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London's railway arches have experienced a renaissance in recent decades, made popular again after years of neglect, by underground clubbing movements in the mid 90's, have undergone a transformation and now offer some of the coolest and most exciting venues available for hire.

Restored Victorian arches and brickwork are now home to some of the coolest venues the city has to offer, from uber-chic club and music venues through fashionable pubs and restaurants, from Vauxhall to Hoxton and East London, you need look no further for your Railway arch venue space.

Planning a 90s Themed Throwback Party

What to hold a themed party? Then why not say wasssup with a 90’s theme? It’s simple to achieve, great fun, and something that everyone will be eager to get involved in. It’s time to brush off those boyband posters, find your old Walkman, and take a step back in time for a totally radical party idea.

Hand-made Invites

When you’re organising a 90’s themed party, people are going to expect a lot. They don’t want a half-hearted attempt, they want all or nothing. That’s why you need to let all of your guests know about the theme well in advance, and why you need to do it in true 90’s style. One of the best ways to do this is with hand-made invitations. Bright, catchy, and with a picture of your favourite boyband on the front, you can even personalise them for each of your invitees. It not only helps to set the tone for your event, people are much more likely to be interested in going if they have a physical invite to look at.


There’s no party without a venue to knock everyone’s socks off, which is why you need to get on the hunt early for one that will suit your radical theme. There are plenty of bars and pubs about that will be more than happy to play your throwback playlist and let you all a bit of décor. If you want something that really screams 90’s night out however, why not consider one of the railway arch venues for hire in London? Massively popular spots for hosting underground clubs, they’ve made something of a resurgence now. With a whole range of different styles and décor available, it’s amazing what people have done with them. If you’re looking to bring in an added nostalgia factor to your party, then a railway arch venue might be just the way to go.


This is the main one when it comes to themed parties. You might have the venue, and you might have the right playlist, but unless there’s a little bit of additional décor that has people reminiscing about the 90’s, then your party might end up falling a little flat. Luckily, decorations for this theme are easy. We’re looking at plenty of neon, and a healthy dose of lava lamps throughout your venue. Realistically, you can have as much or as little decoration as you want, but try and think of a few things that are out of the box. You can use old cassette tapes as centrepieces and have some iconic movie posters on the wall. Décor for a themed party is generally always homemade, so you won’t need to break the bank with it.

Make Sure Everyone Dresses the Part

One part of a themed party that you can’t forget about is getting everyone who attends involved as well. Make some attempt at 90’s costume mandatory and give out prizes for the best dressed and the best tv/film costume. This will help to get people even more excited about your event as they’ll be putting a lot of effort into what they are going to wear on the big night. When everyone in the room is dressed to theme, this helps to cement the night in everybody’s mind as a 90’s night, not just a night out with some 90’s décor on the walls.


When hosting a party, it’s up to you to provide a certain level of entertainment for all of the guests who have turned up to enjoy themselves. It goes without saying you’re your DJ or playlist should be completely comprised of top 90’s tunes, and you can even have a call-out on social media for people to vote for their favourite tracks from that era. Sometimes however, a good party is about more than just the music. If you have some games consoles in one part of the room, then guests can play some classic Mariocart and other games, and you can even have a competition. Other classic party games from the 90’s are also a great idea, just make sure that they don’t take up too much of the floor space!

Signature Drinks

What’s a party without few signature drinks on the menu? The 1990’s was all about the cocktail, so by adding an Appletini and a Woo Woo to the menu, you’re already onto a winner. Going a bit further and experimenting with some classic 90’s flavours is also sure to be a hit. Capri Sun cocktail anyone? Of course, you should also have some nibbles available as well. The 90’s is famous for some of it’s eclectic sweets, so having some Fruit Salad and Frosties out on tables or in pic and mix bags will be hugely popular with all of your guests.


To have a successful party, you’ll need people to actually turn up. If you are having a private party, you won’t really need to promote anything except your choice of theme to your friends. If it is a ticketed event then you need to make sure that everyone knows when and where it’s happening, and how they can get a hold of a ticket before they all sell out. Social media is your friend when it comes to promoting a themed event, as it’s something that is sure to catch the attention of anyone who sees it. Make sure that you design a noticeable poster that people will instantly be intrigued by. This will help encourage everyone to stop scrolling and investigate what your event is all about when they see it.

Once you get started, you’ll soon find that there are some great ideas for 90’s themed parties out there. All you need to do, is make yours even better! All of your guests are sure to have a good time with this theme. It’s upbeat and sugar-filled, so what’s not to love?

FAQs Railway Arch Venues in London

Why choose a railway arch for your event?

At the heart of the underground clubbing movements in the mid 90's, London's railway arches have experienced a renaissance in recent decades. Today, they are considered amongst the coolest and most exciting venues for hosting a wide range of events. And, if you’re looking for a railway arch venue space that has the wow factor, London is the place to be.

What type of events can be held at a railway arch?

London’s old railway arches have been transformed over the years and, although they have retained much of their industrial and historical heritage, many of them are now chic spaces that provide the backdrop for all different types of events. Here are some of the events that are regularly held at the city’s best railways arches: • Gigs and other music events • Private parties • Corporate events • Festivals • Art exhibitions • Film festivals • Fashion shows • Drinks receptions • Launch events • Photo shoots • Christmas parties. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to utilising these spaces.

Why is a railway arch perfect for a private party?

If you’re looking to give your party a unique and exciting twist, why not book one of London’s coolest railway arches? With a range of options for both small and large-scale celebrations, booking a railway arch will allow you to plan a party to remember, with the freedom to choose your own catering, music, entertainment, location, décor and more. And, with so much space to play with, you could even consider splitting it into different areas. For example, many people like to have an area to drink, an area to dance and an area to dine.

Why do people hire a railway arch in London?

The reason why so many people hire a railway arch in London is that this type of venue can accommodate a diverse range of different events, from product launches, drinks receptions and fashion shows, through to private parties, raves, conferences and Christmas parties. Offering the flexibility to make your event exactly how you have always envisaged it, London’s railway arches really do have it all. They also tend to be located in excellent locations, with easy access to the capital’s reliable transport links, and other sights and sounds.

How many railway arches are there in London?

There are more than 800 railway arches around London, providing amazing spaces for a catalogue of exciting events.

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