want out of your day, and if it is the luxurious feel that you are going for, remember that there are a lot of landmark buildings for hire in the city, some places that you probably didn’t even know about! Take your time on your search and consider all aspects of your day before making the decision.


Focus on the Details

The details of any wedding day are always important. People will tell you that many guests won’t notice, but some will. The main thing is you will notice them! Having linens and tableware that you love and that fits in well with your theme is going to really add something to the day. It is the little extras that really bring your wedding up a notch in luxury.



Drapes are a fantastic way to decorate a room with very high ceilings. Having bands of gossamer drapes along the beams will have the room looking like it’s stepped straight out of a romance novel – in all the best ways. They can make the room more intimate while adding a certain softness that is needed in a room full of tables and chairs. You can either match your wedding colours or stick to white or ivory for a classic style.


Divide the Space

Dividing the space into sections is a great way of accentuating the things that you want. For example, the cake table and the guestbook table can be made into features of their own, surrounded by other décor to make them into a little wedding haven. Dividing a large room in this way keeps it classy while still being intimate.


Think Simple

Simplicity can go a long way. Simple elegance can be luxurious, so in this case, sometimes less is more. If your venue is on the smaller side, then don’t over-do it on the décor as this will make the room seem too closed in. Having simple colours and space to move between tables is more important than fancy centrepieces. The same goes for your dress. If you want something luxurious, you don’t have to have lots of lace or sparkle, simple can look just as elegant.


Keep to a Colour Theme

Having a colour theme will allow you to choose all of your decorations with confidence. It should fit in with the bridal party and the flowers and is the one thing that will tie the whole room together. Usually, you have one or two main colours, one secondary colour, and a metallic accent. Having the accent is sometimes the most important. Not only will this add a little bit of shimmer to your venue, but if you know what it is, you can keep it the same throughout.

Be True to Yourself

If there’s one way to give yourself a luxurious wedding, it’s this. Don’t let ideas about décor take away from the fact that you are marrying your best friend. Your wedding day should reflect you as a couple – your hobbies and the things that you enjoy doing. If your guests can see this, then your wedding day will be perfect.

Every wedding day is different, and there’s no right or wrong way to do anything when it comes to your big day. If you are looking for something on the luxurious side however, hopefully we’ve shown you how easy this look can be to achieve!