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Hiring one of London's many nightclubs for a private party venue is a great idea. London is in many ways the centre of the music world and has a fantastic range of cutting edge club-venues to choose from.

Whether you want to run an under 18s disco, through to a full blown rave, from basement to party bus venues, private club hire in London can allow to you realise your plans. From cocktail parties to wrap party venues, hen & stag parties, birthdays, Christmas & New Years Eve, bridal showers through engagement parties and weddings, London's many clubbing venues are at your disposal.

The Best Way to Start Running Your Own Club Night

?Club nights are some of the biggest nights out that there are, with large venues packed to capacity and everyone enjoying themselves. If you’ve decided that you want to be a part of that action, then there’s no time like the present. After all, there’s always room for another club night in London that will showcase the best music and the best party there is, all you have to do is be the one to organise it.

Understand Your Audience

A major part of running a club night is being an events promoter. In order to do this well, you need to know who your event is catered towards. What is the age demographic? Where do they live? What type of music do they listen to? How much disposable income do they have?  Being able to answer all of these questions and more will start you on your journey to hosting your own club night. You’re no longer thinking just about what you would like to see, you’re thinking about what your audience wants. If you figure out how to make them happy, then your event is going to be a success.

Venue Hunting

Now that you know your target market, it’s time to find the right type of venue. There is an array of nightclub venues for hire in London, so concentrate on the ones that look as if they would cater to the demographic that you will be marketing to. If your night is going to be themed, then look for something that fits in with that. Many venues will already have a reputation for playing a certain type of music, so now is the time to use that reputation to its full advantage.

The Entertainment Factor

Now that you have the venue sorted, you’re going to need a DJ. Perhaps you’ve had one in mind from the very start and you’ve come up with this plan together, or perhaps not. Either way it’s time to set the details in stone and discuss with them what you want played, the atmosphere that you want to create, as well as any logistical issues that there might be. Of course, the entertainment doesn’t have to stop with the DJ. Many club events have other performers as well. From dancers to fire-breathers, having entertainment that your audience can watch will certainly heighten the experience for everyone involved.


While your venue might provide you with bar staff and even security on the night, you’ll need to make sure that you provide any and all other staff needed. Having a good team around you that you trust is essential. Not only will you need some people on the doors, you’ll also need a team of promoters getting out there and advertising your event with flyers as well as on social media. A photographer should also be hired to capture the event in detail. When these pictures hit social media in the days following, everyone will tag themselves and their friends and this will only help to promote any more events that you host.

Promote Your Club Night

As we’ve already mentioned, a major part of organising a club night is becoming an events promoter. You will always need more promotion than you think you will. Social media is great, but you really need a dedicated and loyal team pushing the message out there, and some paid promoting won’t do any harm either. As well as this, you’ll need flyers out everywhere. There more people who hear about your event, the more likely it is that you’ll manage to fill the space. Place flyers in other pubs and clubs in the area to get maximum visibility. Now is also the time to make sure that your website is up and running. Can people pay for tickets online? If so, this is a great way for people to be able to queue jump by purchasing in advance so make sure that it is working smoothly.

Know Your Brand

While you are organising and promoting, it’s important that you have decided on what your brand will look like. The decisions that you make now will impact on any other events that you throw in the future. Invest in getting a professional logo designed as well as posters and advertisements. Linked to knowing your audience, your brand will declare to the world who you are and what you do, so it needs to be true to what it is you want to create with your club night. This is something that can wait until you become more established, just don’t release branding that you’re not 100% sure about.


While your club night might be successful, you will still need to evaluate carefully afterwards. What worked well? What did everyone really seem to enjoy? Take a look at this and ask yourself how you can achieve more of the same and what can be added next time to make sure the experience is even better. You’ll also need to take a look at what didn’t go so well. Was there poor queue management getting into the venue? Did the night take too long to get started? By closely analysing all aspects of the event, you can come back even better and stronger the next time around. Take a note of all of the social media reviews that you receive. While you won’t please everyone, fix what can be fixed.

If you’re looking to start the next big club night event, then look no further. Hiring a nightclub couldn’t be easier and there are so many venues that will be only too happy to work with a promoter and bring the city the club night that it never new it needed. Careful planning and market research are needed, but once you know exactly what you want, it’s only a case of going out there and getting it.

FAQs Nightclub Venues in London

Why should I book an exclusive nightclub venue in London?

London is home to some of the most impressive nightclubs in the country. Known for its buzzing nightlife scene, eclectic bars and clubs and unique venues that host a catalogue of different events, booking an exclusive night club venue in London is a no brainer. Known as being at the very heart of the UK’s forever evolving music scene, you will find a fantastic range of cutting edge club-venues that will add an electric dimension to any event.

What events can you host in a nightclub?

Nightclubs not only celebrate the power music has in bringing like-minded people together, but they also provide the perfect backdrop to any music event. Providing the perfect setting, technology, lighting and space to host a catalogue of different events, there’s just something incredibly special about London’s iconic nightclub scene. Here are just some of the events that you can host in a nightclub venue: • Rave • Hen and stay party • Wrap parties • Birthdays • Christmas parties • New Year parties • Engagement parties • Wedding parties • Product launches • VIP parties • Basement parties • Under 18s events. Whatever you’re planning, London's many clubbing venues are at your disposal.

Is London good for clubbing?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! After all, it's no secret that London plays host to some of the coolest nightclubs on the planet, attracting DJs, artists and musical production teams that are at the top of their game, from all corners of the world. Home to some of the most iconic nightclubs in the UK and around the world, London’s forever thriving nightclub scene will ensure that you can enjoy nights to remember that will stay with you for a lifetime. Fabric, Printworks, Egg, Studio 388 and Tobacco Dock are just some of London’s best loved nightclubs.

How to host a club event?

If you’re planning on hosting a club event, it’s important that you plan it properly and remember, you should always visit the venue you are planning on choosing in person so that you can be sure that it meets your exact requirements. Here’s our top tips on how to plan and host a club event in London • Promote is key – make sure that you use all your available marketing channels including social media! • Find the perfect venue • Focus on generating revenue before the event – ie; ticket sales, drinks tokens, merchandise • Always price the event carefully and never blow your budget! • Think about the needs of your guests • Always put the health and safety needs of your attendees first • Check the capacity of the venue you are choosing – does it work?

What time do clubs shut in London?

Closing times vary from venue to venue however, as a general rule of thumb, the vast majority of London nightclubs close between 3am and 4am! Some however, are open until 8am, depending on the event and what is happening.

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