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If you are organising an event on a tight budget, the “Minimum Spend” arrangement is very popular, whereby there is no “Venue Fee” due upfront, on the condition that an agreed amount is spent on the night, by your guests. If you are confident of a strong attendance to your event, minimum spend venues can lead to great deals, and allow you to provide cheap, or even free events at many of London’s great venues. Look no further then these collection of fantastic venues to hire in London venues to hire in London with mimum spend option.

How to Organise an Event on a Tight Budget?

Event management is a tough job, but when you have a small budget, everything becomes even more difficult. Where others have the ability to hire any chef they want and decorate in a way that truly brings their vison to life, a restricted budget will of course put limits on what you can achieve. Yet with even the smallest budget you can do much more than you think, you just need to come up with a few creative alternatives.


The most important thing to do when organising an event with a limited budget is research. While there’s lots you can achieve when you’re strapped of cash, you’ll need to know the best strategies for doing so, and that requires research. Look into local resources that you can use. If you are promoting something in your local community then you are more likely to get something at a reasonable price. You need to plan out exactly what it is that you need to have at your event so that you can prioritise it and work out how you can get it within your budget. You can then have a list of added extras that you would like to have if your budget will stretch to it. This way you’ll be sure to have a successful event.


As your venue is one of the most important aspects of any event, getting this organised first is a priority. While there are many venues out there that require a healthy amount of money, you can still have an event in London for less than you might think. Rooms in bars and clubs are great for this, particularly on a weekday when they are less likely to be booked out and more than happy to rent them out for cheaper than average. Another way that this is achievable is through minimum spend venues. There are lots of minimum spend venues for hire in London that you can put to good use. These let you hire out the space for free, so long as a certain amount of money is spent at the bar on the night. While some require you to put a deposit down, they are a great way to save money on your venue that can be put towards the rest of your event. If you are also charging an entrance fee into your event, you may even make money on the night!


Promoting your event doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. While having physical promotional flyers is great, it’s also not a necessity. Social media is a great free way to promote your event, and if you do it in the right way, you can reach a lot of people. Holding a competition for free tickets is a way to get people sharing the details of your event far and wide. You can even set up a website for free or for very little hosting money. This can help your event to be as professional as any other big company with a large budget available to them.

DIY Décor

Struggling to decorate your venue in a way that doesn’t eat your budget? Why not use your DIY skills to create something really unique? Rustic décor is a perfect style to follow if you are going to make a lot of your own decorations. Styles such as this are designed to look homemade, which is why they are perfect if you have a small budget. Done right, you can save lots on your budget, and have an event that looks the part.


One thing that every party needs is some food. When you have budget restrictions, it can be difficult to figure out what you can provide that won’t break the bank. For this, there are a few options available to you. The first is an inexpensive buffet. Guests can help themselves, you’ll have good variety, and everyone will be happy. Another option is to ask a food truck to attend. If you can guarantee a good crowd, they may even work on a minimum spend just like the venue. This means that it won’t end up costing you a thing! So long as there’s food, guests will be happy, and good food doesn’t need to cost you the world.


One of the best ways to host an event on a budget is to collaborate with others. If you can get some sponsorship for your event, then your budget will not only increase, but you will have another company behind you that will help you to promote. This way you might be able to afford some of the extras that will really make your event special. Any form of sponsorship will really help your event take off. Networking with others who put on similar events can also help, you might even be able to pool your resources and work together.

Contact Local Artists

If you need some entertainment at your event, then contacting some local artists is a way that you can save money while still having some great music. Of course, you’ll still need to pay them, but they might agree to a lower price than many of the other entertainment options out there. Not only that, but you’ll have something truly unique at your event, and most groups will be happy to get some recognition and play for a guaranteed large crowd.

Having a limited budget may make you think that your event will end up being lacklustre, but that’s simply not the case. If you research your local area well and hire a minimum spend venue, you can do so much with only a small amount of money. The best part is that when done right, none of your guests will notice any difference between your event, and someone who spent three times as much.

FAQs Minimum Spend Venues to Hire in London

What is a minimum spend venue and why are they so popular?

If you’re organising an event on a tight budget, a minimum spend venue could be a great choice. This is mainly because there is no venue fee due upfront, on the condition that an agreed amount is spent by your guests on the night. So, if you’re confident that lots of people will attend your event, minimum spend venues can provide you access to great deals. And London has a fantastic choice of minimum spend venues to choose from.

What is the function of a minimum spend venue?

A minimum spend agreement is designed to allow people to privately hire a venue or room free of charge by guaranteeing a minimum amount of money will be spent on the night. This allows people to access a wide range of different event venues, without having to worry about covering the costs of the actual venue hire itself or any up-front fees. This is a great option if you are organising a large gathering.

What type of events can you hold at a minimum spend venue?

One of the main advantages of minimum spend venues is their incredible versatility, and London is home to plenty of options to choose from. At the same time, many of London’s minimum spend venues are perfectly equipped to handle a wide range of different events and celebrations including the following: • Weddings • Baby shower • Private screening • Engagement party • Corporate party • Birthday party • Summer parties • Graduations • Proms

What is a minimum spend wedding?

If you’re planning a wedding on a budget, a minimum spend wedding is a great option. But how do they work? A minimum spend wedding takes place on a certain date, at a specific time, and works off a required minimum guest count or a minimum amount that must be spent on food and beverage services. For example, if the venue has a minimum guest requirement of 150, you must meet these requirements.

What happens if you do not meet a minimum spend?

The vast majority of minimum spend venues will ask you to sign a contract upfront, with it written in that if you do not meet the minimum spend requirements, you will be responsible for paying the remaining balance. With this in mind, if you do choose this option for your event, it’s crucial that you plan it carefully and ensure that you have more than enough guests to cover the minimum spend.

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