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If you need a rehearsal space in London, you are spoilt for choice, as London's theatre scene is centuries old, and offers every kind of rehearsal venue one might desire. From RADA rehearsal spaces to cheap East London theatres, from large dance performances to dramatic modern contemporary arts, blank canvas spaces and theatres are available to suit your needs.

Secrets to Running Choir Rehearsals that Work

If you are conducting a choir towards their next big performance, then you’ll know how difficult rehearsals can be. When a large group of people get together, it can be tough to get everyone organised and focused on the task at hand. We’ve got 9 top tips for you to help you make the most of that all-important rehearsal time.

Plan the Rehearsal

Like most things, choir rehearsals will go much better if you plan out what you want to do in advance. There’s no use having a vague idea in your head. If you have a certain number of songs that your choir has to get right before a big event, then knowing how you are going to teach them and having a detailed lesson plan for each rehearsal is essential. This can help prevent you from getting waylaid and keep you on track. Knowing that you have a certain amount to get through in each rehearsal means that you – and therefor your choir – will stay much more focused.

Have a Good Rehearsal Space

The space where you rehearse has a great effect on how each practice goes. For one, you need a space that has plenty of room for your full choir and somewhere with good acoustics so you can hear clearly what everyone sounds like. It should also take advantage of as much natural light as possible. No one likes singing in a gloomy room, and this will affect everyone’s mood when they arrive to rehearse. Luckily, there are a good number of rehearsal space venues for hire in London, so you should be able to find one in your area that will suit the needs of your group.

Don’t Forget to Praise Your Choir

While your choir is going to need plenty of constructive criticism while they learn new songs, it’s also important that you give them praise when they are doing something right. Don’t be afraid to single someone out who has been improving in certain aspects either. Giving praise not only boosts the morale of the group, it lets them know that you believe in them and their abilities, encouraging everyone to put their all into every rehearsal.

Explain Why (Be Specific)

To keep your choir practice on the right track, it helps if you explain your requests. If you just ask everyone to sing again, after they’ve already sang the same section five times in a row, you’re much more likely to be met by annoyance. If, however, you let your choir know what it is that you are looking for, and what part of their performance you want to see improve, then you will be greeted with much more enthusiasm. Explaining what you want to hear, the mood that you want to inject into everyone’s singing, and why, helps to involve the choir in your vision.

Don’t Digress

At the same time, don’t take too long explaining the ins and outs of every song. After all, you’ll have a lot to get through in each rehearsal, so it’s best to spend as much of that time actually singing as possible. Make sure that your choir quickly understands what you mean by your different hand movements, and that they are expressive of the majority of what you want to say to them. This cuts down in digressions and will be something that they can easily follow when you take to the stage.

Take Your Choir Out

One of the best ways to improve your rehearsals is by taking your choir out on a trip to see other choirs performing. By sitting in the audience and viewing them from that perspective, they’ll be able to take in and understand all of the hard work that must have gone into the rehearsing the performance – and are much more likely to come back to their own rehearsal space feeling renewed and energised.

Warm-Up Seriously

If you conduct a choir, then you’ll know how important a good warm-up is for the vocal cords. This part of the rehearsal needs to be taken just as seriously as the rest of it. Not only will it prevent people from chatting and eating into the limited time that you have for each rehearsal, it will also ensure that no one is liable to cause any damage to their voice. Starting the rehearsal off on a serious note will help this mood to be carried through to the rest of the time that you have together.

Keep Announcements to The End

Just like with the warmup, this it to prevent unnecessary chatter eating into your rehearsal time. If you give all of the announcements that you have at the beginning of the session, then you are likely to be bombarded with questions and have less time to actually get into the business of practicing. Keep your announcements short and sweet and at the very end of the session – these can always be followed up with an email afterwards if anyone does have any questions for you.

Finish with a Flourish

While it’s all seriousness to make the most out of the time you have, its always good to finish off a rehearsal session with a song that your choir knows, loves, and is good at. Letting them really go for it at the end means that everyone leaves on a high note and it reminds them why they joined the choir in the first place. Learning new songs can be intense, so finishing your day off with something that can really be belted out allows everyone to blow off some steam and reminds the choir of just how good they are when they have a song nailed down.

Once you find the perfect rehearsal space for your choir, it all comes down to organisation and discipline to ensure you get what you need out of each rehearsal. It’s always good to inject a little fun as well of course, so that everyone is relaxed come opening night.

FAQs Rehearsal Spaces in London

What are the benefits of booking a rehearsal space?

London, including the following: • Professionally soundproofed • Fit for purpose • Suitable layout • A private dedicated space • Practice on a day and time that works for you • Produce professional music • Collaborate with others • Incredible flexibility • You can use different equipment Ultimately, rehearsal spaces make it easier for musicians, entertainers, actors and dancers to advance their careers by being able to have a well-equipped space to practice their skills.

How much does it cost to hire a rehearsal studio in London?

How much you can expect to pay for a rehearsal studio in London depends on the venue and your requirements. When it comes to pricing, it’s always worthwhile checking in with the venue to discuss your needs. There’s a vast range of rehearsal venues in London that are able to accommodate all budgets.

Why book a rehearsal space in London?

If you’re considering booking a rehearsal space, London should always be your first port of call. After all, London's theatre scene has thrived for centuries and today, the city is renowned for its incredible entertainment scene that just gets better and better. As a result, there’s lots of well-equipped rehearsal spaces that are not only affordable but are also equipped with everything you need for a killer rehearsal session.

What can you use a rehearsal space for?

A rehearsal studio can be used for a wide range of different events, including the following: • Dance performances • Drama performances • Performing art rehearsals • Art exhibitions • Gig practice • Auditions • Team building days • Brain storming sessions

What is a rehearsal space?

A rehearsal space is an area where rehearsals for any type of performance take place. And, with a thriving music, theatre and dance scene, London isn’t short of fantastic rehearsal spaces to hire! Finding the right rehearsal room or dance studio is incredibly important, and it’s important that the space you choose is able to accommodate all of your rehearsal needs. After all, a rehearsal environment should provide the space you need to perform in comfort, with minimum distractions, whether you’re a band practising for your next gig, a dancer about to make your West End debut or you’re simply looking to perfect your acting skills for your next audition.

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